Love Expresses Through Us, As Us -Fulfillment (1.6.24)

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Guiding Thought

Our Self wills only to extend itself. Extending, sharing, and creating as Divine Love, through Divine Mind, is our sole purpose. Our Self knows its fullness in Divine Love and wills only to liberate us to fulfill our purpose and release our Joy.

This day, first Journey of Fulfillment, 2014
This day, second Journey of Fulfillment, 2016
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The Self wills only to extend Itself because the Self is, itself, an extension of Divine Love, created by Divine Love as an extension of Itself, that Original Divine Love.

The Self was created by Divine Love, as Divine Love, with the Will of Divine Love.

The Will of Divine Love is… you guessed it…to extend Itself.

Because we are the expressions of our Self, we are the vehicles through which our Self Wills to extend Divine Love. And we are the vehicles through which that Original Divine Love extends Itself.

Because our Self knows its fullness in Divine Love, we would, too, because we are our Divine Self.

When our Self wills to liberate us to fulfill our purpose and release our Joy, it only wants for us what It knows is the Truth of us–Divine Love.

As we simply surrender to being the vehicle through which Divine Love enters the world, our Self comes through to guide us, extending Itself, which is extending our Self, which is extending Original Divine Love.

Allowing our expression of Divine Love is our purpose, and is filled with so much Joy…because this is who we are.


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Why can’t we just get there already? -Fulfillment (1.6.21)

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Welcome to Round 3!

We’re halfway done! How are you doing? Seriously…how is your life going? How’s your Journey going? I feel like this week I have felt the weight of the world…so much going on politically and environmentally; have you felt it? There’s a lot of “fear” in the air. I don’t know…I’ve never been “sensitive” to that sort of thing, like feeling those etheric emotions that hover about, but I have no other explanation for this heaviness I’ve been feeling this week. It’s like there is a part of me that is my usual happy self, and this other part of me that wants to run and hide. The “usual” part can identify that the other part is “not me”, but at the same time the person who’s feeling the fear identifies as “me”… Someone said to me today that I should not “let it get me down”. I get that, and I don’t let it get me down. But at the same time, I feel like the awareness of this “fear in the air” brings me responsibility. I am not blissfully ignorant: if I am aware of these less-than-loving emotions, it’s my responsibility to bring light and love to them. So…I’ve been especially vigilant about “my” own emotions, and I’ve been playing mantra on very low volume all day. The more light and love I bring to it, the faster we will move through it. Join in. Add your light and your love, let’s get through this.

See this page for information about how this round changes.

Guiding Thought

Everywhere fulfillment is, we are. Fulfillment is everywhere. Fulfillment is. We are.


(Q) Why can’t we just get there already? If Fulfillment is everywhere, why aren’t we there? If we are All One, and Love is Oneness why are we not All living in Love right here, right now? I don’t get it.

(A) People use and have used their free will to deny the Love they Are. In doing so, they have forgotten who they are. In forgetting, they have made a substitute and believed in the substitute (sometimes called “ego” or “lower self” or “lower mind”).

To rectify this, people must choose to use their free will to stop denying the Love they Are, or in other words, to accept the Love they are.

People are at various degrees–or percentages–about how much they are willing to do this. Some people have more ego than others; some egos have a stronger hold.

We are all moving in the same direction, to 100% Love. But we all must participate at 100% in order for us all to be there.

If one person participates at 75% s/he has 25% to go, and probably has very strong momentum toward that 100%. This person is probably unaffected by most “worldly cares”, and has good habits and practices that maintain the momentum.

If another person participates at 25%, s/he probably has more trouble staying the course than the person at 75%, often waylaid by upsets and distractions.

Since we are All One, even if one person reaches 100%, there is still work to do! Until everyone reaches that 100%.

Everyone is both an individual expression of Divine Consciousness and the Unity of Divine Consciousness. In order for the Unity of Divine Consciousness to be expressed in every living being, every living being’s individual expression must choose Divine Consciousness as its own.


Everything Fulfilled in a Moment. -Healing (1.4.39)

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Guiding Thought

I am the Light of Love. Light saturates my mind and body, surrounding every thought, and radiating out to All. Everything radiates Light in return. Everywhere is Light. I rest in Peace, Being Light.


Recently, I’ve been falling asleep while listening to a meditation. Part of the meditation is, “I am ready to receive Divine Love”. I wake up feeling very calm, rested, refreshed, full of peace. What are the chances there is a correlation between the meditation and how I feel when I wake up? Pretty good, I think.

It’s not a far stretch for me to read the Guiding Thought and believe it. I can feel the Light saturating my mind and body, radiating out to all. I can sense everything radiating Light in return. In this moment, reading the Guiding Thought, I feel the same way I described about when I wake up.

After I wake up, it takes a couple of hours for the feeling to wear off (give or take, depending on how quickly life pulls me out of that State). The Guiding Thought has the same effect–temporary. At least temporary for now.

The more a person becomes accustomed to feeling good–feeling what it feels like in the arms of Love, resting in Peace– the more they want it, the more they seek it, the more they find it, the more they want it… it’s a cycle of expansion of Love.

Sure, the feeling wears off (for now). But in the moment, it’s like knowing what it feels like to not need to seek or desire something, because in that moment, it’s not just something that is fulfilled…it’s everything.

And since in Truth everything is fulfilled…the cycle of expansion of Love is just leading us to the Truth of Love.


Om Puurnnamadah Puurnnamidam Puurnnaat Purnnamudacyate
Puurnnasya Puurnnamadaaya Puurnnamevavashissyate
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

OmThat (Outer World) is Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); This (Inner World) is also Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); From Purna comes Purna (From the Fullness of Divine Consciousness the World is manifested)
Taking Purna from PurnaPurna Indeed Remains (Because Divine Consciousness is Non-Dual and Infinite).

Om PeacePeacePeace.

Where I’m At With What I’ve Got (Purpose- 1.2.1)

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Guiding Thought

There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment. My Inner Divine Presence Knows every form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that fulfills my desires. When I am diligent about maintaining my focus of desire on the loving benefit and fulfillment of all sentient beings, Divine Substance–which is the source of Spiritual Idea’s manifestation–flows through me and externalizes in my experience. Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that I could possibly desire.


I forgot how intense this Journey is. Even I, after having done this Journey 3 previous times, could not–at first– digest that Guiding Thought today. “holy shamoly”, as Gary Drayton would say. So, let’s go back to basics and take it one step at a time.

There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment. I grew up Catholic, and I always believed that God knows me better than I know myself, that He knows what is best for me, and that He has a perfect plan for me. Beyond my Catholic upbringing, as I matured and grew more in my in my spiritual understanding, I came to decide that I do believe there is higher (divine) intelligence operating in me and in the world. Thus, I am willing to accept this first sentence (premise) as acceptable.

My Inner Divine Presence Knows every form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that fulfills my desires. This follows from what I said above: there is a higher order and a plan to achieve it, and that includes all of the circumstances that would bring it about. The catch here is for me not to confuse my deepest soul desires (God’s plan) for worldly, material desires (my plan). The Divine Plan has my soul’s best-interest in mind. If I go through life deciding what I think is best for me, without knowing or understanding my soul’s best interest, then not only might I be sorely disappointed, but I may also come to convince myself that there “is no greater plan” (because if there were, why aren’t I getting what I want?) .

When I am diligent about maintaining my focus of desire on the loving benefit and fulfillment of all sentient beings, Divine Substance–which is the source of Spiritual Idea’s manifestation–flows through me and externalizes in my experience. The first question that comes to mind is: What does the “fulfillment of all sentient beings” have to do with me and with my divine plan and higher purpose? Why is the flow of Divine Substance contingent upon my focus on others? Here is how I currently answer these questions for myself:


If there is a Higher Divine plan (and we’ve established that there is), then it includes everyone and everything.

If I want my own Higher Divine plan to be accomplished, then I must act in such a way as to fulfill that plan for everyone and everything. My plan can only be accomplished if everyone else’s plan is also accomplished.


God acts in the world through people. Divine Love flows through us. That Love, through us, is what accomplishes Divine Plan.

Only when I serve others with Divine Love is the Divine Plan accomplished. I must act toward others as a servant of Divine Love to ensure the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that I could possibly desire. This follows from the above three statements. If I am 100% in tune with God’s plan for me, and if I ensure 100% pure-giving of Divine Love to all beings, then I am “on track” to experience every possible perfect fulfillment.

Do you see the two rather obvious glitches in this? 1) I’m not at 100% for either count 2) If the fulfillment of Divine Plan is contingent upon everyone’s participation in Divine Plan (see above), then in order to experience 100% perfect Divine Plan, then everyone has to participate at 100%. We’ve got a ways to go.

God knows we are “not there” yet. And it’s ok. Here’s the really bright side: God responds to us with as much perfection as He can, for where we are, and what we give. That means that the more I attune myself to the Divine Plan, follow it as best I can, and share Divine Love with others to the extent that I am able, perfect fulfillment unfolds…perfectly for me (where I’m at, with what I’ve got).

Magnetize, Assimilate, Extend, Expand. (Heart- 1.1.34)

Journey of the Heart – Day 34
©Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

Oh, my beautiful blissful heart! How can I deepen and expand my relationship with you? How can I give your love, your wisdom, your compassion more openly and freely? How can I know you, my heart of love, as myself?

-Play the Guiding Thought here (loops automatically).
Journey of the Heart audio created by Brad Vanlandingham for Susanwithpearls- 


“The language of art is the language of the heart.”

Simply doing this Journey–by taking time everyday to listen to the Guiding Thoughts, which focus on the heart, and drawing/coloring while doing so–answers the questions in the Guiding Thought.

The questions are the answer. Literally.

Today I am finding it incredibly humorous that 10 days ago I was aggravated with these very same questions. I was answering the questions by virtue of asking them, and totally annoyed by it. At least I realized the next day that “you do it by doing it”.

Here’s what I was thinking about today for the drawing:

There are high vibrations of Divine Love “up there”, waaaaaay “up there”, in the figurative clouds at the top of the picture. The vibrations and frequencies “up there” are waiting for us to reach up to them and pull them down.

The brown triangles are “me” (or “you” or “us”).

The tornado/spiral thing is my intention to reach up into the clouds and pull down those higher frequencies. My very intention is enough to pull them in, and once they are caught in the tornado, it conducts them right down into me.

Once “in” me, the vibrations/frequencies become concentrated, and collect in my heart-center.

From there, I am able to throw out the frequencies/vibrations of Pure, Divine Love into all the world.

I reach up, magnetize, assimilate, then extend, expand, and share Divine Love. It’s a rhythmic cycle of equal receiving/sharing. I receive. I share. What I share then returns to become again what I receive.

Everything is energy. Energy is everything. It’s all flowing into me, through me, around me. Love is all there is.


Rare Intentional Symbolism (Heart- 1.1.24)

By Susan Billmaier for Susanwithpearls

Guiding Thought

How can we deepen and expand our relationship with our beautiful, blissful hearts? How can we give our love, our wisdom, our compassion more openly and freely? How can we know our hearts of love, as ourselves?


I found the questions of today’s Guiding Thought quite aggravating. After listening to a few loops, I knew what the picture was going to be.

The square represents the heart, the colors a love vibrations within it. But the colors are boxed in, unable to get out, rigid, stagnant.

That’s how I feel about the questions of today’s Guiding Thought. I know those love vibrations are in there… but I had no access whatsoever to answers about how to deepen it, expand it, share it openly and freely, or know it as myself.


It’s even more frustrating because the colors outside the box represent the constant flow of divine love. It’s always there, waiting for me to open to it.

The same black-line barriers of the square keeping my love-within from flowing out is keeping Divine Love from reaching my consciousness. I’m preventing the flow both ways.

I can see it…but I really could not get answers to how to let it flow…

Journey of the Heart: Commitment and Dedication 1.1.00

Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls


Because I have the desire to achieve a higher state of Love for all humanity…

Because I wish to hear my heart’s intelligence and to be able to act from that intelligence…

Because I want to engage passionately with my work of Divine Service…

Because I want to feel Joy of Heart…

I commit to listening to the Guiding Thoughts for a minimum of 5 minutes each day, while I bring my attention to my heart and draw, write, paint, or color whatever my heart communicates to me.


This Journey of the Heart is dedicated to Jesus and the Holy Mother. His is the Heart of Divine Love for all humanity, Hers is the heart of ceaseless Divine Compassion. I ask that their Divine Wisdom and Love fan the flame of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Compassion within my heart, that I may be a vehicle to bring Divine Wisdom, Love, and Compassion to the world.