Few Words -Healing (1.4.16)

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Guiding Thought

As you unite in consciousness with your own Loving Presence, you unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. You exist in Divine Mind, as It does in you, united forever—One. It leads you to Itself through your consciousness of your Self: your consciousness of your Self, as Infinite Being, is Oneness with Divine Mind, is your Peace, is your wholeness, is your Unity with All.

Your Oneness with Divine Mind does not depend on anything. Oneness IS. It is your awareness of this– your consciousness–that is required for you to realize the Oneness that already exists.

WeBeWebs: Journey of Courage – Day 19

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Accept your light and my lightness! Feel your Self expand! As you perceive change around you, remain anchored in your Being of Light. Allow yourself to sit peacefully in the still place of nothingness as life moves quickly around you.


We all must learn to be anchored in light, to be anchored for light, and to be anchored for others in light.

We are doing this with and for each other right now. Each time we join together in thought-mind, heart-feeling in the acceptance of light, we help each other. More than this, we help those who are not yet, or only slightly, aware of the light. We lighten their burden; we light their path.

In one of the enlightenment paradoxes: we light another’s path by walking our own; we lighten others’ burdens by lifting our own. The more we expand, the more space we create for others to expand.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

This is as true for “energy leadership” as it is for verbal or physical leadership. Do you think that people don’t notice when you are sitting peacefully in your nothingness as the world moves quickly around you? They see something, perceive something. They may not know what it is exactly, but they know there is something different about you and how you approach the world. You are leading them through being, showing an option, demonstrating something different, an alternative. Perhaps it is something they have never seen or encountered before, and they don’t understand or perhaps they misperceive. Stay the course! Be true to Truth! Be your Light of Truth! Remain in your peaceful anchor!

Each of you are connected with each other through thoughts of light. We are together as a web of light; we help each other just by being here, doing the work. Each time you give light to anyone—and they accept it—and give it away—the web strengthens and grows.

We heal.

We are light.

We light and en-lighten.

We be.

Thank you for being.

Journey of the Heart – Day 33

We are on round 4! These last ten days, the Guiding Thoughts return to using me and I for the pronouns. See how your perspective of your self has changed through using you or we the past twenty days. See if your sense of self is bigger; if you can include a broader vision of “you”.

You may also choose to continue to take a moment before the Journey to listen to this quickly—it is a thought for others, so that the effects of this Journey ripple out!


Spend about 15-20 minutes with the guiding thought, and then let your heart speak through words, pictures, colors, shapes, whatever feels right. I’ve supplied a link below to an audio of me doing the guiding thought–use it if you like to create, while listening to it play on a loop (that’s what I do). Scroll to the bottom for my sharing…

Day 33 Guiding Thought

Following the guidance of my heart, I experience life anew!

As I express love, I experience love everywhere.

I find new ways to love.

I recognize new depths and nuances of love.

I am patient. I am kind. I am wise.

I respond to life with love, as love.

Click here to access the audio file.

You can download this and play it in a loop while you allow your heart to speak to you :).   I suggest Windows Media Player (I have not tested other players).

Journey of the Heart - Day 33 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 33
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

I began listening to the guiding thought… and sat there, listening… and sat there…and in my mind’s eye a chessboard…or a checkered ballroom dance floor began to materialize. I thought about how I could draw a checkered anything and I knew that I simply do not have the skill to draw it (…maybe someday). Drawing perspective is not my forté.  So, I decided to focus on what I could actually accomplish, getting me to the present, completed drawing…

The idea of a checkerboard seemed to be indicating that things/people are different but interconnected. I also started thinking of it as strands woven together. What came out is sort of a combination of both of these ideas.

I felt like, thinking about interconnectedness—the weaving together of lives—was all about experiencing life anew in each moment. Nothing is ever the same, every single person, every single interaction, every single…everything is new…every second. When I can approach this ever-changing life with love, life is always fresh and new.

Life is always fresh and new, but I must bring that awareness to it. Bringing that awareness to life means finding new ways to love, and being able to recognize the depths and nuances of love. That’s what the little stars symbolize at each of the connections on the “checkerboard”: having the awareness of love and realizing the newness in each moment, each “intersection”.

As I bring love to my interactions, I am energized!