Journey of Beauty–Day 22



What is inner Beauty? How do I recognize it in others? How do I recognize it in myself? How does one cultivate inner beauty, especially when there are questions about what it is and how to recognize it?


What is inner Beauty?

Inner Beauty is Knowing, seeing the Truth of Oneness–being not just connected with “others”, because even connection implies different things being connected–but Knowing that this consciousness, perceiving, is knowing and feeling with-as every other consciousness on the planet.

How do I recognize it in others?

This question becomes irrelevant when you Know and see the Truth of Oneness. Recognition implies that there is something other which must be recognized. There is no other. It’s all I-AM. How would I not recognize “it” in myself?

How do I recognize it in myself.

I think this question was answered above.

So I am going to answer this question from a relative standpoint, from the material standpoint, from that standpoint which does not yet Know and see the Truth of Oneness. Thus:

How do I recognize it in myself? In other words: “How do I, as an individual consciousness, come to recognize the Knowing and seeing the Truth of Oneness, even as I maintain my identity as an individual consciousness?”

First, I hope your rational-brain has recognized that even the paraphrased question answers itself: individual consciousness and Knowing and seeing the Truth of Oneness are mutually exclusive.

Second, do you now also see that this is the answer to the skeptic, who made an appearance at the end of day 20? and

Third: since the answer is “you can’t” to the paraphrased question above, the real question is, “how do I train my individual consciousness into Knowing and seeing the Truth of Oneness?” That answer is: Keep expanding your consciousness intending to Know and see the Truth of Oneness. (and my plug: keep doing these Consciousness Journeys!)

How does one cultivate inner beauty, especially when there are questions about what it is and how to recognize it?

The individual consciousness is what limits people from Knowing and seeing the Truth of Oneness. Oneness must be pushed through the mold of individual consciousness, thus Oneness “becomes” the shape of that mold. If you would Know and see the Truth of Oneness, expand your mold to encompass the Truth of Oneness.

Breathe, Smile, Live, Have Courage: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 40

Welcome to the final day of the Journey! How did you do? I never quite know how I did until I reflect over the break (the 10 days between Journeys). Generally speaking, at the end of the Journey, I don’t think I did “that much” or did “that well”. It takes synthesizing all of the themes throughout the 40 days through hindsight and distance for me to see how much I accomplished. I will publish that some time in the next 10 days, so you can see the value of broader reflection. Then, on April 18, we begin Journey of Beauty! Between now and then, begin thinking about what beauty means to you, how you create beauty in your life, how you appreciate beauty, and how you might add beauty to your life.  Until then, breathe, smile, live, and enjoy!


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Guiding Thought

I am aware, I allow, and I accept What Is. I go within to my silent Self which Knows and follow my Inner Wisdom to Truth. I practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action. I Am! I Am my Self! I Am my Self of Love!


What Is is so much bigger than I am. Sometimes I get lost in a detail of life, a hardship, or a struggle and for those moments, that experience is all I know of What Is. During those moments, I ask “why?” and “what is the purpose?” and “what is the meaning?”, but I rarely ever find answers in the minutia of life, especially in the struggles and hardships.

In order to find any peace in questions of why and what, I have to re-frame What Is, and step outside the details of my life, like taking off in an airplane and slowly watching the details of the airport, town, and cars give way to fields, neighborhoods, and parking lots, then finally to swaths of shades of greens or browns or blues. Nothing is as it appears. There is always another viewpoint, perspective, or level.

I will never know everything. I will never be able to strategize , predict, or guess what the most perfect action is for me to take. I will never know why something is put before me just to be taken away, or why some days are more buoyant than others, or why I have not changed some situations that feel toxic.

Am I playing out my own karma, or someone else’s? Am I helping or am I hurting? What can I do to feel consistently buoyant, joyful, and authentically at Peace? What am I learning? What is this teaching me? How do I feel? Can I change this? How do I change it? Could I have made different choices? Can I make new choices now?

I think that “becoming more spiritual”, or expanding consciousness, or having a deeper, more personal relationship with the Divine does make life “easier” in some ways. Life is lighter. There is more peace, calm, and harmony–and it’s easier to bring these qualities to other people and situations. Things seem to flow with a natural rhythm and more often than not, everything feels “in its place”–all is right in my world.

But on the other hand, increased spiritual awareness, expanded consciousness, or deeper relationship with the Divine brings up greater and greater awareness and responsibility. So, even though life is “easier” I must continue to make choices on more levels to maintain that ease, and live with impeccability to greater and greater degree. What was acceptable 10 years ago is no longer acceptable. I have evolved with greater love and light, and I now expect myself and my life to show that increase. I must behave impeccably, maintain the right frame of mind impeccably (to the greatest extent that I can). I am now even curbing my driving aggravation: it is no longer acceptable.

My quality standard as a spiritual being is higher for myself. My desire to be committed, devoted, consistent, reliable, is greater. My insistence on communicating with peace and love is greater. Even though life is “easier”, there is a higher expectation now, too.

Today, I believe that courage means trusting my Self, and moving ever forward in consciousness, in Love, in Light, to fulfill a higher purpose that I cannot see. Courage means trusting that what comes to me daily is both exactly what I require to advance my thoughts into more Love and Light, and leading me to what is next. Courage means taking What Is and dedicating it to the Divine, for the benefit of all Life–especially when there is confusion, doubt, or questions. Courage is loving myself, and loving my Self, and being evermore willing and able to life my light.