Extend Your Self! -Abundance (1.5.11)

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Welcome to Round 2!

Here we go! If you are new to the Journeys, please see this page, under the heading “Four Rounds”, for how things change slightly in this round.

Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through you. Your awareness of your personal identity as this Source provides you with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


Everything is Love, because Love is the Source of everything.

Love is all good (could you disagree?)

Love wants to be. It wants to overflow and extend Itself. Everything It is contains all of Its qualities: beauty, harmony, peace, joy.

I exist. Love is my Source. And Love is my substance. Love not only created me (Source), it is me.

I contain the qualities of Love: beauty, harmony, peace, joy.


If I am not aware of Love as my Source, I cannot know myself as Love; I cannot know my own qualities as the qualities of Love.


When I do know myself as love


When I allow It to overflow and extend Itself through me, as me, I fulfill Love’s Purpose (overflowing and extending Itself).

When I fulfill Love’s Purpose, I am fulfilling my purpose, because Love is my Source and my Substance.

and I am filled full with infinite Love, the Truest prosperity.