Why a Journey of Freedom 2017

Hello my beautifuls! I feel so very good to be beginning another Journey! And a Journey of Freedom at that! Whooo hoo!

Today begin to think about why a Journey of Freedom may be important. Today is not a day for answers; it’s a day for looking at what might be sought after, what might be achieved, and why those things might be important. This is the setting up the intention day.

It is important to begin each Journey with an intention.

Without an intention, there is no focus. This is a basic concept in goal-setting. When the intention is set at the start, it becomes the measure, the standard, for every interaction: Does this interaction live up to my standard? Does this interaction help or hinder my goal?

The first Journey of Freedom that I did back in 2015, my intentions were very detailed and intricate. I admit, I think that I was “right on” in writing that intention, and it serves as a good example of “how to”, if you are new here. (There were two articles here and here, but I warn you: it’s good stuff, but long with just a wee bit of Western philosophy.)

This Journey, I am practicing K.I.S.S.S.= Keep it simple, silly Susan. In case you haven’t heard, there is a lot a going on during the month of August (at least that is what the astrologers say, with a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse…and something about Saturn, and something about Uranus, and something about planets at 28 degrees… I don’t know really, but I know it’s supposed to be a bit of a swirling kind of energy month). I feel that it is prudent to simplify and focus only on what will be reasonable expectations for myself.


My intention for this Journey of Freedom is to free myself of attachments to judgment, and judgments themselves. Let’s approach the swirling month of August with neutral eyes.

Here is the impetus whereby I arrived at this intention, from A Course in Miracles (this is a bit philosophical, if you’d like to skip down a bit, I give more of a personal reason for my approach a bit further down…):

God did create the Soul in His own Thought and of a quality like to His own. There is nothing else. Perception, on the other hand, is impossible without a belief in “more” and “less.” Perception at every level involves selectivity and is incapable of organization without it. In all types of perception, there is a continual process of accepting and rejecting or organizing and reorganizing, of shifting and changing focus. Evaluation is an essential part of perception because judgments must be made for selection.

What happens to perceptions if there are no judgments and there is nothing but perfect equality? Perception becomes impossible. Truth can only be known. All of it is equally true, and knowing any part of it is to know all of it. Only perception involves partial awareness. Knowledge transcends all the laws which govern perception because partial knowledge is impossible. It is all one and has no separate parts. You who are really one with it need but know yourself, and your knowledge is complete. To know God’s miracle is to know Him.

Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation (full text here).

When human beings perceive, there is an automatic judgment that takes place: this is not that; red is not blue-orange-green-purple-whatever; that skin is darker or lighter than this skin. Whenever a judgment based on a perception is made, it automatically sets up a dynamic of accepting some things, and rejecting others. This is how the brain categorizes and sorts. There is nothing inherently wrong with it, it is part of being human. (There are however ethical implications, when people use such judgments to decide something is better (like light skin) or worse (like darker skin), and create systems and institutions that enforce the “better-worse” belief, to a disadvantage certain people.)

However, as evolving humans, we can get beyond judgments, beyond the perception of either/or, beyond the human inclination to separate ourselves from every other person, place, and thing, by calling it “other” or “not me”.

This is learning a new belief system–one that encompasses the Allness of Life, the Oneness of All, the Beingness of Love, “Knowledge transcends all the laws which govern perception because partial knowledge is impossible. It is all one and has no separate parts.”

So, you see: Journey of Freedom, seeking to be free of judgments, is both about releasing perceptions which prevent me from experiencing/knowing/being Oneness-Love-God-Knowledge, and of accepting a state of mind, that is inclusive, equal, and at One with All.

Now, here’s the more personal reason: I mentioned that August is gearing up to be a bit of an energy-swirling kind of month…I want to be in a mind-frame of non-judgment as I experience that. If the energy is such that many people will be caught up in a riptide of energy, or a whirlpool, or waves crashing around them, I want to experience it from my buoy floating in the water: I may feel surges, but I am safe on my buoy.

I really don’t know what to expect; I can see several areas in my life where there is the potential for chaos and drama to erupt, if the cast of characters is caught up in their own drama/riptide/whirlpool. I can see the potential for situations to appear to be “bad” or full of strife…

And so, release judgments! I release all judgments associated with any perception I have during this journey. All things are equal, there is nothing “good” or “bad”. I accept all things as images on the screen of life, coming and going, playing their part. 

I think this will help. I really do. Join me with this intention, or write your own. Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride.



What’s it Worth to You? Journey of Creation – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

What do you value? How much do you value it? When you clarify these questions, you establish the value of your goal. Then, consciously bring this value to all your thoughts and actions, measuring your behavior against the criteria set by your values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as you clarify your intentions.


Today we approach goals  in reverse.

Most often, when people set goals, the first thought is, “what do I want”, or “what do I want to achieve?” When the goal is set, the next step is to set up the tasks and timeline necessary to accomplish the goal. Rarely, if ever, do people consider the value of the goal, or if it’s worth achieving, really worth achieving. This is where some thoughtfulness on what is worthy would be useful; what are you worth?

Instead of goal setting first, today you are asked to evaluate your own values (“e-value-ate”–I just got that). This assessment brings to light the value of your goals.

Maybe this is why some people would not like to first evaluate their goals. Upon evaluation, the absence of real value might be revealed. Why question the value of wanting that new job/car/kitchen, when it’s so much easier just to want it?

What is really cool about this process is that the values take the place of trying to figure out what the tasks and timeline are, in the conventional goal-setting process. Instead of thinking and planning what to do, just think about which actions will reflect your values.

Your values lead you to right action.

Then, before you know it, the means for accomplishment reveal themselves.

I know this sounds really backward, and you might be thinking “how can this work?” This is the spiritual approach, which (of course) is reverse from what the material approach would be. It takes some mental adjustment, but it works.

Journey of Creation–Why Journey of Creation

Here we go again! Are you ready? 40 days of committed seeking, asking, and finding! Let’s go.

Today we begin Journey of Creation. Take this time to think and feel about what the word creation means to you, and why you might like to learn more about creation in your own life. Think about what you think it is, as well as what you think it is not. Think about times in your life when you have created something (or someone, for those of you who have biological children). Creation may apply to situations, relationships, or interactions, not just things. What do you have in your life right now that you have created for yourself? What other thoughts come to mind? Let me know, I am interested in hearing your perspective. Do this exercise yourself, before you read my thoughts on the matter!

Why a Journey of Creation

There are two big reasons I am doing Journey of Creation, and several little reasons.

The first big reason is this: I want to get better at intentional creation. I want to be aware of what it takes to think about something, move toward it, and see actual results of receiving it in my life. I want to understand my role in the creation process. I want to become more confident in knowing how my thoughts/actions produce results.

I have done this. I am a pretty good creator, actually. I want to get better. Here are three examples of “things” I have intentionally created for myself:

  1. In 1985-86 I spent a year as an exchange student in Denmark. Before I left, I did everything I could for a 17 year old in rural Ohio (pre-computer age) to learn about the culture, the people, and the language. I was determined to immerse myself fully in the culture. My goal, which I was very conscious of, was: “I want to be Danish; I want to be indistinguishable from a native Dane”. After about 8 months I would find myself in conversation (in Danish) with someone, and in the course of the discussion, they would figure out I was not from Denmark and would say, “Wait, what? You’re not Danish”? Goal accomplished.
  2. In 1991 I spent the summer working for the USDA Forest Service, building trails in the Sierra National Forest. At the end of the season, after more hiking than I had ever done in my life, I twisted my knee and could barely walk. I was very thankful this happened at the end of the season. I was determined to heal my knee over the winter, so that I could go back to work the next summer. I spent almost every day of the winter-season giving my knee Reiki, and thinking about the hikes I would take, and riding my mountain bike. I went back and hiked and rode my ass off…in addition to working! Best summer ever.
  3. In 2003 I went back to school for a PhD. Why? Because I wanted a PhD., simple as that. I jumped through the mandatory hoops, got myself past my qualifying exams, chose a dissertation topic, and started writing a 250 page manuscript on Ernst Cassirer’s thought. As I was going through my studies and my writing, I would think, “how am I going to do this”? “Who am I to get a PhD”? About 15 years earlier, I had read Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn. I remembered her saying in her introduction that she was “told” (guided) to visualize the cover of her book, and then visualize flipping through the pages. So I did that. I also remember thinking, “if this really happens, it’s all You” (to God), and totally giving it up as I was doing it.  I visualized my dissertation completed; I visualized the letter P.H.D after my name; I visualized everyone loving my work. Now here I am, Susan Billmaier, Ph.D. Whoda thunk?

Here are some questions I ask myself regarding these “creations” (and these questions are some of the little reasons I am doing Journey of Creation):

  1. What’s the difference between creation and goal setting?
  2. What’s the difference between creation and attractiing or magnetizing?
  3. Was I responsible for these (above) “creations”? How do I know?
  4. Would they have happened anyway, whether I wanted/intended them or not? (I think, probably not…)

The second big reason I am doing Journey of Creation is this:

More than anything, I want to live in union with God (Christ consciousness, my I AM Self, the Holy Spirit…whatever you call “it”). More than anything.

I’ve been working on it a long, long time.

Living in union with God means dissolving and/or transforming the “little me”, the ego, the part of me that stubbornly wants to insist that I can do it without anyone else (or God), and turning over command to my Holy/Christ Self to orchestrate my life.

I believe that when I stand aside and turn over command of my life to my Christ Self, that is when real, True creation happens. That’s what I want: real, True creation. I want that which comes forth from the heart of God to Love and Serve all Life, with the highest benefit to all, to come through me, with me, as me.

In this scenario, creation would be more accurately termed co-creation, in which I and God are working together, and that I would be in a position to be fully aware of working in union with my Christ Self. This then refers back to big reason #1: I want to be aware, to understand, and to know what it takes to co-create with God.

It might be fun to change water to wine on occasion too.

And that brings up another question:

  1. If I turn over command to my Christ Self, how do set goals? Do set goals? How does this work, exactly…being myself and not orchestrating my own life? I mean, Jesus knew what he was doing when he changed water to wine. He intended; he chose; he accomplished. What does he know, what did he do, that I can learn? (Remember, Jesus said, “All this, and more than this shall you also do”. So, it’s not an impossible idea to think that I can learn what Jesus knew.)

I will start digging in to all this the day after tomorrow! Are you curious?