The Voice for God -Healing (1.4.33)

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Guiding Thought

I rely on my own Loving Presence to lead and guide me toward the meaning of healing. Seeking the meaning of healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions. Though I may encounter disturbances throughout my daily activity, I lay them at the feet of my own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing”? My own Loving Presence directs me as I listen in the stillness.


Healing is not creating; it is reparation. The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have been healed…The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense. His is the Voice that calls you back to where you were before, and will be again. It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. (A Course in Miracles, Chapter 5)

Here is what stands out to me today, both in the Guiding Thought, and in the Course in Miracles quote (which came up for me earlier today, out of the blue):

When a person seeks for healing, the seeking need not be blind, haphazard, arbitrary, or random. There are guides who know and can guide one to healing.

…but, “It takes effort and great willingness to learn”, which may be why healing seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most people a) don’t know where to turn for True help (one’s own Loving Presence and/or the Holy Spirit) and b) don’t want to make the effort. (Let me just note, that I am not conflating “Loving Presence” with “Holy Spirit”; however, I would assert that a person’s Loving Presence is the inner channel–a person’s personal radio-station, let’s say–to tune into the Holy Spirit.)

In other words, we don’t know what we are doing when it comes to healing. We try this, we try that; we listen to this guru, try that affirmation, take these pills, go on that retreat, buy this product, then that product, then the next product…because we don’t know what to do, so we have to try it all until “something works”. And here and there, something does work…we heal a bit, or feel a bit better, or get more energy, or relieve some pain.

This is why healing seems random and arbitrary, and sometimes is temporary. We are looking without a guide who Knows. Sure, some gurus, physicians, healers, can tap into Divine Source and give us really good information (which is then up to us to put into action); sometimes there are people who can help us connect with the Holy Spirit; but we have to find them, and in the meantime, the rest is trial and error. (See this page and this page for things that I find to “work” and that I use regularly to heal body-mind-soul…and to connect with God).

Until we go to the source of healing, the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and turn to God, we are relying on incomplete or inaccurate information; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. God–the Holy Spirit–always works. We just have to make the effort.

With this, I now have an even better understanding for why we begin each round of this Journey with really hammering home that healing needs to be approached “forgetting” everything we think we know, with empty hands, and as a blank slate.

We have to drop everything so that there is only the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

Gratitude for- Healing (1.4.2)

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Guiding Thought

I go deep within my inner stillness, and feel Divine Mind’s presence within me. I hold out my empty hands, symbolic of leaving preconceptions behind, symbolic of seeking True answers, and I ask, “What is the essence of healing?” These words resonate within me, as though in a vast cavern.  The word essence reverberates with these thoughts, “For what do I care most deeply?”; “What is my own essence?”; “What is my Truth?”; “Where is my deepest hurt, my pain, my sorrow, that all may be healed?”


May I begin by saying that I am so very grateful to be doing this Journey of Healing at this time. It feels so right.

First, in not defining what I want to heal, or what I want to focus on, I’ve opened myself to allow (it seems) miscellaneous stuff that needs to be released. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about my childhood, and it seems I am working through some alone-ness, some “ignored”, and some “not-heard” issues.

Second, I’ve given myself permission to make healing the #1 priority in my life. Nothing else is important to do. What is most important is to do my healing practices, which include but are not limited to, this Journey. This is not to say I am not doing other things–I am still working, doing my household chores, taking care of my family, but the perspective is that of first making the healing practices a priority.  I feel almost like I have established (or at am working at establishing) the energy of a “retreat” within my daily schedule. If you’ve been on a retreat, call to mind how it felt to have the time and space every day to breathe into your Self. That’s it.

Third, just a note about the healing practices I mentioned above: I have committed to doing earth, air, water, fire, and mind every day for this Journey. These are my standard practices, but I do not always do all of them every day. So for this Journey, the schedule is: First thing in the morning bathe and breathe (water, air). Then a fire ceremony before 10 am (fire). Some time later, exercise for at least 30 minutes (earth). And at some point during the day, do the Journey, and mantra/japa (mind). This is how I have created a retreat-like atmosphere for myself–it does not matter what else I do, as long as these things get done.

Finally, for many years, I have understood that when I am working with spiritual energies, and spiritual practices, there are often things that I “learn” that are not conscious, and not a product of what I think I am intending. I’ve learned that much of the time, I need to simply listen to the energy or the practice; it has more to teach me without words and in silence, if only I pay attention. This is especially true of fire. I have learned to silently say to It (whatever the practice at hand is), “Tell me of You”. Then I listen with my body, so to speak. I feel the movement within, the energy, the flow. This is not always something that I even have to focus on, or be intense about. Just asking asking for It to “tell me”, is enough for It to teach me at very subtle levels. Especially with yesterday’s and today’s Guiding Thoughts, I am feeling this especially.

Love to you. Happy Healing. Be well. I am glad you are here.

Physical Alchemy, Becoming Light: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 37

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Guiding Thought

I allow my physical body to experience itself fully as Light and Love. My physical body embodies Light; I am an expanded body of Light and Sound. I move as Light, perceive as Light, behave as Light—I am everywhere—permeating, expanding, unifying, and healing. All things are possible.


More and more, I am coming to this understanding: In order for the physical body to experience itself as Light and Love, it must be given the physical support it needs to do so.

…At least until the mind is developed enough to transmute energy of all sorts–even the grossest material energy–into Light and Love.

I say, “more and more”, but really this is a slow lesson I’ve been learning over the past 23 years.

In 1994, I was introduced to the Vedic principles of using the elements to clean the body, its systems, and its energy. It’s very simple: Earth-air-water-fire (for more information see here.)

These, in their unique ways, cleanse both the visible (material) energy  of the body, and the invisible energy (what we may call “spiritual”, but may also just be subtle energies that we can’t [yet] perceive).

For 23 years, I have been working with earth-air-water-fire, in different proportions to clean and balance my material body and my energy body.

I am at a point where I can feel when I don’t take my bath and breathe–the energy difference is palpable both literally in my body, and in what may be called my aura. During the past 23 years, I have had a higher proportion of water and air, and a lower proportion of earth, and an even lower (near-non-existent) proportion of fire.

Now, when I don’t take a bath and breathe, I feel heavier. Literally and figuratively. I feel the change that much in my body.

Recently, however, I have been working with a higher proportion of fire and earth–not diminishing my water and air.

Earth, as I have recently been practicing it is: giving the body what it needs to function as a biological organism. Nutrients. Excercise. Sleep. Relaxation (i.e. not stress).

I feel the potential of my body being literally Light. My body feels good. It feels like it wants to run and jump and play. I feel lighter…and I believe that word is apropos. I feel Lighter.

More than this: my emotions are lighter/Lighter; my emotions are more loving and patient.

I feel quite literally that my body can achieve greater and greater states of light/Light, and as it does, it pulls my emotions up with it.

You can achieve it too, I believe. This is what we are here for–to figure out and to achieve!–our Light-Love being-ness in our bodies.

So I keep practicing, getting better, getting Lighter, lifting myself, lighting what paths I can. Try it; try eating better, getting proper nutrition, exercising, taking a bath every day for an hour, sitting with a fire every day for an hour. Clear your mind; tune in to Love; Learn that you are Light…Let’s ascend together, shall we?


Being…In a Nutshell: Journey of Gratitude – Day 21

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Welcome to Round 3! Only 20 days to go!

See an explanation for how the Guiding Thoughts change for this round here.

Guiding Thought

We remember our Self and recognize the Love within, the Love we Are. We see this Love as all we are and all there is, the reality of you, the reality of we, and the reality that is the Life of All. We honor this Love and this Life, and offer our gratitude for Its Being. What Joy there is in Being!


I feel really good today. Let me re-phrase that: my body feels really good today. After 2 ½ hours in the bathtub, I woke up a little groggy, but by the time I got to work, 2 hours later, my body felt really good, a combination of alert and relaxed, open and focused; it was easy to keep my mind on thoughts of “pure” and “infinite” as I was having a work-conversation. My emotions also feel very calm and strong. I feel steady, stable. My mind is clear, but it also feels detached—I’m not quite sure what to make of it. My inclination is to encourage it to detach, to encourage it to become less thought-full!

This is reminding me how amazing it can feel to be in a body! This is earth. More specifically, this is the effect of “doing earth” as a spiritual practice. Earth practice has to do with the physical body: eating or not eating, exercise, dance, percussion/rhythms, body-work, etc. Earth has been the practice I have most neglected recently. I haven’t been fasting, my exercise is sporadic. I have definitely been feeling the effects of not doing things (beyond my normal healthy diet) that directly affect my body in positive ways.

Over this past weekend, I jumped on the NutriBullet band wagon. I have done a lot of fasting, juicing, and smoothies over the past 25 years. But, as I mentioned above, I have been neglecting this aspect of my health-healing-aliveness lately.  Today I am thankful for my inner wisdom that leads me where I need to be, despite my ignorance and neglect! I have been doing a “Nutriblast” (what they call the smoothie) every morning this week, and sometimes one in the evening. I really think that is why I am feeling this way today…this relaxed energy, this aliveness.

I’ve had several new realizations with my spiritual practices lately. First, when I don’t do them I feel it more quickly, more immediately. I bathe and breathe every morning. Ok, not quite. I missed this past Sunday…and I felt it. Similar to the comparing/contrasting I wrote about a few days ago, but different than the “circle of love”: this is tangible—absolutely something experienced in the body, like how you might feel before a massage, and how you feel after. The comparison when you start doing any of the elements can be that stark.

Second, I begin to understand the nuances of the effects of each of the elements. The earth stuff is SO recognizable in my body. How have I neglected this so long? It does something different than bathing; it does something different than sitting with fire or breathing. Each of the elements has a “personality” so to say, they work with me on different levels, different layers, different aspects of all of me, some of which I am not even aware of until I have been doing a practice for a while.

Finally, I am feeling/seeing how the elements work together to make everything so much easier. For example, I do water and air everyday (just about); I do mind every day (these Journeys, mantra). I do fire with candles when I bathe, and then sit with an actual fire once a week. When I added earth to these practices, everything shifted; everything became lighter, clearer. If I were to do more fire it would have a similar effect; if I bathe twice a day I feel the effects more. All the practices support each other, contribute to the overall healing.

What does all of this have to do with today’s Guiding Thought?

Some days, I have to really dig through mire to get to a place where I can feel the truth of the Guiding Thought. Today I was just there. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced recently. It was like a combination of mind-no mind-beyond mind all at the same time. The Guiding Thought was just a given, as though I was reading it, thinking, “Yeah, of course!” If I were going to define it and put it in a box (which I am not going to do, but if I were…) I would call this the Joy of Being!