Being Light: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 26

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Guiding Thought

Through our physical body, we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. We heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and become lighter and brighter. We bring light to all we have denied and we heal our past-present-future NOW. Every day we are lighter and lighter!


A couple days ago, I mentioned what I saw as a connection between neurons (electrical energy) and the idea of “everything is energy”.

Of course, if you know anything about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, this idea is not new. But what is interesting to me, is that the neurons confirm the idea that we are energy.

Here’s the thing: if I already consist of submicroscopic particles/waves which are already pure energy, then how do I realize this and embody it physically as a being of Light?

I just remembered today that I have been working with this idea since I was 14. I used to visualize myself as pure light, pure energy. I used to picture so much light shining within me that it came out of my eyes and hands, and “enlightened” my head–like you see in pictures of holy people (I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus…)

I am still working with this idea. I admit: I believe that we are light, and “all” we have to do is realize ourselves as “enlightened” beings, Know ourselves as the Divine Light and Love we are.

I believe that we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe because we are that Love and Light.

But…unresolved issues bog us down. Not only do those issues contribute to our believing we are something we are not (material beings), but they literally keep us weighed down through being such a low frequency/vibration that the Light can’t get through. We are doors instead of windows between Light and the world.

Through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, we become lighter and brighter. Literally. As we lift our frequency, Light resonates with us–or I should say, we resonate with Light, and we then shine with the Light we are, because there is nothing in the way.

I feel a great sense of duty and responsibility about this. We need to bring this Love and Light to the world. If we need to do it, then need to do it. I have a responsibility to myself, but more than that, I have a responsibility to you. You can do this, too. You can be the Light you are. If you don’t believe me… well… that’s why I need to be it, so you can see your own Truth.

How much more free can anyone be, as Love and Light?

As a side note, I mention sometimes how the Journeys are all interconnected, leading us to enlightenment from one angle, then from another angle. Here is one of the Guiding Thoughts from Journey of Fulfillment:

We are light. Our Bodies are light. We are free. We know fulfillment and can feel it rise within and expand out.

During that Journey, we look at freedom and Light through the lens of Fulfillment. It gives a bit of a different feel, but much depth, to all of the concepts (Light, Freedom, Fulfillment). Every angle offers a new understanding.

Submicroscopic Energy: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 23

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Guiding Thought

Everything is energy. Everything is energy connecting everything! A shift in energy in one place shifts energy other places. We lift our energy to the vibration of Love and Light, to God, to all that is Divine. We are responsible for our energy; we choose to free it by releasing the Divine Love within us.


One of the things that I look for while I do the Journeys are things I read/see/hear that are related to either the Guiding Thoughts, or the Journey. Sometimes as I am working with the Journey ideas, my consciousness will intentionally attract “supporting evidence” to lovingly shove in my face so I can’t miss it! Sometimes it feels like a signpost, showing me I’m going the right direction, like reassurance. Sometimes it gives tells me the same thing, in a new way, helping me understand from different angles. All of this helps me put the pieces together tighter and quicker, building a stronger foundation.

With that in mind, do you know what this is a picture of?

A cluster of neurons!

But it looks like pure energy, doesn’t it? And it looks like energy connecting everything, doesn’t it?

I became fascinated with neurons just over the past few days because I started reading the book Light Dark, the Neuron and the Axon, by Joseph and Kathy Scogna.

Here are a few passages from this book, which in my opinion, reflect the first three sentences of the Guiding Thought almost exactly, but in scientific terms–a microcosm of the macrocosm, so to say:

The neuron expresses and holds electric pressure and space (lightness and darkness). This electric pressure system and the characteristics of the energies which it holds onto can become so intricate and precise that [scientists] have yet to discover these infinite variations. (p. 13, “Everything is energy!”)

One of the primary functions of the nucleus is the ability to reproduce the entire system…It also has the capability and power of directing and controlling electromagnetic mechanisms which will help to reproduce regular sustained electric patterns and characteristics that are of benefit to the entire human organism. (p. 16, “Everything is energy connecting everything!”)

Energies of the cytoplasm [the fluid inside the neuron] eventually send signals by means of nucleic and ribonucleic acids to coordinate energies as building blocks of proteins, necessary for the creation of bones and muscles. The cytoplasm of the nerve cell is more intrinsically connected with the control processes in the body, which help to keep the system neurologically fit so it can subsist in this environment. (p. 19, “A shift in energy in one place shifts energy other places.”)

The human body is simply electrical energy, connected by electrical energy; this energy shifts and moves affecting process and systems throughout the body.

I am not sure where this is leading me. I certainly do not often read scientific-type stuff. Yet, I am fascinated with this and feel like I have a lot to learn through this–a lot to learn both about the body as well as the life energy of the universe, of Love, and of how it all works together.