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Q. What are these Journeys, anyway? 

A. You’ve heard things like, “it’s the journey, not the destination…” or “Life’s a journey…” or “it’s part of my spiritual journey…”, so the idea of a journey is not new. The Journeys on this site put those quotes into practice. Taking one of these “With Pearls” Journeys, you experience the movement of your own consciousness, the progression of your mind; each day there is something new, and after time, you begin to see how your life works as your own personal journey. You begin to experience your inner-self more consciously and intentionally; through this experience comes a deeper understanding of those quotes, but what’s more, it leads you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

This is important because (as my friend Peggy says) it’s all about “how you observe yourself going through whatever you are going through – trying not to be ‘judgy’ and then recognizing the communications from spirit coming through the mundane of your living life. Then, allowing what is, as you take the messages to a new cognitive level – chewing on it, sensing it some more, inching and feeling your way in your ascension process. This is awareness. It is being awake. And it seems we do this inch-worm kind of movement until –by the grace of God–a miracle happens and time collapses and “poof” we are on a new and higher level until that becomes the new normal.”

Q. Why is the main part of the Journey 40 days?

A. 40 days is traditionally the amount of time for spiritual truth to become anchored in consciousness. When this happens, the realized truth becomes effortless and natural.

Q. Can I do the Journeys in a different order than they show up on the website? 

A. Absolutely, do what feels right to you.

However, keep in mind there is a collective energy build-up that occurs when people are doing these Journeys at the same time, even in different places or time-zones. Everyone gains exponentially in each other’s participation. It may be in your best interest to schedule your journeys within the time frames of those on the site.

There will never be any harm in doing the Journeys as they are right for you and when they are right for you. You know what is in your own best interest, and ultimately, that is what contributes to the best interest of all.

Q. Can I repeat a Journey several times in one year, instead of going through multiple different Journeys?

A. Absolutely. In fact, when you are just starting out, it may be good to repeat one Journey that feels right to get it really solid. They become easier as you do them, so pick one, do it a few times, get used to the process, then add different Journeys from there.

Q. What if I can’t do all 40 days?

Do what you can do. Really. This is why I say, “every drop matters.” Every time you complete something, you are becoming strengthened within. Stop. Start again. Get further. If you still don’t make the 40 days, Stop. Start again. Get further. It really does become easier as you do it.

Also, if you can commit to one day per week for one year, try that. Or two days per week….whatever you can commit to and accomplish. There are two things at work here on a spiritual level: Consistency and Commitment. Consistency demonstrates to your consciousness that you are dedicated to what you say you are dedicated to. Keeping a commitment demonstrates to your consciousness that you keep your agreements. Until you can be consistent in doing what you say is important to you, and until you can keep agreements with yourself, you have no reason to take yourself seriously, or to keep agreements with your self. You see?

Q. Can I do shorter Journeys?

Yes. If you can commit to doing one full round (or just 5 days, or one day each round, or whatever feels right, and be confident that you will complete it, do it! Then commit to doing two full rounds, then complete those. With each agreement that you make with yourself that you keep, you are strengthening your ability to keep agreements with yourself, and to advance in what you are able to do.

Q. But why is it so hard just to complete 40 days?

Maybe you have taught yourself not to take yourself seriously or to keep your commitments. You are changing that by doing these Journeys… and that takes effort.

Maybe you have also been satisfied with low-quality thoughts that keep your consciousness constricted and contracted. The Journeys expand your consciousness with high-quality thoughts. Your mind enjoys its current conditioning; it’s comfortable so it sometimes causes friction, and even fights back. The good news is, since you are only fighting yourself, if you just give up it becomes easier!

Maybe there is a lot of resistance. I still get resistance, but I know how to work through it, and there are lots of tools out there to help (some of my favorites are here). Focus on what you really want. For me, I always return to thinking about Infinite, Divine Love, Oneness, an experience of Peace and Harmony, Divine Service, helping others, etc. Use whatever your highest truth is at the moment to re-focus, get your mind right, and then re-commit and keep going.

Q. Do I have to use the Guiding Thoughts that are provided here?

A. Not at all. Use any meditative-contemplative or even intuitive tool that speaks to you. There are a lot of great writings on Gratitude, Worth, Abundance, and Spiritual Freedom–use what feels right to you. Keep in mind, however, that the Guiding Thoughts on this site are the only ones specifically designed to work together to lead you up the ascension spiral. Other affirmations and contemplations will provide you will spiritual progress–but it will be different than if you use the Guiding Thoughts provided on this site.  Pure intention and sincere love and devotion will take you where you need to go, regardless of the tool you use.

Q. How many Journeys must I complete to reach the end of the Ascension Spiral? 

The first answer is: It’s more important to begin than to end.

The second answer is: The process answers this question for you.

The third answer is: The Ascension Spiral never ends–remember you are advancing into the infinite and eternal, which by definition never ends. So, the question becomes: when do you want your journey to end? How much can you take? How far do you want to go? When will you be satisfied?

Starting in 2018, a 50-year Journey begins! There will be 25 complete cycles 7 Journeys each year for 50 years. The Journey will be here for you when you want to begin–maybe you will make it all 50 years!

Q. How do these Journeys work?

A. In the practical sense, the Journeys are a system–that is, there is a specific routine to be utilized daily for self-reflection. In this sense, the Journeys “work” by simply reading/meditating/contemplating the Guiding Thought for a time each day, and then writing a few words as a response/reaction to the reading/meditating/contemplating.

In a more metaphysical sense, the Journeys “work” by taking participants through a spiritual processthat is, there is an inner progression and evolution that happens.

Each Journey is both a system and a process.

Each  Journey is set up to focus on a different aspect of spiritual evolution (Heart, Fulfillment, Freedom, Abundance, Worth, etc).

You’ve heard people talk about spiritual evolution like peeling the layers of an onion, right? The Journeys give you the experience of this: Each Journey peels back one layer, at a certain depth (what you are able to handle). The following Journey peels back another layer, and so on. What you will find is that as you go through multiple Journeys, you begin to work on different layers simultaneously. One Journey prepares you for the next one, just as it takes you deeper into one you’ve done recently. Once you begin repeating Journeys, that’s when you’ve peeled away a whole bunch of the outer layers, and are really going deep into your spiritual development.

Completing a two-year cycle (all 14 Journeys) is completing one full cycle of the upward spiral, the spiral of ascension. The Ascension Spiral goes on infinitely. How far will you go in this lifetime?