Fullness –Journey of Freedom 02.12.07

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Guiding Thought

I allow my physical body to experience itself fully as Light and Love. My physical body embodies Light; I am an expanded body of Light and Sound. I move as Light, perceive as Light, behave as Light—I am everywhere—permeating, expanding, unifying, and healing. All things are possible.

Reflection / Contemplation

At first I got hung up on the word “fully”. I thought, “I don’t think I can do that–allow my body to experience itself fully as Light and Love”.

Because when I think fully, I take that as far as I can go: Om, Purnamadah Purnamidam; Purnat Purnamudachyate Purnasya Purnamadaya; Purnameva Vashishyate. This is Full; that is Full. From Fullness comes Fullness.  Take Fullness from Fullness, Fullness remains. 

Fullness is serious. Experiencing Fullness is way beyond what I think I am capable of.

So I was hung up.

But OMGoodness! it didn’t last long.

All of the sudden, for just a short moment, I felt myself expand with Light into the fields, into the trees, into the birds, into the sunlight.

“I am ALL THIS”, I thought…I felt…I was.

But then, of course, when I tried to hold on to it, it was gone. My brain took over again, my emotions were “mine” again.

But for that moment, I Knew: All things are possible (because I AM All things).



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Everything Fulfilled in a Moment. -Healing (1.4.39)

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Guiding Thought

I am the Light of Love. Light saturates my mind and body, surrounding every thought, and radiating out to All. Everything radiates Light in return. Everywhere is Light. I rest in Peace, Being Light.


Recently, I’ve been falling asleep while listening to a meditation. Part of the meditation is, “I am ready to receive Divine Love”. I wake up feeling very calm, rested, refreshed, full of peace. What are the chances there is a correlation between the meditation and how I feel when I wake up? Pretty good, I think.

It’s not a far stretch for me to read the Guiding Thought and believe it. I can feel the Light saturating my mind and body, radiating out to all. I can sense everything radiating Light in return. In this moment, reading the Guiding Thought, I feel the same way I described about when I wake up.

After I wake up, it takes a couple of hours for the feeling to wear off (give or take, depending on how quickly life pulls me out of that State). The Guiding Thought has the same effect–temporary. At least temporary for now.

The more a person becomes accustomed to feeling good–feeling what it feels like in the arms of Love, resting in Peace– the more they want it, the more they seek it, the more they find it, the more they want it… it’s a cycle of expansion of Love.

Sure, the feeling wears off (for now). But in the moment, it’s like knowing what it feels like to not need to seek or desire something, because in that moment, it’s not just something that is fulfilled…it’s everything.

And since in Truth everything is fulfilled…the cycle of expansion of Love is just leading us to the Truth of Love.


Om Puurnnamadah Puurnnamidam Puurnnaat Purnnamudacyate
Puurnnasya Puurnnamadaaya Puurnnamevavashissyate
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

OmThat (Outer World) is Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); This (Inner World) is also Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); From Purna comes Purna (From the Fullness of Divine Consciousness the World is manifested)
Taking Purna from PurnaPurna Indeed Remains (Because Divine Consciousness is Non-Dual and Infinite).

Om PeacePeacePeace.

A Journey of Fulfillment, Beginning June 16, 2014

On Monday, June 16, 2014 I will begin the next Consciousness Journey. It will be a Journey of Fulfillment.

Life is so very good! I embody wholeness; I am naturally connected to Infinite Life, which always gives, always fills, always supports me in perfect peace! But…as we know…I sometimes forget. I forget my connection to Divine Mind; I forget my purpose; I forget about joy. Recently, I have forgotten.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me a story about a dog sitting on a nail. He just sat there, whimpering, whining. A passerby asked the owner what was wrong and the dog’s owner said, “he sat on a nail”. The passerby replied, “why doesn’t he just move”? to which the owner replied, “He’s not uncomfortable enough.”

Unlike the dog, I have a very low tolerance for my own pain and suffering–every little thing that makes a disturbance in my body/mind/emotions/or energy, I grab it and look at it and work on it until it has evolved into peace or joy or acceptance. Sometimes I can “move” something very quickly–it helps that I have a naturally resilient personality, and lots of tools. But sometimes it just takes TIME. We live in a world of material things–people, jobs, tasks, objects. Until a person becomes a master of the material world (which I am working on), there is a lot of trial and error, energy expended, questions, confusions, figuring things out, etc. that goes into changing a material circumstance, and that takes TIME.  Unless I remain very diligent, it is during this time that I am prone to forgetting.

I forget my connection to Infinite Life, Infinite Love, which extends itself as only Fulfillment. My forgetting leads me to feel unfulfilled, joyless, meaningless, sad. It is time to grab on to it and evolve!

The Isha Upanishad starts this verse:

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam  This is Full

Purnat Purnamudachyate  That is also Full

Purnasya Purnamadaya  From Fullness comes Fullness

Purnameva Vashishyate  Take away from FullnessFullness remains

Om shanti, shanti, shanti  Om PeacePeacePeace.

With the wisdom of the Isha Upanishad as a guide, The Journey of Fulfillment will begin on Monday June 16, 2014. There will be a statement of intention and of commitment, then the Journey will begin! Join me? Please! do!