Jharra (Sanskrit for “sweep”)

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An article from Daily Om on the value of energetic sweeping.

A Jharra practitioner uses peacock feathers to lightly sweep the recipient’s body (and aura) from head to toe. The recipient simply sits, stands, or lies down while being swept. This can be done in person, or “virtually” (remotely).

As a Jharra practitioner, I have been initiated through the Haidakhan Baba (Babaji) tradition. I have done the steps to “charge” my energy and aura with the healing-energy, to become a conduit for this energy for the person I am sweeping.

The time for a complete, private session is between 50 and 60 minutes. The sweeping takes between 20-25 minutes, with time before for introducing the session and after for discussing the session and any questions. For group-sessions, see below.


  • Is Energy Healing, cleaning the Energy Body (Aura).
  • Eliminates all sorts of sickness from the energy-field, before it has an opportunity to manifest physically.
  • Is deeply balancing and harmonizing.
  • Is Source Healing: it comes from Source, and goes where it is needed on all levels.
  • Allows natural harmony to preside.
  • Began as a prominent form of healing practiced in ancient Vedic times.
  • Is a gift to the world from Haidakhan Babaji.
  • Is loving, relaxing, and gentle.

Jharra is a very simple, yet powerful healing. In fact, it is so powerful because of its simplicity. It was introduced to the world thousands of years ago, before there was knowledge of herbs or medicines, as a way for people to receive healing.

Why Peacock Feathers?

In many cultures, the peacock represents:

  • Integrity
  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Prosperity
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • The Soul
  • Peace

These attributes and qualities are invoked through the use of the feathers. Peacock feathers are symbols of purity, and have been used in purification, healing, balance, and harmony for millenia.

The feathers hold all the colors of the rainbow as well as the chakras, symbolizing balance and harmony. The ‘eye’ in the feather represents the third eye, or intuition.


Appropriate for:

-Healing Circles

-Prayer Circles

-“Anonymous” Meetings

-Friends Gathering

-For fun, in your living room, like a Tupperware party, but with so much more value

-Special (sacred) sessions are available for life-transition-blessings and healing.

Appropriate for:

-pregnant mothers-to-be

-mothers with new-born child

-people in hospice

-end-of-life transitions


-end of job, or change of career

-any critical life point.


For a fee, I will sweep willing attendees (no limit) at your event at no cost to the attendees.