Creation Happens: Journey of Creation – Day 10

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Guiding Thought

There are no degrees of Love. Love is Whole, Full, and Perfect. Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect. When I express Love, I am being creative in its Truest sense. Creativity is Love in action, and produces activities, relationships, and experiences which are Whole, Full, and Perfect.


Imagine, if you can, all your life activities flowing perfectly: every event and interaction fitting perfectly together, everything you could possibly need, want or desire arriving before you are even aware that you need, want, or desire it.

There you are, in the middle of your life, watching the most perfect, synchronous, elegant, beautiful dance happening all around you.

This corresponds with yesterday’s reflection: creation happens. I do not make creation happen, nor do I actually create anything. Creation is Love’s natural expression. When I allow Love, all of Love’s perfection, wholeness, and fullness is freed simply to do what it does. All I need to do is maintain my awareness of Love, and continue to provide the vehicle for its expression.

How practical Love is!

I can feel how beautiful and easy life becomes when Love leads or is in control. Everything makes sense, everything has a purpose, and everything is part of a bigger picture.

It’s not that “bad things” don’t happen (but they do become greatly reduced, in my experience); it’s that all things are seen with new eyes, the eyes of Love. The perception changes and those “bad things” have a new context, surrounded now by a higher purpose, and an understanding of its Oneness with All.

Love does not see the “bad thing”. It sees only the beautiful Soul beneath the “thing” (even if it is not “bad”), and reaches out through Itself to aid that Soul on its journey.

This is how Love is both the Journey, and its end. In Love, we are all perfect, whole, and complete (tip o’ the hat to Louise Hay), but our perceptions (not Love’s!) limit how we experience that Love.

The more we free our perceptions, and allow Love to flow through us, the more that Love can reach out to Itself through our activities, relationships, and interactions. In doing so, Love strengthens Itself in our perception, and in the perception of those we interact with. Until…slowly…we all reach 100% full total awareness-understanding-Knowing of the Whole-Full-Perfect Love we are.

How fun!

“The Fast Track”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 12

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
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Guiding Thought

Go deep within your inner stillness, and feel Divine Mind’s presence within. Hold out your empty hands, symbolic of leaving preconceptions behind; symbolic of seeking True answers, and ask, “What is the essence of healing?” Let these words resonate within you, as though in a vast cavern.  The word essence reverberates with these thoughts, “For what do you care most deeply?” “What is your own essence?”; “What is your Truth?”; “Where is your deepest hurt, your pain, your sorrow, that all may be healed?”



As I went into my inner stillness, I felt and understood something I haven’t felt in a long time. It was something familiar, something I had thought about and understood at some point in my life, but it seems that I had forgotten it…until today.

It is summed up in the Louise Hay quote that (imho) brought her to the forefront of the metaphysical healing-movement 30 years ago: “In the infinity of Life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.”

Words limit how I can describe my inner experience, but in the best way I can…here is my understanding…using that Louise Hay quote as the basis for an example: Life is infinite. Life is where I am. I am within infinity; infinity is within me. Infinity and I are One; I cannot be outside of it. Life, in its infinity, is perfect, whole, and complete…always. Every point, every possibility of infinite Life, exists now. Anywhere I “go”, anywhere I “am”, within Life is perfect, whole, and complete. All points within life, all possibilities of where I may “go” or where I “am” are all equally perfect, whole, and complete.

Read that slowly. Feel it, and see if you don’t feel your mind go, “Aaaahhhhh, I understand”.

Here are the implications, which may not be readily apparent:

  • If all possibilities already exist, there is nothing new to be created. Everything is already now. Your perfect health already exists, now.
  • If everything in infinity is equal, then having health or having sickness is equal. Infinity does not distinguish between health and sickness. To infinity, anything you experience is perfect, whole, and complete, because infinity knows nothing other than perfection, wholeness, and completion.
  • If infinity does not distinguish between health and sickness, there is nothing preventing health, other than the barriers you have placed on it (or perhaps, better stated, the lack of awareness or understanding that you currently have within your own consciousness of infinity).
  • All you need to do is be at that point of perfect health (easier said than done, I know…but it really is that simple).

Here is what I did, what I visualized, to be at that point for the current situations in my life:

First, I thought about what I want to heal (and I am using healing broadly). I realized that in all of the areas I want to heal, including physical vitality, abundance, karma yoga, household, and relationships, I have an underlying, but permeating feeling of dissatisfaction. I have a great house, a great family, a lucrative job, and good health…why do I feel dissatisfied? And then I realized that I feel guilty because I feel dissatisfied. Underneath that, I found some anger about feeling guilty about feeling dissatisfied; after all, don’t I deserve the best, most abundant, perfect life I can possibly have? Along with the anger, I felt disappointed, because, even though my life is really, really, really good, there are things I want to improve, and I haven’t yet, so I am disappointed in myself for not doing and being everything I possibly can do and be.

Yeah, I found a lot. If you do this, and you start to uncover stuff, please remember not to judge it, or yourself. Just acknowledge, accept, and let go. Write it down, as a way to acknowledge (“I feel dissatisfied about…”); accept it immediately (“I accept myself and my feelings”), then let it go (burn that paper! Or just crumple it up and throw it away, allowing yourself to feel it release from your body/mind/emotions).

This was the clearing, the releasing of the barriers that stand in my way (the part of the Guiding Thought that says, “Where is your deepest hurt, your pain, your sorrow, that all may be healed?”).

Second, I pictured a cube, and told myself that it represents the infinity of life. I pictured a point (it does not matter what point) within the cube, and I labeled that point, Where I Am Now. I visualized as neutrally as possible, everything in my current experience, all of the things I had felt dissatisfied about.

Third, I visualized a different point (it does not matter what point), and labeled that point, Perfect House, Perfect Work, Perfect Health, Perfect Income.

Finally, I moved my mind to that second point. I saw the “line” between my current point and that point. I felt my mind/body/emotions shift to that point. Remember, that point already exists. There is nothing to do, nothing to strive for, nothing to gain, to know, or to manipulate. Just go there. Feel it. Be there. You don’t have to know the details. You don’t have to know the path. You don’t have to know what it looks like. All you have to do is Know that place exists for you, right now. Then move your mind/energy to it.

The more often you go there, the faster your outer appearances will change. This is the fast track to getting through a consciousness Journey. Just do it, as the saying goes.

And what if you get there and you don’t like it? Just do it again. The possibilities are limitless.