From Becoming to Being and Being Back While still Becoming. -Healing (1.4.14)

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Guiding Thought

To heal and be healed is to be aware, to understand, and to Know Wholeness.  Thus, seek Wholeness, Unity, Oneness within your own mind and heart, and in all your actions and affairs. Focus on uniting the fragments within yourself, so that you see only Oneness, which is the Truth of your Self. As you Know yourself as the Oneness you are, this Truth reflects in the world around you, confirming what you Know through your experience and life activity.


There are three distinct parts to this Guiding Thought. 1) What “healing is” 2) Uniting fragments 3) the Truth reflected in the world.

Number one affirms the journey, the “becoming”, by using the words “to heal” and “healing–indicating that we are in this process. And it also affirms the destination (“being”), by intimating that the answers already exist in your own mind and heart.

And I might add… being (which can only exist here and now), as the destination, means you’ve already arrived. You know this: You already are what you seek. Seeking becomes the being seeking Itself while being.

Wait, what?

Let that stew a minute or two.

This brings us to number two, and why we do not realize that we already are what we seek. And that is because we do not see ourselves as Unified and Whole (healed); instead we distinguish “parts” of ourselves and separate those parts into “this” and “that” or “not this” or “not that”. It’s like looking at one puzzle piece one moment, identifying as that piece (“oh, I am RED; that’s what I AM” or “I am  BLUE, that is my identity; how could I have thought I was red?”), without understanding that there are all one picture, with various colors–all the time.

How, then, does one go about uniting the fragments?

Here are some ideas to answer this:

  1. Some people simply “wake up”. I think Eckhart Tolle is a good example of this: When Eckhart Tolle was 29, he says, he underwent a cataclysmic and terrifying spiritual experience that erased his former identity. One evening, he was a near-suicidal graduate student, living in a Belsize Park bedsit; by the following morning, he’d been flooded with a sense of “uninterrupted deep peace and bliss” that has never left him since. That morning, he writes, “I walked around the city in utter amazement at the miracle of life on earth, as if I had just been born.”
  2. Some people are born into it, for example Anandamayi Ma: “My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth ‘I was the same’. As a little girl ‘I was the same’. Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me, in the hall of eternity ‘I shall be the same’.”
  3. Some people work at it. Lao Tzu comes to mind; he taught that living and practicing certain teachings can open you to higher wisdom and greater happiness, as they realign you to the source and enable you to access all the powers that source energy has to offer. (Emphasis mine, “realign” is another way of saying “unite”.) His teachings can be found in the Tao Te Ching.

In my humble opinion, working at it is the most practical approach (Journey, anyone!?). There are lots of ways, and lots of people to learn from, spiritual leaders and guides abound (check credentials, look for quality, follow your heart and higher Self).

Finally, there is number three: receiving affirmation of your Truth, and of unifying your fragments through your experiences in the world. This is a very rewarding place to be. From personal experience, I can confirm that life gets lighter, more joyous, with more confidence in being in the right place at the right time–not worrying so much about what will or should be.

Peace. Peace. Peace. May we all Know Peace in Unity.