Journey Schedule

There are 14 Journeys in one series. It takes two years to complete all 14 Journeys.


I publish my Journeys here  so you may follow along with my Journey, and hopefully become inspired to do the daily exercises yourself. You are already on a Journey…you may as well have a conscious relationship to it, right?

The Journeys take as little as 15 minutes each day. My role in this is to be here for you as a steady presence, reminding you of your potential, reminding you of your True Self, reminding you that you are on a journey to Know your soul. Join me. Start your conscious Journey.

A note on how the Journeys are numbered (cataloged) on this site:

The first number will always be the Cycle. There are 26 cycles planned, so the first number will be a number from 1-26. The second number is the Journey. There are 14 Journeys in each cycle, so the second number will always be from 1-14. The third number will always be the Day of the Journey. There are 43 days of writing. The first two days are 0 and 00, the days are 1-40, and the afterword is day 41.

We are currently on Cycle 1, Journey 4: 1.4.(1-40)




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