Only Then Do the Boundaries Dissolve — 02.13.11

Welcome to Round Two! 

Thank you for being here– for those of you Journeying on your own/with us, and for those of you just beginning. We are all on the Upward Spiral of Ascension, each taking their own steps to evolve individual and human consciousness to align with and express Divine Consciousness. These Journeys lay out a path to follow on a Journey that has no end (Divine Consciousness is Infinite and Eternal, afterall!). So…Welcome, and I am so grateful for you to be here, adding your light on the path.

In Round Two, the Guiding Thoughts shift from a focus of “I” to a focus of “you”. See this page for an extended explanation.

Also for this round, our Guest Journeyer is now Lita. Steve’s beautiful reflections will continue in the comments section, so if you enjoyed his writings, please follow up and read those. For Round Three, Mary will be the Guest Journeyer, then Steve will be back for Round Four.

And as a reminder: this is not “my” Journey, not Lita’s Journey, not Steve or Mary’s Journey. This is our Journey– all of us, together. Feel free to add your reflections with us in the comments section.

Guiding Thought

You are Love. You have infinite Love to give; therefore, You are capable to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, your energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to your inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


Infinite Love to Give – this is certainly a challenge during stressful times.

My first exposure to the Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation was offered as a way to deal with a very stressful work experience. I was trying to figure out a way to heal and forgive what I perceived as underhanded and deceitful actions by co-workers. Each of us, in our own camps, was “right” and justified in our actions.

The first round or cycle of the Metta Meditation is directed towards the Self. The second round is directed towards others (personal connections). And the third round is directed to the larger community or the Universe, or all sentient beings. Well, at least, this is how I learned it.

I worked hard at extending peace, even forgiveness, to a very sticky situation. My ego, needing to be right, was extending benevolence…and working hard at it.

In retrospect, I know I leaped over that first round of the practice – the self – too soon. I am coming to know how essential it is to attend to this first step: May I dwell in the Heart. May I know my True Nature (I am Love), May I be Healed. May I be at Peace.

When I settle into a steady practice of the Metta in the first round, then I open to knowing that my true nature is Infinite Love. Then, and only then, do the boundaries (who is right religiously, politically, personally, etc.) dissolve and I am able to extend the Infinite Love, Infinite Loving Kindness to everyone and everywhere.