Guest Journeyers

Steve Wallace

Guest Journeyer for:
Journey of Peace, 02.13
Journey of the Heart, 03.01
Journey of Purpose, 03.02
Steve Wallace…
AKA “Bent Halo”

Hello. I am recently retired from a long career in Information Technology, – 37 years with a company, the last 20 years as Information Systems manager.  Managing technology really means managing and supporting people.

I pursued bodywork for some high touch in my life, and became a Hellerwork practitioner (Structural Integration) in 1990. I did this on the side for several years, while keeping my day job in high tech Information technology.

For creative outlets, I love caring for my bonsai plants, I like exploring painting with acrylics and watercolors. I am an avid reader, and pursue spiritual studies as well as fantasy and science fiction. I spend a lot of time studying Buddhist and other spiritual writings.

I am now experiencing the questions of life, who am I, what can I do to contribute to the betterment of all beings, now that I no longer have to work for a living. How can I bring more kindness and compassion into our world that needs it so desperately?

I try to practice patience, kindness and compassion in all I do, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

I am married to my sweet wife Mary (39 years and counting). She is my love and light and teacher and guide in this life. I believe that Relationships are 150%/150%. That is the devotion I bring to our relationship.

Mary and I spent the last several years caring for her dad George  in his elderly life. He passed away in July, at 95 years of age. His grace and dignity with the challenges of ageing have been an inspiration to me.

The spiritual path for me takes place in our day to day moments, putting others first, having patience even when it feels like I have none to give. Patience is one of the most wonderful gifts I have received from my studies and meditations.

Above all, I am a work in progress.

Lita Artis

Guest Journeyer for:
Journey of Beauty, 02.10
Journey of Peace, 02.13
Journey of the Heart, 03.01

“I love how Krista Tippet from “On Being” podcast begins her interviews. She always asks her guests about their spiritual biography, especially their childhood years before launching into the bulk of their conversation. This question and my answer are pertinent to this upcoming process on Beauty.

“I grew up as witness to my father’s nightly meditation and reading of mystical poetry. As I grew, we had many conversations regarding philosophy, religion, and spirituality.  This formative experience led me to major in Theology and Religious Studies in college and get a Master’s Degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality. I have always wanted to have a big mind and connect with the Divine. I am on a lifelong spiritual sojourn.

“That said, I live in the Pacific Northwest. I am married (32 years so far) and we have two children in college. My work experience has been in social services, both in direct services and management. For the last 26 years, I have been a massage therapist, with a focus on palliative and hospice care. Spiritual/Meditation groups, in a variety of forms have been a constant. In addition, I have taught classes and co-led retreats addressing the body/mind/spirit connection. I love to create by way of cooking, singing, art, and conversations with great exchanges of ideas and inspiration.”

Mary Wallace

Guest Journeyer for:
Journey of Courage, 02.09
Journey of Peace, 02.13
Journey of the Heart, 03.01

“Who is she? She is a wife (39 years married to Steve) and living in the Seattle area. She is a mother (son Mark is 48 and living in Colorado).  Among other things, she has been employed in medical research, financial planning, airline management, clowning and hospice comfort therapy. Today she is none of these things. She is a massage therapist currently looking to muster the courage to redefine herself yet again and wondering how many lifetimes she can live in a single life-line. Today she simply is.”






Amy Castillo

(Guest Journeyer for Journey of Creation: 02.11)
Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.

Amy Castillo has been a healer all of her life. She didn’t have that name for it as she grew up as the youngest of four, creating massage creams, studying anatomy and being of service to her family and the greater community–but now she does. Being introduced to healing in a formal way at age 28, the journey picked up intensity. Learning to meditate, enrolling in massage school, each step was outside her comfort zone, yet in alignment with her heart. Today she has been a massage therapist for 18 years as well as a yoga/meditation instructor and Reiki Master. Last year she built The Quantum Yurt Healing Center on her property to have an opportunity to share healing opportunities in groups. This year she became a grandma twice within two weeks to her daughters’ babies which has magnified her intent to work with healing throughout the life span! She is a woman devoted to all that is, her heart universe, and to supporting others in connecting to the truth of the love that they are. Teaching, living and loving through the joy that is her authentic platform, Amy creates experiences for others to resonate with their innate Being. “Manifest your Magnificence” is her tagline and her commitment. May we all answer our soul’s call of Divine expression!