Tracing back to stay committed: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 04

An overarching lesson for today is: do what it takes to stay committed. What motivates you? What inspires you? What calls to you deeply? Remember there is a higher purpose at hand!  Remember! Remember! Remember. Anchor yourself in what is certain and unshakable within you. Let that anchor keep you steady, return to it as needed. Be your own rock.


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Guiding Thought

I am safe in Divine Love’s assurance. I have the courage to face the ignorance and illusions within me and root them out. I allow the Light of Love to enter my mind and heart. Divine Love shines within me destroying anything false, transforming me from within.


I want the Peace of God that passeth understanding. I said this, right? In the “Why a Journey of Courage”, right? Yes.

It’s only day four, and I had to focus, and remind myself why I’m here, now. And, that’s good. As soon as I did so, I felt that shift inside, from wondering “what is this all about” to “I understand the larger purpose”.

At first, reading the Guiding Thought, there was no frame of reference, no context. It made no sense; the words were empty– body-less spirits floating in a void.

When you’re lost in the woods, what do you do? You trace your steps back until you reach the last place you remember, where you knew where you were. Then you’re not lost. I traced my steps back to “Why a Journey of Courage”, and found my way.

As soon as I read the Guiding Thought in the context of the Peace of God that passeth understanding, it all made sense.

First, Divine Love gives assurance. It’s like, Divine Love knows that we are climbing, and the way can be steep and rocky, and we might struggle or lose our footing, or need to stop to catch our breath. Divine Love understands this: we aren’t perfect, and we’re doing the best we can, one foothold at a time. And it’s okay. It feels like Divine Love soothes my doubts with gentleness and patience.

That assurance, gentleness, and patience then become strength, which allows me to face and root out the ignorance and illusions within me. Divine Love’s assurance comes first, but then it’s up to me. I have to do what’s necessary within myself to recognize the things that I need to change (and change them!). 

Ernest Holmes said, “Evil will disappear when we no longer indulge in it”. This is how I feel about all the little seemingly small or benign aspects of my personality that are less than an expression of Pure Divine Love. As long as I have an iota of pettiness, immaturity, frustration, hostility, impatience, worry, doubt, blame, or judgement within me, it exists. If I want to live in a world of Harmony, Peace, Love, and Abundance, I must eliminate (not indulge) anything that is not Harmony, Peace, Love, or Abundance.

Once I begin the work of rooting out those things that prevent the fullness of Divine Love, then I have created the emotional/psychological space for Love. Not only that, but when I eliminate those things that are not like Love, somehow, I feel better about myself, I feel more worthy of Love, and I can allow the Light of Love to enter my mind and heart

After I open to Love, Love responds, and shines within me destroying anything false, transforming me from within. I work to transform myself, Love gives back tenfold (hundredfold, thousand-fold!). 

Now think about going through this process over and over and over…until there is ONLY Divine Love, and Its unshakable Peace…until all the ignorance and illusion within is transformed, and Love is all that remains… At that point, any ignorance and illusion anywhere become transparent, flimsy, or vapid, evaporating easily in the radiance of the Divine Love that shines within you, so that anything, anything inside or outside of you is burned up in its presence, before it can even reach you.

I’ll go through this process as many times as it takes to reach that state of unshakable Peace, the assurance of Divine Love, that power of transforming falseness.