The Peacock and Caterpillar: Journey of Courage – Day 26

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Guiding Thought

We are responsible! We are able to respond with and through conscious awareness of our inner-centered, silent knowingness, moment by moment. Anchored in the inner harmony, we face our own thoughts and actions with courage.


I might be able to be aware of my inner-centered, silent knowingness moment by moment, but I don’t always know its plans for me. It sees the big picture of my life as a whole, where I see it frame by frame.

As I respond to each frame while anchored in the inner harmony, I am flowing with the big picture. If I step outside of that harmony I begin to wonder what the big picture is and how I fit into it.

When I am in the moment there is faith and trust because I can handle the moment. When I step outside the moment, everything becomes too big. I don’t put all the pieces together because I can’t see all pieces; I become confused and worried until I step back into the moment.

This is an extension of an idea central to these Journeys: co­-creating with the Inner Divine Self. I have to play my part. I have to be in the moment and let life take care of the rest. In every moment I need to be responsible for every moment. I am responsible for my participation in that moment through thoughts and actions, without necessarily understanding how those thoughts and actions fit into the bigger picture. When I try to figure out how they fit, that’s when things get overwhelming.

Simplify! The courage here is about staying in the moment, trusting without knowing the big picture. It’s about facing every part of life head on, directly and totally involved. Every part of my life is both my unique expression of thoughts and actions and an experience of the Divine Self’s bigger picture.

I bought a new phone about 6 months ago. Immediately I set a picture a friend had sent me of a peacock from his yard as my wallpaper. About 3 weeks ago I changed the wallpaper to a picture of a caterpillar I had found this summer in my garden. A week ago I “found” a healing practice called Jharra which uses peacock feathers. Is this coincidence? Or was my Divine Self, giving me a piece of the bigger picture in my daily moment-to-moment?  If it was, I wonder where the caterpillar is leading me!?

Picture attributed to Brad Vanlandingham Used by permission
Picture attributed to Brad Vanlandingham
Used by permission
"Caterpillar' copyright 2015 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
“Caterpillar’ copyright 2015
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls