“Through the Mire”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 – Day 03

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I am now fully conscious of my own Loving Presence which seeks expression through me. My own Loving Presence Knows my heart and Knows my happiness. It Knows how to fulfill my heart and bring me joy by placing me in right situations, with right people, at right times where I may fully express my purpose. I submit my mind and heart, all my thoughts, words, actions to my own Loving Presence to be lifted to her/his vision and plan for my life.



I’m getting a glimpse of how big my own Loving Presence is. It’s the bridge between finite and infinite, my direct-line to infinite.

When I say, “It Knows…” that really means IT KNOWS. It has all the answers to any possible question. It has every possible scenario for Divine Perfection in my life. IT KNOWS.

And yet, I have to remind myself to submit to this all-knowing, all loving, presence in my life? This presence that wants my life filled with joy and light, freedom and love, peace and harmony? The channel through which all Divine Perfection comes to me?

When I think about it that way…I wonder…what I am thinking. Why have I not just rolled over and said, “OK! I’m yours! Whatever you say!” Or, perhaps more accurately, why is there a process involved in this? Why can I not just surrender immediately, for now and forever? Why do I have to take steps?

Is it easier than I think? Can I just surrender for now, forever?

This is what I think (at the moment…): I am an infinite and eternal being with free will. I have misused my free will (i.e. used it in ways not accordance with Divine Will and Perfection) for millennia, for lifetimes. Each time I have misused (or misuse) my free will, contributing to my own mire, and have created something out of harmony with Divine Will, the patterns of energy which hold-on in my emotional-body from which I have to free myself before I can act freely with Divine Will.

And that’s why it’s a process. I have to get through my mire, and I have to make sure I don’t keep creating mire while I’m getting out of what I’ve already (mis) created.

I am free now. I have always been free, that is my natural (Divine) state. But I can choose not to be–and I have.

Every time I fully accept my freedom and choose from my Divine Oneness, the Being of Love that I AM, all those patterns of mis-creations are undone–immediately, in an instant, for now, forever. But the patterns of mis-creation are deeply ingrained, and if I have not undone them thoroughly, not fully accepted my Divine Being of Love that I AM, those patterns kick in again. Even though I can free myself every moment, if I have not released the patterns, they are still the default.

And that’s why it’s a process. I have to keep releasing the patterns as I keep replacing the patterns with thoughts of my own Loving Presence, Divine Oneness, and the Being-ness of Love.

“Is it Real or is it Memorex?”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 – Day 02

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

My own Loving Presence is my Self. I turn my attention inward and become aware of my own Loving Presence. With my focused awareness, my own Loving Presence fills me, grows brighter, and grows warmer. I claim my Self with these words:

I AM My Own Loving Presence. My loving Presence is the Self of myself. I love my Self!

I want to give my Self everything it desires–and my Self wants the same for me. What do I desire, but total Peace, Freedom, Love, and Harmony? These are the infinite and eternal qualities of my Self! I am now aware of the inner activity of my own Loving Presence and I invite it to express itself through me and externalize in my life as circumstances, people, forms, and events that fulfill my desires.



Didn’t I say yesterday that the name of the game is love? And it starts with self-love? And here we are today affirming our self-love!

It’s amazing how it works; how these Journeys fit together, day-to-day, round to round, Journey to Journey. Let me assure you, I did not consciously plan it this way today. I did not plan to focus on self-love on day 1 so that day 2 would flow naturally from it. I am not that organized.

I think what happens is my subconscious, or My Own Loving Presence (or my I AM presence, or my Christ Consciousness, or the Holy Spirit within me, or whatever “it” is) takes over, and does what I need it to do, as I need it to do it, both to verify Its presence and to fulfill Its perfection in my life.  It makes sense to me that It knows a whole lot better than I do, and the little coincidences I experience are all part of Its plan.

The activity of My Own Loving Presence (or my I AM presence, or my Christ Consciousness, or the Holy Spirit within me, or whatever “it” is) presents itself in a variety of ways, more than just the Journeys flowing together. I’ve been seeing very small things happening–very small–(they are so subtle!) which I think are the combined effects of working with my consciousness and with My Own Loving Presence.

They are things like: I have experienced NO TRAFFIC whatsoever on my way to work for several weeks–and, no matter how late I leave, I still arrive on time. I have quick and calm responses to people, even under stressful circumstances. Things I plan or coordinate come off completely without ANY bumps, miscommunications, or missteps.

Now, I know what you are thinking, because I am thinking it too: This doesn’t mean anything. These things may just all be coincidences, tricks of perception, or I am making something out of nothing.

Yes. This is still the skeptic having her say. But here’s the thing: What if it is the result of a better relationship with my Self? What if my life really is moving along with Divine Perfection? Do I really want to spit in the face of my Self, if so, by not believing it?

I have a choice. I know this could be completely absurd, and my imagination could be getting carried away, after all, they are such small things. But, they could also be the visible effects of my growing relationship, my higher consciousness (higher than a month ago? The cumulation of several Journeys? I’m not sure…). So I choose.

I choose to think finally, I have let go of enough of my doubts, I’ve integrated and assured the Skeptic satisfactorily that she does not resist as much (and she can be placated). I’ve gotten to a point of confidence in my surrender that I can trust more readily. This has all opened me more (and more) to experiencing the activity of my Divine Self.