About the Journeys

I could try to outline the process; I could try to describe the mind’s journey from ignorance and suffering to awareness, understanding and love – but this has already been done before me. There are many, many maps already – the problem is not that there aren’t enough maps, the problem is that the territory is real, alive, and changing. Old maps quickly become useless. The ancient “map-makers” of the territory of the mind are not at fault for our foolish clinging to dead doctrine. The fault is ours. 

Nguyen Giac (article here)

These Journeys are Consciousness Journeys…What does that mean?

As human individuals, we each have a consciousness–that is, we each understand and express ourselves with and through an individual intelligence. You might call this individual intelligence the sum total of each person’s memories, experiences, emotions, perceptions, unconscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind.

This intelligence that comes through us as individuals is, and is connected to, the total Intelligence of Life–Infinite Intelligence (All of Life, All that IS, or, as some call it–God).

Human individuals can learn to identify their individual intelligence with Infinite Intelligence.

As an individual increases their own awareness and understanding of their personal connection to Infinite Intelligence (as, for example, through these Journeys), their consciousness expands.

Individual consciousness can expand infinitely because of its Oneness with Infinite Intelligence. As human beings,  we must also learn to express  Infinite Intelligence through our thoughts, personalities, and actions. Unifying individual intelligence with Infinite Intelligence is the process of evolving consciousness.

Consciousness Journeys are a tool to assist each person’s individual consciousness to expand to Know itself as Infinite Intelligence. The more steps a person takes, the more consciously connected he or she becomes with Infinite Intelligence, the more consciously he or she can embody Infinite Intelligence in daily activities. The “level” of consciousness can be self-observed through the degree to which Infinite Intelligence is embodied and expressed: Spiritual Consciousness is lived in and through the body, in and through daily interactions and activities.

These Consciousness Journeys are not beholden to any particular religion or philosophy. As a scholar, I am trained in Western political philosophy; in my profession as Program Officer for a Doctoral Fellowship on religion and ethics, I am exposed to a wide range of belief-systems, religious research, and social and cultural values; personally, I study Truth wherever it may be found—Christianity, Buddha Dharma, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sanatan Dharma, New Thought, even modern business practices and coaching philosophies.

I bring all of this to the Journeys, opening the approach to a wide variety of people. The Journeys speak to people who are “spiritual but not religious,” to people who are philosophically motivated, to spiritual seekers, and to people who are religious, but have lost faith in organized religion.

These Journeys are not to convince people to believe in any religion or spiritual path. Rather, they are intended to encourage people to explore their inner Selves, find their own answers, and share their experiences with others. I encourage you to adapt the Guiding Thoughts to suit your style, or to find your own Guiding Thoughts in poetry, scripture, or ancient wisdom. By doing the Journeys myself, a pathway of consciousness is opened for others.

Inspired by and with homage to John Randolph Price, the Journey Series is modeled after the Abundance Book’s prosperity plan. Though all of the content on this site is original and designed by my inner guidance, anyone familiar with the Abundance Book will hear its echoes.