Livin’, Lovin’ the Journey: Journey of Freedom – Day 34

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Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes me, heals me, and brings God into my mind and body. Enlightenment moves me, awakens my Soul, and firmly grounds me in all I do. My energy creates my life experiences; my being is only love and light.


I love doing these Journeys. Love, love, love, lovin’ it! It’s not just taking the mental time to sit with the thoughts, to go inward, to contemplate; it’s the interplay of the Journey with life, the awareness my thoughts bring to my emotional and physical states, and the progress I experience as I bring that awareness to circumstances and interactions. It’s like at some point, the ideas in the Journey just click and I experience life in a different way that is more in accord with what the Thoughts are saying.

But this doesn’t “just happen”. Part of this Journey is about changing patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit freedom (see Days 2, 12, 22, and 32). This is such an important step! What good does a thought about freedom do, if your habits continue to inhibit it? The physical and emotional must work hand in hand with the mental. It’s not just about thinking yourself into freedom, it’s about feeling and acting in freedom.

I know, that’s easier said than done. But look at it this way: the Ultimate Journey has only just begun. This is only our first Journey of Freedom! Think about how far you’ve already come after just 34 days, and think about how far you will be after 34 days on the next Journey of Freedom or after four Journeys of Freedom! Especially if you continue adding drops to your bucket; ALL of those drops, whether it’s a Journey of Purpose, a Journey of the Heart, a Journey of Abundance…or your own version of any of these…only add to the cumulative effect of each individual Journey.

I’m really talking about the Journey of Life. Every day is a step on that journey. Every day that you are open to living consciously brings insight and awareness. The more often you are willing to simply have insight and awareness, in all of your activities, thoughts, and interactions, the more momentum and inertia you give to your progress (drops in the bucket).

These Journeys give me a framework for understanding the Journey of Life; they give me a context so everything I do can be assessed against the Guiding Thoughts. Am I acting and interacting in alignment with Divine Love? Am I allowing Divine Energy to express through me? Am “I” stepping aside?

Mostly, I fall short (one step back). But that’s why it’s a JOURNEY!!!

It’s up to me to want to do better. It’s up to me to change and to act in a way that brings the insights into my life in a meaningful way. It’s up to me to increase doing the things that get me closer and decrease the things that don’t.

Sometimes it feels like a lot. Sometimes the idea of being responsible for myself, all my thoughts, all my feelings, all my actions…feels like too much. Sometimes I feel despair, like I will never get it. Most of the time, I face how much I don’t know and wonder how it all makes sense.

Not today. Today I am calm, accepting, and optimistic. I wish the same for you. Onward!