Love, Trust, and Blackbeard. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 33

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What is fulfillment but knowing my Self as an expression of Divine Love? My Self wills to create! My Self wills to share! My Self wills to extend itself! My fulfillment is creation; my joy is sharing; my peace is extension.



I mentioned the other day (day 31) that with each Journey there is the main theme that I am working on (in this case, fulfillment), but at the same time I am also gaining an understanding of the components that comprise that theme (like oneness, joy, sharing, equality).

Sometimes, these sub-themes come up to support, inform, and encourage the main theme. Sometimes they come up because I have to learn something about one (or several) of them before I can move forward with the main theme.

I feel like this journey has been a lot of that—a lot of learning about sub-themes so that I can have a better understanding of fulfillment. It hasn’t always made sense to me. This has felt like one of the most erratic journeys I have done.  Over the past four weeks, I have found myself thinking in the back recesses of my mind, “What does this have to do with fulfillment?”

But it seems like I have a lot of work to do around fulfillment before I can face it head on.

The two pairs of words that resonated loudly today, that seemingly have nothing directly to do with fulfillment, are: Trust and Faith and Freedom and Love. These sub-themes have been bouncing around asking (begging) me to look at them for a while now. They have been in my peripheral vision; I glanced without much attention; I dismissed them as inconsequential.

What does it say, when I can’t/don’t even work with the sub-themes directly? But they were persistent, or maybe just patient. Finally today, I looked…really looked.

The themes are trust, faith, freedom, and love. The sentence that ties them together is: With trust and in faith, work toward love in freedom.

Love is the goal, the end, the aspiration. Love is what matters. Love is the reason for being, for working, for sharing. Love is what I extend, the only thing real that I create, the only thing that I want to share.

Freedom is a vehicle that takes me to Love. In freedom, I naturally love everyone and everything. In freedom, all I want to do/be/have is love. In freedom, I soar. In freedom, I know your freedom. My freedom does not limit you—it only expands you; that is why I am free to love, because in knowing myself as free, I know you as fully capable of your own expansion, of your own love, of your own freedom.

I think that I have not fully trusted fulfillment. For some reason, its “fullness” is out of reach to me currently. But Love and Freedom? I can understand and accept those.

I’ve been watching the television series called “Crossbones” starring John Malkovich (who is amazing in this show). In several episodes now, he (as Blackbeard aka “the Commodore”) has made comments such as, “I don’t trust you, but I trust your instinct for self-preservation” or, “I don’t trust you, but I trust your Love for >this woman<”. In another instance, he says to his two closest advisors (one of them his lover) “You both have deceived me for less than this, and yet, you are still the two people I love and trust.”

In all of these instances, he looks past distrust or deceit and looks at motivation and love. He has found a way to work around people’s actions (or possible actions) by relying on their deeper motivation.

In a similar way that Blackbeard can find a way to reconcile relationships and obligations through looking past distrust to an inner motivation, I am learning to trust Fulfillment through Love and Freedom.

More than Fulfillment, I trust that my motivation is Love; I trust that my intention is Love. I trust that Love is my guiding thought, my intention, my reason for doing what I do. I do not have to rely on a trust for Fulfillment (yet); I can rely on the certainty of my motivation (Love).

I also have faith in freedom, where I naturally Love everyone and everything. I have faith-based on years of assured outcomes when I have acted in freedom, “for the highest good of All”. I have faith in the productive energy of creating freely; I have faith in free expression “for the highest good of All”. More than this, I have faith that freedom is a vehicle to Love.

I trust my motivation of Love and with faith I move forward in freedom.