A Loving Tribute to Leonard D. Orr –Journey of Freedom 02.12.22

Leonard Orr
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Guiding Thought

We freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit our Freedom! We allow our thoughts and feelings to transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love. We were born with everything we need to be free in Love. We allow Love to lead us. We trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.

Reflection / Contemplation

Leonard Orr, who passed away earlier this week, was my second Spiritual teacher (my first was my Reiki Master, Penny Gnesin, who passed earlier this year). I worked with him directly from 1994 – 1998, then on and off again until 2017, the last time I visited him at his home in Virginia and gave him and Elvi Jharra. I would not say that Leonard and I were close, but–like so many others–his teachings deeply influenced me.

Babaji – Angel of the Lord
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You will see his influence all over these pages: when I write about Babaji (Leonard lead me to Babaji); when I write anything about earth, air, water, or fire; when I write about spiritual community, loving relationships, or spiritual purification. I can’t say that I always agreed with Leonard, but he was a “big idea” guy, and certainly provoked me to stretch my thinking. I am very grateful for Leonard; I would not be doing half of what I am doing today, if it weren’t for him.

It’s quite apropos that today’s Guiding Thought is about releasing patterns and habits– this, too, was something that Leonard taught. In a nutshell, his teaching on daily habits is “you’re only as good as your habits; keep improving your habits, keep improving yourself”. It’s the minutia of daily living that adds up to the quality of a life: every thought, every action, every intention…it all matters in the makeup of the big picture of who you are and the life you lead.

Leonard wrote the book, Breaking the Death Habit: The Science of Everlasting Life, in which he outlines the highest habits he has discovered to release the emotional energy pollution, keep the mental-spiritual-emotional-physical bodies clean from energetic impurities, release Karma, and live in health and wellness. These practices, too, have been highly influential in my life. It was through these practices that I learned to feel when my energy became “polluted” and it gave me the tools to cleanse it and return to a lighter state. I have also learned how it feels to release karma, and the benefit of doing practices that do so.

Leonard was the first person who I heard say, “I had to learn to practice Love, so I spent several years opening my heart chakra”. That motivated me to learn to love, and subsequently, I spent several years opening my heart chakra.

Leonard taught physical immortality: the idea that people can live for as long as they like in their physical body, until they choose to leave, merging the life of the physical body with the life of the Holy Spirit. Everything about Leonard’s teachings were geared toward this “bottom line” teaching. He was an explorer, a scientist, a researcher in this regard: he was his own most faithful student. To this end, he used other people’s deaths as “research”–asking the questions: What did they or did they not do? What could they have done differently? what are the minimum practices that are necessary to maintain human Life? And the related question: what can maintain our abundance of aliveness and joy of Life?  Do people choose misery and the pain of emotional energy pollution because they never learned the practice of fire purification, or do they just enjoy their own bad habits? Why do people doing the practices die? Leonard used to say that the gift people give you by dying is more information for your own research on how you can prevent your own death.

So today, I offer the Guiding Thought to you in this context, in honor of Leonard. What patterns, habits, and thoughts can you see in others right now, that you can release in yourself for greater Freedom? How often today can you remember the Love, which sets you free, and allow your thoughts and feelings to transform? Right now, you are free in Love…until you prove otherwise. Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom…

And here’s an article by Leonard that brings all of this together in his own words.



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