“Shiva Dances on Me”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 33

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Prologue– I’d just like to make a quick “announcement” before the Journey today: You may or may not be aware that the Journeys up to this point have been a process leading up to a 50-year commitment, starting in 2018, to doing these Journeys. I’m in beta mode, working out bugs, getting the order “right”, working out the Guiding Thoughts, etc. I had planned for the next Journey to be Journey of Fulfillment, but as I have been going through this Journey, it has occurred to me that Journey of Fulfillment should really be after Journey of Abundance, so I have swapped the order. The next Journey will be Abundance (starting July 28), followed by Fulfillment (starting September 18). Thanks!



Guiding Thought

I rely on my own Loving Presence to lead and guide me toward the meaning of healing. Seeking the meaning of healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions. Though I may encounter disturbances throughout daily activity, I lay them at the feet of my own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing?” My own Loving Presence directs me as I listen in the stillness.



Now is a time for courage. It’s time to be strong; it’s time to be brave. It’s time to remember what you want, what you really want, and be prepared to let everything else go.

It’s time for creation…and destruction. You are moving yourself toward Truth, toward the Truth of YOU. All false notions of who you are and what you are here to do must be laid aside. “Healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions”. Healing is letting go of false notions and claiming the Truth of you. This can be experienced at times as upheaval–especially if you are invested in other peoples’ investments in you remaining the same. “Disturbances throughout daily activity” must be recognized for what they are: the release of the old, the destruction of things/situations that no longer serve your Divine Healing.

The Hindu deity Shiva Nataraj (dancing Shiva) comes to mind. The symbolism of the statue is instructive for understanding this process of creation-destruction. Shiva dances within a representation of the manifest universe, the material world, where the birth-death cycle holds everything in its grip. In this world, there is illusion, suffering, and pain. Shiva leads us out of this.

Shiva dances upon a dwarf which represents a human soul that is earthbound. The soul has forgotten its Divine connection and remains bound through its own confusion, forgetfulness, and unwillingness to lift itself (laziness). The leg which holds the dwarf down represents Shiva’s victory over ignorance. Shiva’s raised leg represents His assistance in releasing the Soul from its bondage.

Shiva is ever-active in taking action against ignorance, and releasing Souls from bondage. This is the destructive aspect of Shiva: He destroys those things that keep people bound. But people, in their confusion and forgetfulness, fear the destruction of those things that are familiar. Shiva is destroying what is counter to the person’s highest good, and creating that which is for the person’s ultimate good. (This is represented by the fire in the upper-left hand.)

But, Shiva even brings help to people. His lower right hand is in the position that symbolizes fearlessness. He offers this blessing to offer protection from both evil and ignorance to those who willingly embrace his ultimate creation (the righteousness of Dharma).

All of this adds up to Shiva leading souls out of ignorance and into liberation, signified by the lower left arm, in the “elephant trunk” pose.

There is, of course, more symbolism within the statue; I’ve only noted the aspects that feel relevant to this part of my Journey.

I am the dwarf, and Shiva is dancing on me. The difference between me and the dwarf is that I’ve asked for the destruction of things that hinder my healing, my spiritual growth, my enlightenment. I have the advantage of at least recognizing that the “destruction” is for my own good. And, I think this means that I am able to be more aware of Shiva’s protection, and I can face what comes with fearlessness. I can also be excited about what is being created!