Leveling Off –Worth (1.3.8)

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Guiding Thought

I am worth the effort it requires to move my mind into Love. I am worth the time of waiting, in patience, for Knowing to arrive. Every moment, every second that I open to simply being willing for Love to enter is a moment offered to Eternity; a moment offered to healing, a moment offered to Unity.

Love simply settles slowly, quietly, gently, beyond sense-perception. So I must wait in patience and take the effort to move my mind to join the quiet stillness of Love. Here I rest. Here is Peace. Here is all I want and need.


I had a bit of a breakthrough today.

Three weeks ago today, I decided to really work at changing my thoughts around a particular situation. I could recognize the thoughts that were perpetuating that situation, and could feel when I would think those thoughts that I would begin a slow descent into territory I did not want to be in–the territory of anger, hoplessness, despair, grief. So I made a commitment to change those thoughts, whenever I recognized them as they came up.

Here are some of the thoughts that were the downward spiral (which I call “distortions”):

  • “I have no respect for you”
  • “You don’t know what you’re doing”
  • “You make bad decisions”
  • “No one likes you”
  • “You’re not worthy of this”
  • “You’re controlling and manipulative”

It’s hard to tell if I was having distorted thoughts about myself, or someone else, isn’t it? That’s one of the points of a really good reason to change thoughts like this. Even if they are directed toward someone else, they are also really about you (or me, in this case).

Here are the thoughts I decided to change these to:

  • “I am willing to look upon the light and be saved”
  • “Grievance is not my will; I will there be light”
  • The prayer to the Holy Spirit, that I mentioned in the Afterword to Journey of Purpose.

Over the past three weeks, as my thoughts have turned downward and I have felt any inkling of the above thoughts, I have quickly recognized them, and thought “I will there be light”, or any or all of the above thoughts to keep my mind in the light.

Stress and duress cause the brain to go into a sort of shell-shock. Under stress, it’s hard to think; it’s hard to remember the choices that I’ve made regarding changing my thoughts. But in this regard, there is a lesson in, those movies where James Bond, or the like, are under torture-stress, and they can keep their head about them. It’s all in the training. In this sense, what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks has been to train my brain to respond to a certain stress in a certain way.

I had a test today. I was confronted head-on with the stimulant to those downward thoughts, and they flared up and up, dragging me down, and down…that is, until my training kicked in, until I realized what I was doing (spiraling downward), and that this was exactly the situation that I had been in training to overcome.

I started changing my thoughts. “I will there be light. I will there be light. I will there be light”. “Grievance is not my will. Grievance is not my will…” “I am my I AM presence and I am One with the I AM presence of all humanity” (I’ve been working with this thought a lot, too, just not specifically regarding this situation).

And I succeeded. I changed my thoughts, and my perception shifted. I can’t say that I could feel a difference; I don’t know what, if anything, I accomplished on the spiritual level. But I know it was a success that in the moment of stress, in the moment of confrontation, I was able to pull myself out of a certain downward spiral, and at least level off.



Love as Chaos: Journey of Creation – Day 22

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Guiding Thought

When we are aware of our own consciousness as Perfect Love, we are aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything. In this state of awareness, we create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence.


Life is more than you can see, even more than you can imagine! Perfect Love is so much more than you can see, so much more than you can imagine!

It is said, “seeing is believing”, and that may be true. However, there is so much that we cannot (or do not) see, which is, which exists, which is waiting for our belief, so that we might see. 

What we see has more to do with what we want to see than with what we call reality.

To paraphrase a line from A Course in Miracles, “You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite“. What you invite is what you think about and what you choose to be aware of.

If you pay attention to media or politics, you may believe the world is in a chaotic, dismal, downward spiral. The reason it may seem this way is because we cannot see through the eyes of Perfect Love (yet).

But if you pay attention to Love and Light, you will see the activity beneath the surface; you will see that Love and Light are increasing all over the planet. Love is the Source of All. It moves in, through, and around everything. 

We are responsible for what we are aware of, as well as what we create. With free will, we can create chaos leading to a downward spiral. But, with free will, we also have a choice.

When we are aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything, we create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence. If we are creating chaos and disharmony, we are (mis)creating–and it is not natural or easy.

If you are struggling in any area of your life, become aware of Love. Let Love join with you to remedy your struggles, to correct your discord.

Understand that any chaos you observe is seeking Love. It is calling out to be One with Love, to become aware of itself as Love.

If you can become aware of Love within yourself; if you can bring more Love into your own life through choosing your own Oneness with It, then the next step is to bring Love into the chaos you perceive–to become aware of Love’s activity within all things–even chaos and disorder.