Journey of Gratitude: Commitment and Dedication

Why is gratitude important? What makes gratitude so powerful? How does gratitude work? How does gratitude fit into the expansion of consciousness? I am very excited to begin to explore these concepts, and so many more, on this Journey of Gratitude. I look forward to opening my heart and mind to deeper awareness, development, and understanding of gratitude!

Commitment Statement

I declare, with great enthusiasm and excitement, that on this Journey of Gratitude I am committed to increasing my awareness and understanding of Gratitude! It is my intention to maintain a constant (!) flow of gratitude in my mind and heart. This means (in part) shifting my focus to the Love and Truth that underlies all situations and interaction, seeing deeper than superficial movements and behaviors, and accepting the reality of Love that pervades all, that I may truly rejoice in gratitude for that reality.

This means that over and above doing the practice of reading the Guiding Thoughts and writing each day, I will select phrases, songs, poems, psalms, etc. to keep me in the flow, repeating them throughout the day.

My goal is to be in such a flow of Love and Life that gratitude is my consistent natural expression!

Today, I have begun with my reminder-thought: How can I not praise and thank Life for Life Itself?

There is so much to be grateful for, most of all…life itself.

Statement of Dedication

I dedicate this Journey to Life Itself. This Life flows in me, in you, in All that Is. Thus, I dedicate this Journey to me, to you, to All that Is. I dedicate this Journey to what unites us, what sustains us, what supports us. I dedicate this Journey to Love, to Truth, and to the letting go and falling away of all that is not Love and Truth. May we all experience the simplicity of Life in Love and Truth, for truly, this is All of Life.

Let’s go!