In Other Words : Journey of Freedom – Day 21

Welcome to Round Three!

We went through round one of this Journey (days 1-10), focusing on ourselves as the experiencing subjects of the Journey. That only makes sense after all, I’m doing this Journey so that I can experience greater Freedom.

For the second round (days 11-20), the Guiding Thoughts were focused on a “you”, but the “you” was non-specific. You could have been directing the Guiding Thoughts to another person, or you could have imagined someone directing those words to you. Furthermore, the “you” could have been singular or plural, depending on your imagination.

Now we begin round three (days 21-30). This round intentionally joins us, with “we-our-us”. I am not just I; you are not just you. As we, any Freedom that is mine is also yours; I want freedom as much for you as for myself. We are in this together, and as we, we are equal.  Let that which flows through us all unite us and lift us!


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Guiding Thought

Love is our natural state; In Love we remember who we truly are; we remember our holiness, our innocence, and our infinity.  Love enlightens our minds and lifts our hearts. We feel buoyant and expansive! We are now aware of our Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free.


Yesterday’s Guiding Thought and contemplation really shifted something in me. I know the words I used yesterday to describe what I was feeling got a bit confusing with all of those “beings.” Since I did the Journey yesterday, I have been remembering the feelings, the images I wrote about. Here are some other words to describe it…this is important, because yesterday’s Journey has influenced today’s.

Infinite Being, being you:  Think of all that exists, all that has ever existed, and all that will ever exist. Think about all that energy, that creation, all that pure existence. All of that is accessible to you, because right at this moment it is expressing itself as you. You are expressing infinite being. You are not just part of it, you are it, and it is you. You are surrounded and filled with Infinite Being. There is no part of you that is apart from this reality. Your body moves with it, through it, as it. Everything you experience is Infinite Being. You are experiencing Infinite Being at the same time Infinite Being experiences through you.

Love is our natural state: The Source of All is Love. The source of existence is Love. Love can only create Love. Love has only ever created Love. Love is our natural state; Love is the Pure existence of Infinite Being. You are the pure existence of Love. When this becomes even a glimmer within consciousness, we begin to remember who we truly are.

This is important. I know, I know, the above words really don’t mean anything, if you don’t experience them. In fact, if I hadn’t had my glimpse yesterday (which lasted through the day, and into this morning), I am sure my skeptic would be coming out with, “WHAT? How!?” doubting and railing against all of it, but the experience silenced the skeptic.

The experience is what we are after; the words are a guide, a reminder, a prod; your heart-felt effort is the magnet.  However you do it, whether it is through these Journeys with me, through your own prayers, yoga, dance, silence, or any of the many ways there are to open your consciousness to the infinite, to open to Love, do it.  Open up your consciousness to allow a tiny glimpse of this infinite experience, and you will know how worth it it is.

If you don’t know it now, if you don’t feel it now… keep going. Even now, my glimpse has “worn off” so to speak, life activities happen, emotions happen, daily life barrages us with sensory input that gets in the way of keeping the mind focused on the Divine…I know. But that’s why I do this…I just keep reminding myself and reminding myself, and knowing there is something beyond what I think I know and I keep going…and every once in a while I get a glimpse like I did yesterday—a glimpse so real and clear the skeptic is silent, but more than that:

Today’s Guiding Thought was totally real.

The glimpse from yesterday, knowing myself as Infinite Being, knowing Infinite Being as me, was enough to further my experience and to also know our holiness, our innocence, and our infinity.  In that place of recognizing Oneness with Love, Oneness with All of Existence, there was complete sacredness and awe and appreciation. Everything was holy and innocent. There was great Joy and buoyancy. Everything was completely free in Love.

What is Freedom? This is as close as I’ve gotten. “We are now aware of our Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free.”