And Me…Without My Coloring Book: Journey of Gratitude – Day 26

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Guiding Thought

When we look within and see the radiance of Love, we remember our wholeness. We are wholly loving and wholly lovable. In the purity of Love lies peace, which we share with all in gratitude.


Remembering wholeness is a great way to become thankful. I had to really walk myself through this today. It was not an easy contemplation.  I woke up feeling fragmented, seeing holes instead of wholes. My heart was heavy, my mind pre-occupied. But I wanted to do something to shift. I wanted to be able to change my approach today.

As I started the Guiding Thought, since my mind was preoccupied, I wanted to color, to draw my reflections rather than write them. I wanted color and shape and imagination to take over; I wanted an image that could relay the message of the Guiding Thought. I wanted symbols and substance without words, so all I needed to do was to look at it and feel the truth. I didn’t want to have to think about wholeness or love; I just wanted to feel it. Unfortunately…I was not in a place conducive to coloring, so instead I tried to imagine what I would color if I had my pencils.

Here is what came of that:

My heart becomes a sparkling diamond, a radiating diamond that glistens and glitters. I look up and there is a sun, just above my head, with a giant diamond in it resonating and responding to my diamond heart.

As I imagine my heart connected to the heart in the sun, I look around at the trees, the clouds, the grass, and the sky, and feel connected to everything around me. It reminds me of my wholeness with everything. I think, I am One with Life that surrounds me. Life is the gift, the only gift.

The radiance of my heart and the sun intensify, glowing, pulsing. Everything around me becomes enveloped by golden light. This is how I would draw wholly loving and wholly loveable: everything would be surrounded by golden light, a rich, deep, translucent golden light.

Then, I think, how do I draw the purity of Love? What does purity look like? Maybe it looks like Peace. What does Peace look like?

Back in my imagination, my picture became surrounded by a crystal ball. I can do that in my imagination…if I were really trying to draw a picture with a crystal ball around it, it would never work. The crystal ball was a symbol for the purity. Here’s the picture so far: A crystal ball, inside of which is me with a diamond heart, connected to a diamond sun, with both diamonds imbuing everything around me (trees, birds, grass, sky, clouds) with a golden hue.

That’s my image…which I am sharing with you in love and gratitude. May your diamond heart resonate with the golden light of love, and may you pass it on.