Giving Beauty to God -Abundance (1.5.34)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, my Source and Supply are infinite. As I increase my consciousness of my Inner Divine-Love Presence as my Source and my Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience—and I use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence.


Every morning during this Journey, I have been doing a fire ceremony in the Haidakhan Baba tradition to begin my day. The overall tone of the fire ceremony is praise, devotion, and giving up ego. To this end, there are prayers with accompanying offerings to the fire.

With most of the prayers, the offering is ghee, or butter from which the dairy solids have been removed. But there is one point in which flowers are offered.

Image result for zinniaAt the beginning of the summer, I planted zinnias in my garden. I’ve never really had a flower garden (I’m more of a vegetable person), and I’ve never planted zinnias. But for some reason, this year, I decided I needed zinnias. This was before I began doing these fire ceremonies.

Before the ceremony, there is preparation. One thing to prepare is the flower offering. Each morning, I go out to pick one or two zinnias, one or two marigolds, and maybe a wildflower, blanket flower, or purple cone flower. But always at least one zinnia.

Image result for zinnia beeEvery morning when I pick the zinnia, I am thinking how beautiful these flowers are. I marvel at their form, their petals, the little yellow inner flowers, ringed by the larger pink petals. I watch the butterflies and bees enjoying them, and I am fully consumed by their beauty and the life they sustain.

One of these flowers is always offered to Haidakhan Baba, as part of the fire ceremony. I make sure to choose the “most” beautiful one to give to him–but since they are all beautiful, it’s an easy decision.

So, for 5 weeks now, I have been doing this: marveling at the beauty of the flowers, and offering that beauty to Babaji.

This morning, I realized the connection between this ritual and abundance: I want the abundance to give beauty to God. I want a beautiful home that I give/dedicate to God. I want a beautiful yard that I give/dedicate to God. I want my work to be beautiful and to give/dedicate it to God. I want everything I do to be beautiful, and I want to give this beauty to God.

This hearkens back (BTW) to Journey of Worth, in which one of the reasons for the Journey was to cultivate a life worthy of the Holy Spirit. Beauty is worthy of God, in the same way that the Holy Spirit deserves a life worthy of Him.

I have abundance issues, to be sure. I’ve been working on and through them for many years; this Journey is peeling another layer, so to say.

Beauty offered to God feels like a way for me to reconcile worldly things, “Not mine, yours”, with spiritual pursuits.

Nothing I have or own or do is mine. It is all given to God. If I think of it this way, that everything is God’s, then I don’t “have” anything. Nothing is “mine”, there is no “mine”. Everything that is already God’s can come through me, without me holding onto it, or wanting it. All of my “wanting” can be solely for the purpose of giving to God–releasing everything, and being the open door.

How this fits with today’s Guiding Thought:

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, my Source and Supply are infinite. God is infinite. God is All-giving. It’s up to me to align my consciousness with that infinite Source and Supply. One way to do this is to remove all barriers to It, as it comes through me, and to do something with the wealth (in whatever form), as it comes through me that It would want done with that wealth. This is how money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience, because I use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence; I embody Love in the world, increasing True Wealth in the world and in my life experience.

Now I walk in beauty – beauty is before me – beauty is behind me, above and below me.

What is Before You? -Abundance (1.5.19)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Abundance expresses infinitely through your own Divine Presence. When you identify with your Divine Presence, you open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you, materializing all good in your life and affairs.


How can I have this if I don’t have that?

How can I be happy if I don’t have the man of my dreams?

How can he be the man of my dreams if he doesn’t have the sense of humor I’m looking for?

How can I be successful if I don’t have the title I want?

How can I be successful if I don’t have the house and car I’d always planned on?

How can I love myself when I don’t have the body I want?

Too often, there are pre-requisites that have been set up in our minds–criteria, if you will–that we have determined in advance are the signifiers to our happiness, our success, our self-esteem.

“I won’t be happy until this happens, that happens, and then this”.

We are always pursuing these criteria. We are not actually pursuing happiness or success or love. We are pursuing the things that we have decided are the cues (signifiers) for our happiness, success, and love.

So we miss happiness or success or love when it does not fall within our parameters.

How much are we missing!?

It’s the same with Divine Abundance. Divine Abundance is always providing us with everything we need. But we have our own criteria for what “we need”, which may or may not match up with Divine Abundance’s idea of what we need.

If anything in our experience does not match up with what we think we need, we miss it when Divine Abundance overflows for us.

It’s up to us to recognize all the good in our lives–whether that is happiness, success, self-esteem, love, or Divine Abundance.


Free to Share-Abundance (1.5.10)

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Guiding Thought

The Divine Presence of Love is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. Through the wisdom of Love, I understand Love as True wealth and an expression of my Divine nature, to be cultivated in my consciousness, expressed, and shared. My Love is infinite. My wealth is infinite. I realize this as my reality and circulate wealth with joy and gratitude.


There’s this thing called Divine Presence. Its nature is Love. This Love, which is the nature of Divine Presence is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. And I have access to it!

This Love-thing…it also has the highest wisdom available to anyone anywhere. Imagine that! Since I have access to this Love-thing, I also have access to its wisdom. All I have to do is tune in to it–and that is easy, since it’s the most natural energy in the world. In fact… not being able to access it is what is unnatural!

So, when I access this wisdom, and think about Love, and how It’s the most natural energy in the world, I really understand that It really is True Wealth. What more could there be to abundancethan having the most natural energy in the world and beyond?

And since I have it already, all I have to do is recognize that I have it. It’s right here.

I can give and give and give…because I have It. And It’s infinite. 

In fact, if I ever feel like “I’ve given too much” or that “I am giving too much” then I can totally laugh at myself because the only reason I can give is because I have itIf I didn’t have it in the first place I couldn’t give it. So the fact of giving only verifies how much I have.

People who give know how much they have and give freely. People who can’t or don’t give simply can’t see the abundance that is there for them to give.

Love is the wealth of the universe…the infinite wealth of the universe. We all have this wealth; we all can give this wealth. If there is “nothing else to give” Love is there to be shared. There is always something to give.

The more you give, the more you are acknowledging how much you have to give. This is why it’s perfectly reasonable to circulate wealth with joy and gratitude!

Prosperity in Purpose (Purpose 1.2.26)

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Guiding Thought

Today we relax with confidence in the activity of our Inner Divine Mind. We allow it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in our life and affairs. Today, our only responsibility is to protect our Own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If we feel uncertain, we remember our Source; if we feel weak, we remember our Inner Flow; if we feel doubt, we assure ourselves of our Inner Knowing and we are free.


“All-sufficiency” and “all-supply” are usually buzz words to indicate a flow of abundance or prosperity. These words suggest that when we allow Divine Mind to express its true nature, there will be a flow of material goods, services, people, and interactions that comes to us.

What, then, are “All-sufficiency” and “all-supply” doing in a contemplation about Purpose?

Recently, I’ve had thoughts like, “how am I supposed to carry out my purpose?” “Who will listen?” “What if what I do (as my purpose) goes out into a vacuum (and shrivels into nothing)?”

In this hyped-up social media culture, that last one is particularly daunting.

Here’s the thing. These very questions are precisely what I need to protect my Own Loving Presence from,

And the answer to those questions are the all-sufficiency and all-supply made possible through the activity of our Inner Divine Mind.

Up-Training: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 14

Looking within at the shadow places gets easier with practice, but sometimes I still need help. Fortunately, I have an infinite supply.


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Guiding Thought

You are safe in Divine Love’s assurance. Have the courage to face the ignorance and illusions within yourself and root them out. Allow the Light of Love to enter your mind and heart. Divine Love shines within you destroying anything false, transforming you from within.


Even though I know I am safe in Divine Love’s assurance, I have to admit, facing my own ignorance and illusions is a little scary.

I am currently working on two things to expand my consciousness, for which it seems I am in need of courage. They are 1) Eternal Peace (relevant to Journey of Courage, because where Eternal Peace resides, Courage is unnecessary, see Why a Journey of Courage) 2) Infinite Abundance.

Of themselves, these things are not scary. Of course I WANT Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance. But, dang if facing my own ignorance, barriers, and illusions that prohibit my experience of them is a bear.

These Consciousness Journeys evolve the spiritual consciousness through mental practice–they are designed to evolve the mind to deeper understanding of our Oneness with Divine Mind, with Love, and with All that is. No problem. I am good with my mind; I think my spiritual evolution is coming along just fine.

However, spiritual evolution is nothing if it is not matched in my experience of reality; that is, if my belief system is such that I do not or can not get past my own limitations, I will only experience what my belief system allows, even if my spiritual consciousness has evolved.

If you were to buy a $50,000 race horse, then hire a trainer who has only trained $5,000 race horses, pretty soon your $50,000 race horse will only be worth $5,000. The trainer’s knowledge, experience, and expertise is at a certain level; the trainer can only train at that level, even when the potential for more is available.

Right now, my spiritual consciousness is (I think) a $50,000 race horse. My understanding of Oneness, of Love, of the Unity of Life within All is pretty good; I get into the flow of life a lot; I am confident in my understanding and knowledge of connecting with Divine Love and Living from a core-identity of myself as a Divine being.

But my human belief systems are at the level of a $5,000 trainer. I grew up with certain ideas about money, which included scarcity beliefs, ideas about my self-worth, and about what I deserve (or do not deserve). These ideas are limiting what my spiritual consciousness can do for me, through me.

I know this does not sound as scary as some of the emotions I have rooted up and released, but it’s still a lot–these feelings and issues are long-held beliefs about who I am, and what I deserve in relation to comfort, security, and how I am “allowed” to live in the world.

Another “issue” I seem to be having is identifying the root of the limitations, and how I unravel those. How have I limited myself? Why? Where did my limitations originate? Why did I feel like I needed them? I feel like I am looking at my ignorance and illusions (for that is why my out-dated belief systems are), through a frosted window. I can see a form on the other side, but it is just a shadow. I can neither identify it, nor grasp it.

Fortunately, today’s Guiding Thought, accomplishes the rooting out, and the transformation, without me needing to know what that shadow is. First Divine Love gives me confidence through a positive declaration, a promise of Itself. Then I am “told” to allow the Light of Love to enter my mind and heart, which it does. 

Then, Divine Love does all the work: Divine Love shines within you destroying anything false, transforming you from within.

I prefer conscious mental work. That is so much a part of this. I want to be able to consciously (not sub-consciously, not un-consciously) work with my Divine Self. But sometimes a little help from Divine Love is just fine. I will sit back and consciously allow Divine Love to help me.




Pure Energy: Journey of Abundance – Day 09

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Guiding Thought

Divine Abundance expresses infinitely through my own Divine Presence. When I identify with my Divine Presence, I open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through me, materializing all good in my life and affairs.


What is Divine Abundance? Divine Abundance is the outpouring of All Love from each to all, and from All to each. All Love is always ever-present, and therefore always abundant.

What is my own Divine Presence? My own Divine Presence is All Love’s ever-presence within me, as me. I cannot remove myself from that which is ever-present.

I can, however, think that I have removed myself.

Abundance, therefore, is the choice between thinking I am my own Divine Presence, or thinking I am removed from it.

I cannot, however, ever be removed from it.

Thus, when I think I have been removed from it, I create a conflict within my mind about my own nature… about the Truth of my Self…effectively denying myself Divine Abundance.

When I recognize, accept, and allow my own Divine Presence, that within me which is ever-present, I remove this conflict; I see myself as I Truly am.

Since Divine Abundance is a natural outpouring of my Divine Nature, when I align my mind with it, I open the floodgates for it.