Journey Schedule


Journey of the Gratitude (04.08) begins the first week of January, 2021. It is the eighth Journey in the cycle and kicks off the second year of the two-year cycle.

Here is the schedule for 2021. You may take the Journeys with me by signing up for my classes: Courses – Evenstar’s Chalice



A note on how the Journeys are numbered (cataloged) on this site:

To make it easy for you to find your favorite writings or to keep track of your own Journey writings, the WithPearls Consciousness Journeys are cataloged for simple, easy searching.

The first number will always be the Year within the 50-year commitment (1-50). The second number designates the Journey. There are 14 Journeys in each two-year cycle, so the second number will always be from 1-14. The third number will always be the Day of the Journey. There are 43 days of writing. The first two days are 0 and 00, the days are 1-40, and the afterword is day 41 (00-41).

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