Love’s Backdoor: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 07

Love is strong, but sometimes, we don’t know how to work with it in order to tap into everything it has to offer. Love works through us only to the extent that we can allow it, and sometimes figuring out how to allow it can be a bit perplexing or overwhelming. Here’s a way to get to it indirectly, but effectively.


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Guiding Thought

Love is strong! Powerful! I embrace Love and wield it through my awareness of Oneness. Oneness destroys the illusions of the mind, of the past, and of the material world. I move forward courageously with Peace in the Truth of Love and Oneness.


Love is strong, powerful: yes, I believe that. I never quite understand how to tap into Love as a powerful force, but I know I have experienced it, and I know that when I have been able to tap into Love, I have felt Its power.

Which brings up a point: the Power is Love’s, not mine.

So, what am I “wielding”–or rather, how am I wielding the power of Love, if the power is not mine?

What I actually control (that is the most suitable word at the moment), is my awareness. In order to wield the power of Love, I must first control my awareness in such a way that Love is responsive.

How do I do that?

Through awareness of Oneness.

This seems a bit of a back-door, doesn’t it? Why not just be aware of Love, in order to wield Love? Why be aware at all, why not just love? I don’t think the back-door precludes either of these, but they are, perhaps, more of a front-door, direct approach. Sometimes my consciousness is not prepared enough to jump right into Love, into full awareness of Love. Sometimes, I have misconceptions about what Love is; I have pre-judgments about what I think Love should do, and should do for me. I cannot wield Love with integrity, if I have misconceptions or pre-judgments. Thus, a back door is a perfect solution. Because….

Oneness destroys the illusions of the mind, of the past, and of the material world.

When I am stuck in the human conception of Love, or I am mired in an attachment, or a desire, I can think or want something selfishly–and sometimes I can try to get it using love, but this becomes when I am not wielding love with integrity (notice the change in capitalization, when Love is used selfishly, it’s not really Love anymore, it’s love).

If I first approach Love through Oneness, the back door, I must see my conception, attachments, or desires in a much, much larger context. I must see all things as equal–all people, all outcomes, all things are equal in Love. This means that when I want or desire an outcome and consider Oneness first, then by necessity, I am seeking the outcome that is most beneficial to All, equal to my own benefit.

This is how Oneness destroys the illusions. Illusions are the result of putting one thing over or above another, of deciding in advance that there is something better for someone (often oneself), and trying to get that. Oneness just swoops in and says, “There is enough for ALL. There is enough Peace, enough Love, enough Abundance, enough Goodness, enough Joy. ALL are included, none shall be left behind.”

This is how your awareness of Oneness opens the door to Love. Love cannot enter, where you have chosen to exclude Love’s gifts from yourself or any one of your brothers or sisters. When you allow Oneness, you are agreeing that All deserve the Love that you deserve.

Then, you see your brothers, sisters, and strangers on the street corner in a new light. They are Love’s own, just as you are–worthy, deserving, and equal to All. That is the the Truth of Love and Oneness. That is wielding Love. That is how to walk in the power of Love.


Getting out of my own head, seeing the macrocosm–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 20

Energy Masters are those who wish to fully access more of their inherent power to not only be personally freer of the collective weight, but to also experience the greater freedom of being human, and then to deliver and share their divine action with people and ALL energies on this Earth. -Lee Harris 


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Guiding Thought

Love is always with you. Focus your whole Self on being entirely with Love. Tune out distractions and place your entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with you. This is the return. This is eternal Comfort and Peace: Being with Love, as Love is with you.


“Tune out distractions”… There is a lot going on in the world to distract us these days.

Most often, when I do this day, this Guiding Thought, the distractions have to do with my own mind, how it spins, and goes on tangents, and generally “has a mind of its own”. Today, this Guiding Thought speaks to me of everything going on in the world. 

There is a lot of opportunity to be pulled away from Love, if you pay attention to politics, culture, the environment, the economy. Collectively, especially in the United States, we are seeing a lot of anxiety, near-panic or panic, distress, uncertainty, fear.

I know, I’ve been feeling it too. It took me some time, but I came to understand that very few of the charged emotions that I am feeling are mine. There is a collective anxiety rippling around the world, especially in the United States. It comes, it passes, another wave comes, and they just keep coming. Do you feel it?

In this environment, the Guiding Thought takes on a whole ‘nother dimension and meaning. Those ripples and waves of emotion can distract you from what’s real–Love. The distractions are just on a larger scale than when you only have the distractions in your own mind. Being with the Love that is always with you, as the collective emotions are heightened, is simply an opportunity to expand and strengthen your practice, strengthen your relationship with Love.

There are upheavals going on all around the world. How do we make it through this?

We matter. This work matters. Being with Love matters. Love is always with us.

If you have anxiety, uncertainty, panic…first ask yourself if it’s yours. You may be picking up on the collective mind. If it’s not yours, observe it, name it, talk about the feeling as something flowing through you, not something you are.

Your healing matters. Whether the heightened emotion is yours or not, help to heal it, transmute it, release it. Your practices are so important–they will keep you anchored and steady, as you return to them during this time. Whether it’s prayer, yoga, meditation, taking a bath, or painting, or working with me through these Journeys, use your practices. Heal. Release. Intend Good Will for all. Keep going.

If all you can do each and every day is show up, and offer yourself to Love, in Its service, THAT is not only enough, it is exactly what the world needs.

If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to click the link above to Lee Harris. I had never heard of him before today, but he has some (in my opinion) wise and comforting words on that page.

Success! on my terms– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 10

This one Guiding Thought is all I would need. It, alone, is enough for enlightenment. If I could master this one thought, that would be enough…


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Guiding Thought

Love is always with me. I focus my whole Self on being entirely with Love. I tune out distractions and place my entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with me. This is the return. This is eternal Comfort and Peace: Being with Love, as Love is with me.


I couldn’t do it. I did not succeed in focusing my whole Self on being entirely with Love. I could not tune out the distractions  (most of which were my own mind); I could not place my entire focus on the Love that is always with me.

My mind drifted. My mind asked, “what is Love, anyway”? My mind thought, “What constitutes my ‘whole Self'”? “OK, focus… tune out distractions…” Then I realized that thinking about tuning out a distraction is itself a distraction.

This is one time, when not succeeding is also not failing. On a Journey, there are only steps. There is no individual success, or failure, when each step brings about forward movement, when each step increases my awareness.

Each step demonstrates to Love, my commitment to It, my commitment to Knowing It. Each step is its own success, because each step brings me closer to the Ultimate Return.

One of my favorite Lessons from A Course in Miracles is Lesson 68, “Love holds no grievances”. Today, it has a different import. It says, “If you succeed even by ever so little, there will never be a problem with motivation again”.

The same is true with today’s Journey. If you succeed, ever so little, you have succeeded (I paraphrase…). You see, every step of these Journeys strengthens your True Self. Every step gives you a bit more of a glimpse of the Love you are, as you are. If you succeed even by ever so little, you will want to keep taking the steps toward that Self of Love. That is success: continuing, every day, small steps.

Highest vision for the world: (on Twitter, #pearlsofvision. What is your vision?)

How would the world be, if everyone were happy, and they acted out of happiness? There would be no jealousy, no greed, no deceit. Everyone would be satisfied, content, relaxed–able to give others encouragement and support, able to help others if they should need it, able to make decisions and take actions without worrying about the outcome, without trying to figure things out in advance, without trying to manipulate or control–there would be no reason for any of that. Happiness overrides the need to want something else.


Thank YOU– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 09

It’s sometimes hard to explain, when I feel the words of the Guiding Thought flowing through me, giving me a sensory experience of their meaning. I hope, perhaps, today, you will feel it with me.


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Guiding Thought

Gratitude makes all things new! When I am aware of my Source in Love, I see its activity everywhere. It is the Substance of Life itself! I am in the flow and create and expand with Love, in Life!


There are so many people doing enlightening (in-light-ening) work. There are so many people learning to do the work of healing, forgiveness, caring, compassion, loving, reconciling. People are waking up; Love is bustin’ out all over! Thank YOU for your contribution.

Whatever brought you here, whatever your self-perception is, YOU are one of these people. You are waking up; you are enlightening yourself and others; you are a necessary and important part of everything that is happening in this world; your light contributes to everyone’s light, to my light. We bless each other. We support each other. We encourage each other…even if we don’t know each other, ever meet, ever talk, or ever interact at all.

I see its activity everywhere. 

Even when there is nothing obvious, like when I can see (or understand, or feel) how we enrich each other, without knowing each other, I can see its activity everywhere. This is a hint of the seeing that I have been writing about.

I feel SO thankful for you, for us, for our being here, now. I feel such Love for you, for us, for our being here. Does it matter, “which comes first”, the love or the gratitude? Do I tap into the love, because I feel such gratitude, or do I feel such gratitude because love fills me?

I feel so excited about the work we are doing. I feel optimistic. There are SO many amazing people doing the work, doing their work, shining their light. What’s not to be excited about? (I guess to answer that, all you have to do is tune in to the political conversations, but…even despite those conversations…I am excited!)

Speaking of the political climate, I should say: Now is a time for us to continue with full dedication and commitment to our Purpose, to being the Love we are, to bringing in the Light. We need each other. The world needs us. Dig deeper. Be more focused. Commit more time. Stand up. Do the work. Shine your light. Be the Love you are.

Thank you, for being.

Highest Vision for the World (what’s yours? Tweet it! #pearlsofvision)

Hands reaching out to help. Everyone helps everyone, or anyone. No divides, no divisions. Just willingness to be there for another human being.

Sweet Honey says it best– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 08

“God is so ordinary, no one notices”. I love that quote. I strive to be an ordinary expression of Highest Love. “I am nothing, and everything”.  I want to be nothing……. and everything. I can’t be everything unless I am willing to be nothing.


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Guiding Thought

I seek only to Love in Unity. Love is Pure in Oneness. Let me Love All, including myself, in Oneness, that I may Know gratitude as the result of Being Whole in Love.


I have a role and a purpose, whatever it is. We all do, of course.

Everyone is necessary, just as we are. We all contribute something different and unique, just as we are.

Yet, we are Unified, as different and unique as we are. It’s the combination of all of us that is the Oneness. Love unifies.

As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I proceed. 

We all, everyone of us…have to come home, as we are, as who we are.


“Being Carried”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

Your motivation is your choice. Your intention is your choice. Your will is your choice. In peace, listen within for guidance, so that your actions are motivated by joy, your intentions are loving, and your will is simply to share joy and love.


There’s always a choice right now. The choice in the moment is always “what do I want my mental approach to be?”

I’ve never needed to worry about quitting an addiction, but I once read that a good way for smokers to prepare themselves when they are quitting is to decide in advance what they are going to do when a craving hits. This way, they have a plan in place and when it happens, they don’t have to think, don’t have to make a decision, they already know “this is what I am going to do”, and they just do it.

This can be transferred to the idea of the Guiding Thought. A person can decide in advance what their motivation is, what their intention is, and how to direct their will. That’s one of the reasons for doing the preparation days at the beginning of each Journey. It’s a choice that prepares someone how to approach any given situation. When something comes along to throw someone off, there’s already a plan in place: the decision about how to approach has already been made. There’s no need to think, no decision to be made in the moment, you already know, “this is what I am going to do”.

If you decide in advance that you are motivated by Joy, when a decision comes up, your mind will already know, “I am motivated by Joy” and your actions will follow naturally, toward the event/person/situation that will bring you Joy.

When you decide in advance that you choose to have loving intentions, then as you approach events/people/situations, you already know where your mind/heart is. You always come from a loving place.

Make those choices in the stillness while listening to your Inner Guidance. Keep making those choices, keep listening in the stillness. Let your Inner Wisdom carry you through.

“Silence is a Luxury”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 – Day 08

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Guiding Thought

My motivation is my choice. My intention is my choice. My will is my choice. In Peace, I listen within for guidance so that my actions are motivated by joy, my intentions are love, and my will is simply to share Joy and Love.


When I first sat down to do this today and read through the Guiding Thought, I thought, “What the hell does this even mean?” I had to walk away, literally, and come back to it. Now I am back and I understand.

The purpose of meditation, or any spiritual practice, is to enter the joy and bliss of the Divine, to connect with your Self of Love, and to re-align yourself with your True Center.

Most often, meditation and spiritual practices are done is silence. In silence there are no distractions, except of your own mind; in silence it’s easier to listen, to hear the voice within.

Encountering the world adds distractions, adds noise that drowns the voice within, adds people and conversations and sense-stimuli that detracts from connecting with the Self of Love, which tramples on the bliss found within the silence.

Why do I meditate and do spiritual practices? To connect with my Self of Love, to re-align with my True Center.  My motivation is my choice. My intention is my choice. My will is my choice. I do the practices with the motivation of connecting with my Self, with the intention of connecting with my Self, and with the will to do so. This is my choice.

But here’s the thing: I have to love the peace that I find when I meditate enough to want to bring it into my daily activity. I have to love my Self enough to want to bring it into daily activity. I have to want to remain in the state of joy and bliss so much that the world cannot pull it from me.

I must take my motivation, my intention, and my choice this extra step. Thus, I meditate to connect with my Self, to experience the Divine and to bring that into all my daily activityThis is my choice.

Yeah. I have a way to go for that, how about you? But I am working on it. And now, I am even more aware of a deeper level of motivation, intention, and will.

I want to live as my highest Self, in love, peace, and joy. Meditation and spiritual practices gets me there, it’s up to me to choose to carry the experience from meditation into the world.

“Is it Real or is it Memorex?”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 – Day 02

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Guiding Thought

My own Loving Presence is my Self. I turn my attention inward and become aware of my own Loving Presence. With my focused awareness, my own Loving Presence fills me, grows brighter, and grows warmer. I claim my Self with these words:

I AM My Own Loving Presence. My loving Presence is the Self of myself. I love my Self!

I want to give my Self everything it desires–and my Self wants the same for me. What do I desire, but total Peace, Freedom, Love, and Harmony? These are the infinite and eternal qualities of my Self! I am now aware of the inner activity of my own Loving Presence and I invite it to express itself through me and externalize in my life as circumstances, people, forms, and events that fulfill my desires.



Didn’t I say yesterday that the name of the game is love? And it starts with self-love? And here we are today affirming our self-love!

It’s amazing how it works; how these Journeys fit together, day-to-day, round to round, Journey to Journey. Let me assure you, I did not consciously plan it this way today. I did not plan to focus on self-love on day 1 so that day 2 would flow naturally from it. I am not that organized.

I think what happens is my subconscious, or My Own Loving Presence (or my I AM presence, or my Christ Consciousness, or the Holy Spirit within me, or whatever “it” is) takes over, and does what I need it to do, as I need it to do it, both to verify Its presence and to fulfill Its perfection in my life.  It makes sense to me that It knows a whole lot better than I do, and the little coincidences I experience are all part of Its plan.

The activity of My Own Loving Presence (or my I AM presence, or my Christ Consciousness, or the Holy Spirit within me, or whatever “it” is) presents itself in a variety of ways, more than just the Journeys flowing together. I’ve been seeing very small things happening–very small–(they are so subtle!) which I think are the combined effects of working with my consciousness and with My Own Loving Presence.

They are things like: I have experienced NO TRAFFIC whatsoever on my way to work for several weeks–and, no matter how late I leave, I still arrive on time. I have quick and calm responses to people, even under stressful circumstances. Things I plan or coordinate come off completely without ANY bumps, miscommunications, or missteps.

Now, I know what you are thinking, because I am thinking it too: This doesn’t mean anything. These things may just all be coincidences, tricks of perception, or I am making something out of nothing.

Yes. This is still the skeptic having her say. But here’s the thing: What if it is the result of a better relationship with my Self? What if my life really is moving along with Divine Perfection? Do I really want to spit in the face of my Self, if so, by not believing it?

I have a choice. I know this could be completely absurd, and my imagination could be getting carried away, after all, they are such small things. But, they could also be the visible effects of my growing relationship, my higher consciousness (higher than a month ago? The cumulation of several Journeys? I’m not sure…). So I choose.

I choose to think finally, I have let go of enough of my doubts, I’ve integrated and assured the Skeptic satisfactorily that she does not resist as much (and she can be placated). I’ve gotten to a point of confidence in my surrender that I can trust more readily. This has all opened me more (and more) to experiencing the activity of my Divine Self.

An Exercise of Acceptance. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 01

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Everywhere Fulfillment is – I am.

Fulfillment is everywhere.

Fulfillment is.

I am.



In all the places fulfillment fills, I am also there. And Fulfillment is everywhere. There is no space, no point, where fulfillment does not reach.

Fulfillment does not think or wonder or inquire; it simply exists. It does not have to do anything, does not have to prove its existence. It just is.

In the same way, I need not think or wonder or inquire. I can just be. Or, rather, if I do think or wonder or inquire, I am still just being behind the thoughts, musings, and questions.

Today’s Guiding Thought is very simple and matter of fact. It acknowledges the existence of fulfillment and me. There are no definitions, no extrapolations, no correlations, metaphors, inferences or interpretations. There is only simple, straight-forward acknowledgement.

I did, however, find myself thinking about “everywhere”, picturing it as best I could. I went outward and thought about fulfillment existing in the oceans, in the sharks and jellyfish, in the water and salt and rocks.

On one level, I thought, “this makes no sense; how does fulfillment exist here?” But I let that go and pictured tundra, deserts, plains, and acknowledged that “fulfillment exists here, too”.

Then I went inward, into my body, and pictured cells and nerves and synapses and hormones and enzymes and acknowledged that –even if I don’t feel it—fulfillment exists here too.

Then I thought, “Fulfillment even exists here in my thoughts.” And I waited. Then the thought came to me, “Fulfillment even exists here, in the space between my thoughts.”

This was not an exercise of trying to figure anything out. This was an exercise of acceptance.

A Journey of Fulfillment: Intention and Dedication

Declaring your intention for this Journey is a very important part of this practice. The 40-day Consciousness Journeys are a means to an end: the goal is to move the consciousness to a new state of awareness, acceptance, understanding, and knowledge of a particular aspect of the truth of Being, the truth of your Self, and yourself.

This goal is the general goal of these jouneys  that I invoke for all who choose to participate; the guiding thoughts are structured and designed to achieve this goal.

But every person has an idea of what fulfillment means to them. Each person is doing this journey for more awareness, understanding, and knowledge about his or her particular expression or experience of fulfillment. Getting clear about your own conception of fulfillment and what you want as an outcome creates your intention. Those thoughts and ideas set your standard, by which you may assess all your experiences. Does your experience meet your standard? What can you do/change so that it does?

Sometimes change means shifting perspective, outlook or expectations; sometimes it means ending or beginning a relationship, changing jobs, moving, etc. (there are many tools available to assist a person in shifting into a higher consciousness, too– I use the practices of earth, air, water, fire, meditation, mantra, prayer most frequently). Infinite Divine Mind works with you in the highest [most loving, of benefit to all, with absolute free will] way possible to meet your standards. Here is where we set those standards.

Begin by thinking about why a journey of fulfillment for yourself. You may have already begun this! Just think or write, or whatever you need to do within yourself to get clear about how you currently think/feel about fulfillment.

As I was doing this, the point of clarity in that exercise came for me when I realized, “I want my entire consciousness to Know the Truth of being Fulfilled, of being whole, and therefore encounter every experience or person from an internal knowingness of my own (and everyone’s) total-perfect-completion.” But since then, I have realized there is more to it for me as well. That statement is a metaphysical statement, and it is true for me. But it states a goal that is primarily in and of the mind–it refers to a state of consciousness, then gives a very general effect: ” encounter every experience or person from an internal knowingness of my own (and everyone’s) total-perfect-completion.”

The thing is: in Divine Mind, I already do this. Divine Mind-Divine Presence-Divine Being knows only perfection and total completion. I am not directing it anywhere. It’s already there.

I live in a physical universe. Matter, material goods, money, services, modern conveniences all of this stuff is also part of my Divine existence. It’s not necessary to shun it, think matter is evil or unspiritual, or think somehow I am compromising my spiritual values if I want or use material goods or services. For me, however, it is necessary not to subordinate the spiritual to the material, to be intelligent about the material universe, and to use it as a spiritual teacher, and continually work to bring absolute integrity into any and all material experiences, from my spiritual aspirations–in other words, doing my best to align my consciousness (words and thoughts) with my actions-deeds-relationships. Yes, “walk my talk”!

Next, once you have thought about what fulfillment means to you, take that information and declare boldly your intention (write your own, or use this as a template): I, Susan, declare from my heart, mind, and soul that I intend to increase my awareness, understanding, and knowledge of spiritual and material fulfillment. I intend to increase the goods and services I offer to others, which bring me joy, love, and a sense of purpose, and which also help people to increase their own fulfillment. I intend to approach all my life activities and relationships with spiritual intelligence, doing my best to be aware of inherent Oneness, Unity, Love, and Divine Purpose in all.

Finally, dedicate this Journey to at least one other person. Then, as you do this Journey, do it for him/her/them, in addition to doing it for yourself: I dedicate this Journey of Fulfillment to all who are on their own journey toward fulfillment, whether aware of it or not. To all who yearn, to all who desire, to all who seek, may my actions and intentions on this journey assist you toward your own Fulfillment, that we may know our Oneness, Unity, Joy, and Divine Perfection together.

A more simple, direct dedication that may also be used is: I dedicate this Journey to >name<. I know s/he has been struggling with some issues (name them, if you want), and I want to help. May my effort on this journey assist in bringing peace and understanding to >name<.

For tomorrow, we begin!