It’s Coming Together: Journey of Courage – Day 35

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Guiding Thought

I am ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous. I release my mind’s idea of security, of “right” and of “wrong”. I allow my personality to dissolve and to become One with the Love that Is, everywhere. All false boundaries evaporate like mist in the sun as I devote myself to the Oneness of Love.


I get it now. This Journey is making so much sense! It really amazes me how things come together, just doing this process.

The first few days I was asking, “What does this have to do with courage?” Now I get it.

Love is gentle. Love wants us to come to it. The first few days of each round, Love is showing us it’s gentle.

Before beginning, I was a bit on edge about this Journey of Courage, because courage often implies facing something scary. Who wants to take that on willingly? So, instead of showing us something scary, Love gave peace and assurance first. That’s what the first three days of each round are: softness, gentleness, Love saying, “It’s ok; I’m here. I enfold you, give you safety. Come to me.”

“Come to me.”

It’s like the growling Doberman turns into a puppy those first 3 days. Who doesn’t want to just run up and mush on a puppy? “There’s nothing to fear. Come to me.”

The reason this works—when Love shows me its softness and gentleness—is because it’s what I want. I’ve just had too much in the way, and I don’t think I can trust Love.

That’s where courage comes in. It’s not Love I am afraid of; it’s all my own stuff I can’t trust that gets in the way and causes me to think/feel fearfully. Figuring this out and walking through my stuff, being able to “release my mind’s idea of security, of “right” and of “wrong”’that takes courage.

That’s why on this Journey, courage doesn’t even enter the picture until day 4. Love assures us, then it encourages us to walk through (and release) the mire of misunderstanding and misperception.

Love is there for us. It leads us through the mire of our minds. It leads and I follow because It’s what I want.

Love knows me better than I know myself. It knows what I need to be One with It, and just how much I can handle before I get too scared and turn away from It. It knows just the right way to lead me to Itself. All I need to do is release and follow.

When I am not following Love, that’s when I am over-thinking—anticipating (Day 25). But ultimately Love Knows…and Love leads. The more I follow, the more I experience Love’s beauty and gentleness, which results in me trusting It and wanting to trust it more. The more I trust my experience of Love, the more I want to let go of my misunderstandings, my ideas about security, of “right” and “wrong”, my false boundaries, and the more I want to follow and to devote myself to Love.

Each day I’ve been assured of Love leading (Day 11). Devotion and surrender now have a new, richer color. Before, devotion and surrender felt like giving up, submitting, losing something. But now, the more I feel Love leading me, the more I want it to, the more I want to give up everything that gets in the way. I simply want to be with Love, to do whatever it takes, and do whatever it wants for me. It’s so much better than anything I could imagine or do for myself.