“The Usual, Please”: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 18

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Cracking The Oyster

Happy Tuesday! It’s Day 18…welcome to it!

As I was editing today’s article (I do that here, too), I was almost chuckling. I swear I just mentioned here, quite possibly yesterday, Sus’ many previous lives lived in religious devotion…and here she is today talking about…religious devotion and reincarnation, oh…and the fact people have to re-learn things from one life to the next.
Timing. Is. Everything! We really are a well-tuned machine; it’s the reason we do this together.

I can’t say I’ve never met anyone more devoted to doing spiritual practices, that would be a fib, however, Sus is right up there in the top, oh…let’s say five! What with the earth, air, water, fire, and I forget what. She hasn’t had much time to sit out with the fire (which I like), the daily bathing for hours (which she hasn’t been doing b/c she took up exercising instead), and the…okay, maybe I need to rethink this spiritual devotion thing. BUT she absolutely HAS been blessing water to drink by the gallon…and eating healthily! And she does her meditation…while she’s driving…she does her mantras.

So, yeah, not so much lately, still Sus is a good egg and she is devoted to her practices; I’m just making it sound really bad b/c I like to give her a hard time. I’m sure I’ve been doing that very thing for millennia…lol! 😀

Now, grab yourself a temperature appropriate beverage, get to your favorite cushy reading spot, and as always…




Guiding Thought

You are worth the effort it requires to move your mind to Love. You are worth the time of waiting, in patience, for Knowing to arrive. Every moment, every second that you open to simply being willing to allow Love to enter is a moment offered to Eternity; a moment offered to healing, a moment offered to Unity.

Love simply settles slowly, quietly, gently, beyond sense-perception. So, wait in patience and take the effort to move your mind to join the quiet stillness of Love. Rest. Be at Peace. Here is all you want and need.



I think a lot about enlightenment, ascension, transfiguration, incorporating Divine Life into the life of the body, all that kind of stuff, whatever you want to call it. I am one of those people who thinks that there are people who have done it, that there are living examples of real people who have become more, who have somehow succeeded in releasing earthly (bodily) limitations, surpassing the death of the body.

Jesus is the obvious example from Western, Christian culture, but there are examples from India (Shri Haidakhan Baba, Ramakrishna), Tibet (Djwhal Khul) China and Japan (Quan Yin), even from the pre-European-invasion Americas (Dendreah, the White Buffalo Calf Woman/Earth Mother). Please note, I am not referring to the kind of immortality advocated by Aubrey de Grey, which focuses on a physical suspension of aging. While I find his work interesting, it is different than the ascension of a spiritual master, which is what I am referring to.

I seem to think that if they’ve done it, I can too.

It’s not about wanting to get out of this life, or this body. It’s about loving this life and this body (as a tool for Divine use); I want to stay here. It’s also because, when people die, they forget, and when they come back they just have to learn to remember all over again. I’ve learned so much! I have so much momentum going for me that I want to keep going and keep learning without any interruption.

Living life in union with the Divine: that’s the ultimate Journey, the upward spiral, the spiral of ascension. Others have done it; others have gotten past the limitation enough so that their momentum is fully upward, and they can ride it like a leaf on the wind (without getting complacent, because if the wind stops, the leaf falls).

But then I think, “But I am just a regular person. How can I achieve what they’ve achieved? Doesn’t it require years upon years of monasticism, self-deprivation, self-denial, millions of prayers, 40-days in the desert, any and all of that stuff? How do I do that in ‘today’s world’? Those things require a very specific lifestyle, a lot of willpower, and walking away from everything about this world, including family, job, friends, house, etc.” Or does it?

I also tend to believe that everyone has their own unique path to ascension, right here, right now. In the right frame of mind, everything and anything frees us.

Don’t get me wrong: I would walk away in a heartbeat, if it’s what I thought Divine Will really wanted of me. But I think being a regular person, doing this work, every day, is what Divine Will’s Will is for me.

Because we are not Jesus, or Enoch, or St. Germain, or Dendreah, or any of the others who have already done the work of ascension. They went through this all on their own, they figured it out. We can too, just regular people.

You have the ability for ascension in you right now:Every moment, every second that you open to simply being willing to allow Love to enter is a moment offered to Eternity; a moment offered to healing, a moment offered to Unity.”

“You are worth the effort it requires to move your mind to Love.” As you live as your Divine Self, you as this body, this mind, become One with the life of your Divine Self, which is eternal and infinite. You can bring the life of the Divine Self into the Life of the body, and as you do, It transforms you.

“You are worth the time of waiting, in patience, for Knowing to arrive.” And when it does, renewal is automatic, instantaneous, and natural because the Divine Self is True and Real, and that is the only thing that you want and need.