Energy Held in the Body: Journey of Creation – Day 31

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Welcome to the final Round, only 10 days left to go! It often takes more than the 40 days for the ideas (which you must agree are pretty intense) to seep in and spread throughout my life. For example, I have been noticing ideas from previous Journeys becoming more applicable through this Journey, and I have a better understanding of those ideas from past Journeys. “Life’s a journey”…indeed!

I cannot say how this Journey is affecting me, or what I think I have learned so far. Too much is going on and I don’t feel like I have the stamina to figure it out or put the pieces all together. I will say, though, that what I have noticed the most in this Journey is that there are a lot of very physical things happening: money stuff, body stuff, house/home stuff, work stuff, etc., which makes a lot of sense, since it’s a Journey of CreationThis to me indicates I am shaking things up in my physical world; things are moving into their right order. Since I am aware that I am doing something to create this shake up, I am not freaking out (too much). But I do recognize that I have felt the kind of unsettled discomfort that comes with change and transition.

Just 10 more days. Let’s do this.

Guiding Thought
Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came. I return to the awareness of the Love I AM by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits my consciousness of my True Self. I release those inhibitors now, and Know myself as the Love I AM.


Rich Anderson is an American nutritionist and herbalist, who studied with Bernard Jensen, a pioneer in nutritional health, and several other advanced nutritionists. I’ve, several times, done the Arise and Shine cleanse that he created. I am currently starting a different nutrition program through Sunrider. I mentioned above that I’ve noticed some very physical changes going on in my life as I’ve progressed on this Journey of Creation. The nutrition aspect is a very important component of this.

The statement, I return to the awareness of the Love I AM by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits my consciousness of my True Self reminds me of when I have done cleanses or supplied my body with really good nutrition.  My emotions become lighter, my mind becomes unburdened, and I feel closer to the Love I AM than I can describe.

Releasing is not just using the mind to release mental/emotional “stuff”, it is also about releasing mental and emotional stuff held by the body.

All of the energy that you come into contact with makes an impression on your body, and the body holds onto these energy patterns. In an ideal world, the energy you come into contact with is pure and clean, and its impression on the body has only positive (Love) effects. But, until we change the world as it is now, there is still a lot of toxic energy out there that we come into contact with. The body takes on this energy (especially if you are eating as you encounter it), and unless you actively work to release it at all levels, the toxic energy patterns solidify in the body and create unnatural patterns in the body.

If Love is everything, and if Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came, then the most natural expression in the body is Perfection, the perfection of only Love.

If you are not experiencing perfection in the body, something in it is unnatural to it; that is: something is unlike Love.

Releasing those things in the body is a very similar process to releasing emotional gunk: When you release emotional gunk, you begin to feed your mind positive, uplifting thoughts to replace any negative or toxic thoughts and emotions, and work proactively to dig up and let go of any tenacious negative patterns.

Similarly with the body, allow a flow of clean, pure “ingredients” (in this case foods), into the body to flush out the toxic stuff that is weighing you down (sometimes quite literally), and eat/drink foods that flush out toxins that you have ingested.

The point is to begin to change the energy you experience in all areas of your life, and to transmute any energy in your mind/body/emotions that is unlike Love.

I am really excited about my new cleanse/nutrition endeavor. It has been at least 10 years since I have done a really good cleanse/nutrient replacement program. I remember, though, how I felt when I did: I was so high on life. I want that again, this time with more conscious awareness of how my body is able to express Love.

Thank you for being here. I hope your Journey is going well. I love you, and appreciate all the work you are doing to uplift yourself, and humanity. Our efforts make a difference. We are being and becoming the Love we are. Bless you.