Positive affirmation: Journey of Creation – Day 07

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Guiding Thought

I use my free will joyfully to create the good, the beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of my mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As I experience my Holy creations in my life, I strengthen my conviction to Truth, and to my ability to co-create with my Divine Self.


Do I?
Do I use my free will joyfully to create the good, the beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect?

I would like to think I do, but as soon as I read that line, I did not know if the statement was a fact or an ideal, a hope, an optimistic goal that I am moving toward, but have not yet achieved.

I think it is both, in the sense of both being and becoming.

My Source is perfect love; I was created with and by perfect love, as perfect love. Therefore even now as I type, as imperfect as I am, I am still perfect in Love’s image.

I have not, however, always used my free will to create in Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.

I have not always trusted Love, have not always thought Love had my best interest in mind, or that Love really understood what I needed. Sometimes I thought I could do it better than Love could, so I used my free will to do it my way. I could not always wait for Love’s outcome. Sometimes I was in a hurry and wanted faster results, so I forged ahead without Love.

Love created me perfect, and with love I have the ability to create the Perfect. But I must use my free will to choose to create with Love.

This is how I am both being–perfectly created in Love–and becoming–learning to make choices to create wholly with and in Love.

This is the type of affirmation that I can work with. It both affirms something I believe to be true about myself, and it tells me what I need to do to demonstrate those truths to myself, which in turn validates the affirmation.

Be Prepared: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 33

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Guiding Thought

Love is unconditional. I choose to be unconditionally devoted to the love which is unconditionally devoted to me. I embrace life in love as my True nature. Connected with All in Love, I stand boldly in my heart-center, unwavering in my dedication to Unity of Life in Love.


In my humble opinion, there is no way you can do this type of work and not change (unless, of course, you are already advanced in thoughts of love and oneness).

Three years ago I had severe bouts of doubt, skepticism, and uncertainty. I experienced a lot of frustration, and a lot of wondering about why things were the way they were, and how I could escape the “plight” I was in. Often, I had more questions than answers, and they seemed to echo my doubts and frustrations.

Not so much anymore. It’s as though, now, I read the Guiding Thought and I think, “Yup. That’s right. Uh-huh, I am unconditionally devoted to the love which is unconditionally devoted to me. It feels so good to embrace life! I am connected with All! I do stand boldly in my heart-center”.

Have you ever done affirmations? “I am thin and beautiful. I am thin and beautiful. I am thin and beautiful.” “I am the master of my life and all good flows to me now. I am the master of my life and all good flows to me now. I am the master of my life and all good flows to me now.” “Prosperity permeates my life. Prosperity permeates my life. Prosperity permeates my life.”  Over and over and over, “programming” your mind to believe what you want it to believe.

How often, when you have done the affirmations, have you felt the little voice behind the affirmation, “No you’re not. Who do you think you are, thinking you are beautiful? You can say it all you want, but that’s not going to change you, u-g-l-y”? Or upon completion of telling yourself that you are the master of your life, and all good flows to you, you go to work, where you feel like a slave, and catch all sorts of hell for the stupidest smallest things, totally invalidating any feeling of mastery you may have? Or telling yourself prosperity permeates your life, when you have bills to pay, and the car now needs a new muffler and you are wondering how you can come up with that money?

Which thoughts are more powerful, the affirmations, or the voice inside your head, or the “reality” you face every day?

If you experience those types of scenarios juxtaposed with your affirmations, and you believe the scenarios and the other voices in your head over the affirmation, it’s like the affirmations take you one step ahead, and your experiences take you two steps back. It will be a long way before you experience change from the benefit of the affirmation. Don’t get me wrong: affirmations can work…but what are they working against, before they can work for you?

This is why I spent about three years spilling out all my doubts, fears, uncertainties. It’s why I let the skeptic have her say, it’s why the thirteen year old in my head had a voice. These things were the mental attitudes preventing the Guiding Thoughts to work for me, with me, and through me.

Recently, those other voices have been still. I have felt the void this year, and even wondered if something is “wrong” because the voices have not been there, the objections have been few and weak.

But now I really think, I’ve turned a corner. Those voices are quiet. Now, my mind is receiving the full benefit, the full momentum of the Guiding Thoughts. There’s nothing in the way of the Guiding Thoughts actually going out into my reality, and returning experiences to me, which match them. And there is nothing that prohibits my receiving of all good, prosperity, and perfect health, so I am experiencing all good, prosperity, and perfect health.

Yet, not that much has changed, really. I still experience the same types of things I did a year ago, two years ago. But I am different. I feel the truth of the Guiding Thoughts. I accept that they are telling me what reality is, what it can be. And I embrace that reality, because I want a reality of Love, Peace, and Abundance.

The more I get into the cycle of thinking high-quality thoughts, the more high-quality experiences are returned to me, the more I accept, believe, and have faith in the high-quality thoughts, the more high-quality experiences are returned to me. And so it goes.