Full Meal Deal –Journey of Beauty 02.10.10

Guiding Thought

Nature is beauty, beauty is nature. Nature brings me to inner beauty, to True Beauty, to Beauty of All. Nature is Peace, Interconnectedness, and awe-inspiring. I exist within and alongside this expansive, earth and all her creatures, at One with All of Life!

Reflection / Contemplation

You’d think that with all of my writing so far, that nature is my primary entry into Beauty. Well, in part it is, because I have always had and have easy access to it in this part of the world.  But give a good book to me, the opportunity to go to an art gallery or a concert, a deep and meaningful conversation and I will readily take it.
It is the people around me who invite me into their world of Beauty, just as much as I invite them into mine.
My husband and I are in new territory of attending to our relationship. This is because both of our son and daughter are in college and beginning their own lives. Ken and I have also spent close to 20 years attending to aging parents, and more recently attending to their deaths, the last one and most recent was 5 months ago with the death of my mom.
We now have space in our lives that does not require the frenetic attention to schedules and waving as a form of communication. I am doing my part by showing up and participating in the activities which feed Ken’s sense of Beauty. This involves nature, plain and simple.
A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip up to the tulip fields, spent the night in a cabin and toured the local town with its stores and galleries. Ken was gracious enough to listen to a cd track of that sound healer I was writing about, a while back (see 02.09.05). As much as I have been attending to what lights him up, I want to give him access to what lights me up. That trip was the full meal deal in my book.
Yesterday, it was on another nature outing with Ken to a wild-life and bird preserve that I was reminded that each of us is on our own journey. The walk along a 2 mile boardwalk (4 miles round trip) I asked him what it was that draws him to nature and what is it that he notices and pays attention to.  I gave my answer to that question too. Each of us is hooked into the beauty of nature in different ways. He is restored by nature. I told him that I am drawn by the colors. We both appreciate the break from the noises of the modern world that nature provides.
To be honest, I have had enough experiences directly with nature, in conversation about it, and in contemplation, to get the interconnected and oneness bit. What I find surprising is this interconnectivity business is weaving its way through my primary relationship, inviting us to the deeper places within ourselves and with each other, and nature has everything to with it.

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Dam! Dam! Dam! Journey of Peace 2017– Day 10

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Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as my Self, I respect and revere All Life. I love my Self; I love All Life. I bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all my activities and interactions. I now Know the Peace inherent in Oneness. I Know All as my Self. I Know my Self as Love.


Sometimes when I think, “All Life”, my mind thinks about the cosmos, all the planets, dust, black holes, and “stuff” out there. Sometimes when I think “All Life”, I think about the cells in my body, the processes that keep my heart pounding, my cells fed, my joints lubricated. Sometimes when I think about “All Life”, I think about protons, electrons, atoms, sub-atomic particles, waves, sounds, energies, vibrations.

What is Life, after all, but the everything and its interconnectedness? If it were not for that stardust, my cells, hormones, and dna, all of the particles that make up “me”, I would not exist.

When thinking about any of these different ideas of “Life”, I feel awed and amazed. I am here! I am in this! How amazing is that?

But mostly, when I think “All Life”, my mind goes right to nature. Beautiful, beautiful nature. Beautiful, beautiful earth.

There is nothing like being in nature to remind me of my connection with All Life. There is nothing like tuning in to the beauty, the stillness, and the activity of nature to be reminded that all of my personal traumas, disturbances, and petty worries are negligible.

I took a walk at lunch today and tuned in. there is a marsh/stream right out back. I go there regularly. Turtles hang out on logs in the water (stillness). Chipmunks scamper across my path (activity). The trees wave gently in the wind (beauty). Sometimes I can hear the trees sing. Sometimes I can feel the Life within everything surrounding me. Sometimes I Know myself as the stillness, the activity, the trees, the birds, the song of nature.

Today, I did not feel those things, though my mind was calmed and stilled as I connected with the turtles.

I was also gifted with the activity of beavers. I have yet to see a beaver, but I see their evidence. It’s these moments, these gifts–the small things that require noticing to appreciate–that I understand how dependent “I” am on All, and how I must love and respect All of Life, for its Being.

Busy at work, preparing for winter.
Evidence of Beaver Activity
I think I interrupted this.