The Voice for God -Healing (1.4.33)

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Guiding Thought

I rely on my own Loving Presence to lead and guide me toward the meaning of healing. Seeking the meaning of healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions. Though I may encounter disturbances throughout my daily activity, I lay them at the feet of my own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing”? My own Loving Presence directs me as I listen in the stillness.


Healing is not creating; it is reparation. The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have been healed…The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense. His is the Voice that calls you back to where you were before, and will be again. It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. (A Course in Miracles, Chapter 5)

Here is what stands out to me today, both in the Guiding Thought, and in the Course in Miracles quote (which came up for me earlier today, out of the blue):

When a person seeks for healing, the seeking need not be blind, haphazard, arbitrary, or random. There are guides who know and can guide one to healing.

…but, “It takes effort and great willingness to learn”, which may be why healing seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most people a) don’t know where to turn for True help (one’s own Loving Presence and/or the Holy Spirit) and b) don’t want to make the effort. (Let me just note, that I am not conflating “Loving Presence” with “Holy Spirit”; however, I would assert that a person’s Loving Presence is the inner channel–a person’s personal radio-station, let’s say–to tune into the Holy Spirit.)

In other words, we don’t know what we are doing when it comes to healing. We try this, we try that; we listen to this guru, try that affirmation, take these pills, go on that retreat, buy this product, then that product, then the next product…because we don’t know what to do, so we have to try it all until “something works”. And here and there, something does work…we heal a bit, or feel a bit better, or get more energy, or relieve some pain.

This is why healing seems random and arbitrary, and sometimes is temporary. We are looking without a guide who Knows. Sure, some gurus, physicians, healers, can tap into Divine Source and give us really good information (which is then up to us to put into action); sometimes there are people who can help us connect with the Holy Spirit; but we have to find them, and in the meantime, the rest is trial and error. (See this page and this page for things that I find to “work” and that I use regularly to heal body-mind-soul…and to connect with God).

Until we go to the source of healing, the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and turn to God, we are relying on incomplete or inaccurate information; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. God–the Holy Spirit–always works. We just have to make the effort.

With this, I now have an even better understanding for why we begin each round of this Journey with really hammering home that healing needs to be approached “forgetting” everything we think we know, with empty hands, and as a blank slate.

We have to drop everything so that there is only the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

Ripped Open– Worth (1.3.10)

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Guiding Thought

If I am to be my Self in the world, I must be for others as well as myself. There is no other.

I am willing to be receptive to the Infinite Love of All. I am willing to understand how I must rise above the struggles and pains of the world. I am willing to rise again and again with each call for help, each outstretched hand. I am willing to be the one to choose to change. I offer my pain, suffering, guilt and blame up for transformation, into the light of Love that I may see and give only the light of Love always.


Mother, this is our only prayer: May no one in all the worlds experience pain or sorrow. Save us from out (inner) enemies. Om Tat Sat. (Sapta Sloki Durga)

Compassion is the understanding of suffering. There is no peace, joy, or hope until those who suffer are understood. Compassion is the soul of these words; without it, they are empty. Compassion fills them with truth, honor, and purpose. (From Medical Medium by Anthony William)

There is so much here today.

  • Being willing to see others as yourself (walk in someone else’s shoes).
  • Being willing to feel pain and suffering–and walk through it.
  • Being willing to feel the pain and suffering of someone else, and respond to it with compassion.
  • To release pain and suffering “up for transformation”.

As I’ve mentioned several times now, I have been working more with the Holy Spirit, and the Divine Mother/Femine energy. I’ve been praying, chanting, and doing other devotions specifically to connect with this “Shakti” energy.

When I wrote this Guiding Thought a couple of years ago, it meant something different to me than it does today. Then, I thought it meant that I’m supposed to “be the strong one”, or “help people through something”, or “take on the pain and suffering so others don’t need to”.

Not today.

You see, I’ve been digging deeply into my own pain and suffering (which has come out at odd times, mostly in the middle of the night as anxiety and panic, with tears, many tears). I feel frozen, I feel defeated. I feel hopeless. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die.

And there is nothing can do. The feeling is, “I’ve tried everything. I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do, or where to turn”. There are prayers written for this feeling.

From the Orthodox tradition:

  • Suddenly the Judge shall come, and the deeds of each shall be laid bare; but with fear do we cry at midnight: Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, O God; through the Theotokos, have mercy on us.
  • Grant me not to fall asleep in the death of sin, but have compassion on me, O Thou Who wast voluntarily crucified, and hasten to raise me who am reclining in idleness, and save me in prayer and intercession
  • It has been a lesson in asking for Divine intervention, Divine help, and giving up…really giving up. When the feeling is deeply that “there is nothing I can do to help myself”, there is comfort in turning to the Divine Mother/Holy Spirit.
  • heal the perennial passions of my soul. Guide me to the path of repentance, for I am tossed in the storm of life. Deliver me from eternal fire, and from evil worms, and from Tartarus. Let me not be exposed to the rejoicing of demons, guilty as I am of many sins. Renew me, grown old from senseless sins, O most immaculate one. Present me untouched by all torments, and pray for me to the Master of all.

From the Hindu tradition:

  • I have fallen in the ocean of birth and death, and I fear their sorrows. I am trapped by my ego, with its countless desires, greed, pride and lust.
  • I do not know how to be righteous or find your abode. I do not know how to achieve freedom by dissolving my ego. I am devoid of the will to fight; I surrender. I am not strong enough to make any vow.
  • My mind is always engaged in worthless thoughts and actions. My intellect has become dull, enslaved by old habits. I am unable to behave honourably and my intentions are self-serving. My speech is harsh and hurtful.

I have asked for this; I have asked for transformation. I have asked to be cleansed and purified, so that I may be a pure vehicle for the Holy Spirit. Ask and ye shall receive. But be prepared–it ain’t all smiles and roses.

My current experience is that when I allow myself to really feel these things, it is like I am just ripped open and stuff I didn’t even know was there (and that I don’t know what it is, necessarily) pours out, and keeps pouring out. This is when it’s not all happy and pleasant.

The good news is that this is the death of the ego, and there is Divine aid. Jesus is there to help. The Divine Mother is there to help, along with the Holy Spirit, and any/every other Divine being who you call to.

They are the embodiment of today’s Guiding Thought. They are fully for others, and they know there is no other. They are the embodiment of Infinite Love of All. They have already risen above the struggles and pains of the world, and they are here to help us do the same. They accept our pain, suffering, guilt and blame and transform it, into the light of Love that we may see and give only the light of Love always.


“What’s Before Me”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 29

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Guiding Thought

We are the Light of Love. Light saturates our minds and bodies, surrounding every thought, and radiating out to All. Everything radiates Light in return. Everywhere is Light. We rest in Peace, Being Light.



We are almost at the end of Round 3, and I am looking forward for the next, and final round, to ask yet again, “What is healing?” I don’t know (yet). Do you think I’ll have any answers by the end of this Journey?

There is a quote from Anthony William, the author of Medical Medium that is very inspiring to me today:  Because there’s no rule book for mystery illness, there are also no limits to recovery… Healing is one of the greatest freedoms God offers us. Healing is the law of the universe, the light, or whatever you choose to call the higher source–not the law of humans–and so it grants true justice. Untethered by statute, healing from mystery illness can exceed imagination.

Healing and freedom…healing as freedom. That resonates. Healing is a gift and a right, not just a right, but a law of the universe. I can heal. You can heal. We can heal, with no limits to recovery. Just set about doing it. However you set about doing it.

[Oh, BTW—we started the MM (Medical Medium) cleanse (me and 4 friends)! I’ve put up a few pages for your information. Look under the Resources tab for my summary and notes on the book Medical Medium, a very basic outline of the cleanse-plan (I’ll continue to add to this page), as well as a spreadsheet for you to download to set up your own plan (any suggestions for format?), and my daily journal entries about how it’s going (so far, so good). The reason I’m posting these things is because, when I have done cleanses in the past, I’ve found it very useful to read about other people’s experiences, and what they thought. I also have to say I don’t think the book is set up very well for instructions on doing the cleanse, so I am going to figure it out for myself (Sorry, Anthony…maybe you’d like to collaborate on an “eating guide”?). ]

This Journey seems to be a conglomeration of many different areas of my life, little bits of healing here, little bits of healing there, with no central focus, no cohesion (but of course, there is something unifying everything!).  I feel like I am working on body on the one hand and mind on the other, and I don’t know how they relate or interact. I wish I knew what I was doing. I am at a point where I feel like I am fumbling around, figuring things out, without knowing what all the pieces are or what the final picture is going to be.

There is a Bible verse coming to mind at the moment relevant to this, Ecclesiastes 9:10. It feels instructive at the moment, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”  In other words, “do what is before you to do, and do it with all you have”. Or, “when you don’t know what else to do, do what is in front of you”. Keep your head down, and keep going?

I have several projects I am working on (including this Journey), plus the cleanse, plus just a general commitment to giving myself lots of love and care. Those are the things before me at the moment. How do I interpret them? What do I make of them? I don’t think I need to think about that. I simply need to do what is before me to do, with all my might.

“My Healing Direction”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 13

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Guiding Thought

Rely on your own Loving Presence to lead and guide you toward the meaning of healing. Seek the meaning of healing and allow it to frame all your activity and to give context to all your interactions. Though you may encounter disturbances throughout daily activity, lay them at the feet of your own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing?” Your own Loving Presence directs you, as you listen in the stillness.



I continue to be guided toward doing a healing cleanse. I’ve mentioned this once or twice already this Journey. I had thought that I would begin the cleanse so that I would be doing it during this Journey, ending right around day 40.

Community trumps timing. There are now five other people who will be doing this cleanse at the same time, to offer support to each other and to share our experiences. We are going to meet and talk (yes, like a support group!), before we start. We will probably start around the end of June or the beginning of July. If you are interested in doing the cleanse, I’ll be logging my “cleanse journal” on this page.

One reason I am doing a cleanse is because I have been feeling like my body needs to be able to allow more light to come through; it needs to be lighter, less dense. I need to have more energy available to serve people. When I have cleansed or fasted in the past, I have often noticed significant increases in my body’s vitality, in how alive it feels. That’s what I am hoping to experience with this cleanse. I also want to strengthen my immune system, and flush out anything that does not “belong” in my body.

One (big) claim made in the book Medical Medium is that about 2/3 of the American population have (and are unaware of having) the Epstein-Barr virus, which remains in the body for years (even decades), and can show up and wreak havoc in the body, without having any understandable under-lying cause. It claims that the illness mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). I had mono in college, so another reason I want to do this cleanse is to work on getting that virus out of my body (if in fact the claim is true, which we don’t really know, but I figure there is no harm in these thoughts or actions).

Everyone has their own reason for cleansing; everyone’s healing goals are different. What are yours? How are you directed? What do you need to do for yourself, for your own healing?

Keep going! The Journey is not even half over.

“Being Driven And Cleansing Dis-ease”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 07

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Guiding Thought

Love is Wholeness. The essence of Love is Peace. The essence of Wholeness is Unity. My essence is Love, therefore, my essence is Peace; my essence is Unity. Since my essence is Unity, I share Love and Peace wholly. Knowing the Unity of whole Love and Peace with All is the essence of Holiness. I choose to be aware, to understand and to Know my Whole and Holy self, which is Love. 



The first time I read a zodiac sign personality assessment that claimed I have a “driven” personality, I balked. Then, I thought about it and realized it was right.

Sometimes I can be like a dog with a bone; I get my mind fixed on something and I can’t stop until I’m done, or have gotten my fill of whatever “it” is. I’ve done this at jobs, with sacred geometry, the spiral dance, fasting, prayer, certain books, certain writing, working out, lots of things. It does not happen all the time, and it seems only to happen with certain things. It feels like I am immersing myself in something in order to have an intense learning experience.

More often than not, by the time I am done, not only have I learned, but I have developed a way to teach someone else what I have learned. That’s why I’m a good boss–I can train people at their job, because I’ve learned the job. After I spent an entire weekend figuring out how to draw the Shri Yantra using only a compass, a straightedge, and a pencil, I created a demonstration video and drawing guide; when I figured out the mathematical progression of arm positions for the Spiral Dance, I also had a PowerPoint ready to teach it.

You may think these Journeys are that, are of me being driven, but you’d be wrong. I am committed and dedicated to these Journeys, but here the learning is more diffuse, over a longer period of time; there can be moments of intensity, but those come up as part of the Journeys, not as part of my personality.

I tell you all this because even though I am not driven in this Journey, I am becoming driven with a subset of it, namely the cleansing/healing of my physical body. So, now, being driven is becoming part of this Journey: I have something new to learn!

This is how I am currently understanding it:

Love is Wholeness. Wholeness includes the body. The body needs to be included in how we understand Love. I need to know what my body feels like Whole, in Love.

How do I do that? By bringing Peace and Unity into my body. Where there is not-Peace, there is dis-ease. If there is dis-ease, there is not-Wholeness. So, somewhere in my body, there is dis-unity that needs to be healed (made whole).

By cleansing my physical body, and eliminating dis-ease I am going to learn what it means to bring more Wholeness into my body, and therefore bring more Love into my body.

Since Love is infinite, the amount of Love we can have or include in our bodies is infinite. Love’s nature is to always be able to give more. Thus, whether or not someone is showing signs of un-health, un-wholeness, there is always more Wholeness to be had.

It feels like I’ll be making room for Love, like I will be learning how to allow more Love.

My plan is simple. I am going to eat only raw fruits and vegetables for 28 days. I am actually elated that this is corresponding to Journey of Healing. I couldn’t have made this more synchronous if I tried (which I didn’t).

Would you like to join me? Cleanse your body? It’s going to be fun, as always. And, the same “rules” apply to the cleanse, as they do for these Journeys: Do what you can, baby steps, commit to what you think you can do, do the best you can. Everything is a step and we just keep taking steps. I am excited!

I’ll let you know what day I am actually going to start. I figure I must start in the next 5 days, so that I have the remainder of the 40-days to frame the cleanse. I need to clean out my refrigerator, make sure I have “menu” ideas, to make it easy, buy some supplements (totally not necessary, but encouraged), and get organized about how I am going to make it! If you are interested, there are several great resources out there.

The cleanse I am following is from the book Medical Medium, in which there is really just one rule: eat only raw fruit and vegetables for 28 days (though, there are suggestions beyond the rule).

Again, there are several options for you. Do some research and find something that feels right for you. Ask Love to guide you (it can be very simple, just say something like, “Love, please guide me in making right choices to make room in my body for more of You”).

Here are a few optional cleanses I have done, plus one a trusted friend of mine has done, for you to research:

How To Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet to Detox and Lose Weight “F.A.S.T.”

The Gerson Therapy

I will caution you against buying cleanses that are a bunch of pills. You want to eat…just eat raw.

There are also many websites and Facebook groups out there to support a raw diet, which you can find through your favorite search engine.  Here is one I follow:

Above all, do what is right for you! Eat what feels right. It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I can physically, mentally, practically, socially, even think about eating raw for 28 days. I may not make it, and I am ok with that…but I am going to do my best. All I know is, my body is telling me “do this”. What is your body telling you? Sometimes it takes some trial and error to figure it out. I’ll be here for you!

“When Forgetting Is A Good Thing”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 06

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Guiding Thought

As I unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence, I unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. I exist in Divine Mind, as It does in me, united forever—One. It leads me to Itself through my consciousness of my Self: my consciousness of my Self, as Infinite Being is Oneness with Divine Mind, is my Peace, is my wholeness, is my Unity with All.



When I started this Journey, it was, as it so often is, about Love, and transmuting hurt-pain-suffering into and through Love.

I know that’s where I started, but it’s not where I am being lead, so I feel confused and inconsistent. It’s still about Love, but it’s about preparing the body to allow more Love: healing the body.

Physical pain and discomfort prohibit joy, prohibit peace, prohibit compassion and understanding. Physical pain and discomfort can be all-consuming, with no room to feel anything else.

This is why I am being lead to healing the body. I am not looking for physical healing for the sake of physical healing; I am looking for physical healing for the sake of creating the conditions in my life to allow more joy, peace, compassion, understanding, and Love. And that means feeling good in my body.

When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.

When the belt fits, the belly is forgotten.

When the body fits, the ego is forgotten.

This is my adaptation of a section of the Chaung Tzu parable, When the Shoe Fits. The meaning is that pain and discomfort draw our attention, and keep us fixed on the source of the pain. The ego is invested in keeping our attention on the body, through pain or discomfort. When we are healthy, and can forget the body because there is no pain, the ego has nothing to anchor us. Naturally, and easily, the ego and what it represents disappears; Love and Peace are revealed.

Working toward greater physical health, is the physical aspect of the Rumi quote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Striving for physical health is removing those barriers to Love, literally within yourself, your body.

There is one more aspect of this that I am seeing, that I want to mention. On day 25 of the last Journey, I said this, “Here’s the bottom line: Material things (like a physical body, food, water, shelter, loving relationships) are necessary to live as human beings. We can use things to seek the Divine or we can use things to support the ego-lower mind. The more things we devote to seeking the Divine, the more we are given to use to seek the Divine. How responsible are you? How do you use the gifts you have?” At the time, I did not understand how it applied to Journey of Worth, and after that day, it never came up again in that Journey.

I think it has spilled over into this Journey, and this Journey is also working on the themes of using material things (like a physical body) to seek the Divine, thus connecting worth, with health. It’s also about personal responsibility and choice. Putting nourishment in the body is a very tangible equivalent to putting thoughts in your head; each is equally important.

About 8 months ago, I bought a Nutri-bullet, and decided fairly quickly that it was the best investment I have made for my health in a long time. I’ve been doing green and fruit smoothies almost daily since I bought it. Now, I’ve been reading the book, Medical Medium, which talks about the healing benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. I am going to begin to increase my conscious use of my Nutri-bullet, along with the new information in this book, to really work on healing my body.