Journey Schedule

We are currently on Journey of Freedom (August 11 – October 01, 2019)

I have committed to 50 years, 25 cycles, each cycle is 2 years and 14 total Journeys. This will take us from 2018 to 2068 = 50 years, one cycle every two years. The Journeys are here for you, when you’re ready!

A note on how the Journeys are numbered (cataloged) on this site:

The first number will always be the Year. The second number is the Journey. There are 14 Journeys in each cycle, so the second number will always be from 1-14. The third number will always be the Day of the Journey. There are 43 days of writing. The first two days are 0 and 00, the days are 1-40, and the afterword is day 41.


Here is the updated schedule through 2020:







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