Journey Schedule



There ar2017-schedulee 13 unique Journeys in the entire series. There are seven Journeys each year with one duplicate (Journey of Rest) at the end of each year. A complete series  takes 2 years–going through all 14 Journeys.

Currently, the Journeys are in Beta mode; I am still working out some of the process. 2017 offers 3 new Journeys–Journey of Beauty, Journey of Creation, and Journey of Peace.

Beginning in 2018, I will commence a series of 26 consecutive cycles, for a total of 52 years and 364 Journeys. The Journeys are here for you to follow along and read my approach, or–better yet!–to go through the daily exercises yourself and take your own Journey.

I believe that doing a little bit each day (whatever your practice is), yields rich and purposeful growth. 



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