Do you know how awesome you are?

There’s a lot of negativity out there and there is a lot of superficial positivity. I want to change that. Here are some of of the principles that guide me on my own journey. I hope what you find here is genuine love and support of all that you are, for all that you do, in every way possible. Let’s be beautifully, joyfully, authentically ourselves…together!

1. Be Dynamic.

  • Life flows, is always in flux: a process.
  • Adapt. Move. Flow with life.
  • Rules change. Relationships change. Feelings change. Let them.
  • Each change dismantles the last change. Something new takes its place.
  • Adapt. Keep adapting. Deal with it.
  • Laugh at yourself as you make mistakes while you are adapting.

2. Be Courageous.

  • Between the points in the flow of life are gaps of uncertainty, of unknowing–voids.
  • Enter them courageously. Find the openings. Clear space. Make openings.
  • Be transformed. Ask for transformation.
  • Move through. Keep moving. Come out the other side, free.
  • Be Dynamic.

3. Undo Ignorance.

  • Learn your stuckness…and change it.
  • Be aware of habits, patterns, cycles, moods, thoughts.
  • Find the repetition. Find the patterns. Play with them. Change them.
  • Be dynamic. Look into yourself. Be courageous.

4. Try stuff. Say “yes”.

  • Be original. Be inventive. Find your potential.
  • Explore life. Discover. Learn.
  • Make life fun.
  • Expand. Question who you have “always been”.
  • Undo ignorance. Be courageous. Be dynamic. Say yes.

5. Claim your Self.

  • Know who you are. Be it. Be you. Be bold. Be real.
  • See your own Infinity.  See it in others. Praise it in yourself; praise it in others.
  • Let infinity liberate you. Participate with it in the world. Reveal it, expose it.
  • Try stuff. Say yes. Find your Self. Undo ignorance. Be courageous. Be dynamic. Claim your Self.

6. Play!

  • Be irrepressibly joyful. Have fun. Laugh.
  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Life is infinite and infinitely complex. Paradox, contradiction, exceptions…are all part of life. Accept them; play with them.

7. Let go!

  • This is not that.
  • Now is not then.
  • Everything changes.
  • Let it.
  • Be gentle and loving and compassionate as you courageously let go and move and change.

8. Challenge yourself.

  • Stretch yourself. Grow. Expand.
  • There is no growth without challenge, no real learning without challenge.

9. Stumble! Fumble! Fall!

  • Make mistakes. Screw up. Recover. Move on.
  • Grace comes after stumbling.

10. Choose Love, Freedom and Service.

  • Freedom comes with expanding your mind to embrace all that you are, all that life is while taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Bring Love to understanding that all humans are striving toward their own infinite freedom–which means that we are all in this together.
  • Service to each other means taking responsibility for another’s freedom equal to one’s own.

My freedom depends on yours, my friend. Join with me.

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