“Kick Debbie To The Curb”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 – Day 14

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Your Inner Divine Mind is always expressing itself in all ways through your own Loving Presence. This is its True Nature, thus this is your True Nature. Turn to your Inner Divine Mind as the Source of your happiness, your purpose, and your fulfillment. Allow it to flow through your own Loving Presence and appear as all your activity, as every visible form and experience you desire.



There are two things I know right now: 1) I can’t fake this stuff 2) even when I hit a block, I feel better for doing the Journey.

You guessed it: it took two weeks, but I’ve hit a block. It’s a mixture of things I’ve expressed previously, in other Journeys: feeling impatient with “where I’m at”, wondering about what I am doing, and thinking that how my life is currently, simply put, cannot be what and where I am supposed to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe my own Debbie Downer, but dang, is she ever loud today–and it’s taking a lot of effort to keep her at bay!

These are the times when doing the Journey helps me feel better; the Guiding Thought brings some countering effect to Debbie Downer’s negative influence. It does take effort to focus on the Guiding Thought, to allow these positive thoughts to filter into my brain, to seep into my body and into my feeling nature. The focus takes effort, the concentration takes effort; I feel like I am skimming the surface, and I sure don’t feel like I have it in me to give it to 7.125 billion people. No…today, I am letting a wise person give me this thought as I go through the visualization.

It’s not copping out, though I feel like I should be able to do better. But then I wouldn’t be following what I encourage for you: Do what you can, every drop matters; just do what you can. So, I’ve done the minimum today: 5 minutes reading the guiding thought, a few minutes writing.

Even with that I felt the smallest shift, the tiniest breakthrough, the most subtle disavowal and rejection of the hold Debbie Downer has. Somehow, I feel like it’s enough, even if I don’t think it is.  

Working Toward My Heart’s Ph.D.: Journey of Courage – Day 38

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I allow myself to connect with my pure Inner Divine Heart of Oneness. I am aware of the expression of the Divine Heart through me, as me. I connect with my heart, and am aware of embodying its pure Love intention for All.  I am filled with Joy as I embrace my heart’s Love.


Heart Love is so healing! The heart unifies; it’s through the heart that I am able to balance the thoughts in my mind, thoughts which tend to dissect things in order to figure them out and put them back together. If I connect with my heart, when I do this “figuring out” and “putting back together”, my overall understanding is more complete, more whole.

Although I know this and practice heart-love, I have to admit, it’s one of the harder things I am learning. I like my mind and my intellect. I rely on my mind for so much and I’ve spent a lot of time developing it.

Connecting with my heart is not difficult per se; it’s just that my heart-development is so far behind my intellect—my heart is like an elementary student, while my mind has a Ph.D.

Actually…that is a good comparison. My mind does actually have a Ph.D. and I know what it took to get it there. There was study and research, focus, intense concentration, and there was a lot of work with single-pointed aim and intention.

Now it’s time to get a Ph.D. for my heart, using these same skills. Perhaps it is not such a coincidence the next Journey is a Journey of the Heart.

But what does the heart have to do with courage? Why has this seemingly random Guiding Thought about the heart shown up on the 8th day of each round?

I have a glimpse of an answer:

The heart unifies. Unity is wholeness and completeness. Thus, the heart is the vehicle through which we are able to connect with Oneness. In Oneness, there is: equality, compassion, love, and understanding. In fact, many times here, I have equated Oneness with Love. Love is All and All There Is. Thus, the heart is how we also connect with the Oneness of Love, with All That IS. Living as Love, with Love, has been one of the major themes of Journey of Courage: encouraging living as Love. Thus! Courage!

Of course, in those sentences, I hear my intellect, not my heart. A whole answer will require a heart-connection, which will require the study of and concentration on the heart!