Love Regurgitated: Journey of Creation – Day 24

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Guiding Thought

In Perfect Love there is no lack, only complete abundance. Perfect Love is Perfect Fulfillment. When we are aware of our Oneness with Perfect Love, we have everything; we are everything. With a mind fully aware of its own Fullness in Perfect Love, we have perfect faith in our creations, as they are of the same mind as Perfect Love.


I am One I am One.

If you keep going, it ends up looping into itself:
Such that I AM ONE, could as easily be ONE I AM.

Same with this:

I am Love.

I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am Love I am.

I know the Guiding Thoughts can be overwhelming. There is a lot going on each day with each Guiding Thought, and the brain can get tired…so tired that it does not want to do more than recite the words mechanically. I know. I do it too, sometimes.

But as much as I can, I get into the words –and I dig deeper and deeper, as best I can. I think further and further into what the words mean; I do my best to embody what I visualize, what I feel in the words.

If all you can do is think about the meaning of I AM ONE, or I AM LOVE…if all you can do is embody how you visualize one or both of those 3-word sentences…do it.

These 3-word sentences will lead you further into their overall meaning.

Because if you can feel yourself embodying being Love, then you will Know yourself as Perfect Love.

And when you Know yourself as Love’s Perfection, you will also Know that Love is all you need. Literally.

In Love, there is no lack, only complete abundance and perfect fulfillment.

And when we Know ourselves as Love, we completely understand the concept of Oneness. If Love is all there is, then there is only the Oneness of Love.

I want you to feel this, to go into it, to get one more layer down, into that part of you that really does Know, that part of you that understands exactly what I am saying, and can feel its Truth. I know this can be redundant, but feel it. Say it to yourself over and over, asking the words to reveal their Truth to you. I am One. I am Love.

With Perfect Love, we have everything; we are everything. Everything surrounding us, everything within us is this Perfect Love. Everything.

When the mind can exist in this state, in this Knowing, everything is our ally. Everything we encounter is One with us; all we do is exist in Love, recycling Love in the Oneness of Itself.


In My Own Interest- Journey of Creation – Day 06

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Guiding Thought

When my mind and will are free, they recognize only truth. My mind and will are free in the Knowledge of union with Perfect Love. When I am in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, I create freedom and truth for myself and All.


What do I really want? Why is creation important to me?

Why is creation important to me?

It’s not about power, or about demonstrating “what I can do”… It’s not about what I can get, or how much more I can do or have than someone else. It’s not about wanting anything specific, or wanting something different than what I already have.

The answer feels more simple than any of that: I want to create and to learn to create because I can. Just because.

What is new and important is: I want to do it right.

We are all powerful creators. You already know this about yourself, probably. We are constantly creating: Our minds-thoughts-energy all become expressed through the vehicles of our bodies. We live in a world of that expressed energy, which returns to us to be perceived (again) in our minds, interpreted as thoughts, and re-expressed through our bodies as actions.

When I say, “I want to do it right”, all I mean is that I want the energy I express to be fully Love and loving, or as the Guiding Thought says, of One Mind and Will as Perfect Love.

The energy which sustains me from Source is already Pure Love. Thus, 100% of that energy inflow is Perfect.

But I am not perfect.

That energy becomes distorted through my imperfections. When I express distorted energy, what comes back to me is also, necessarily, distorted.

Then I have a choice: purify that energy before I “distribute” it again, or not.

If I choose to purify it (release anything unlike Love), I may succeed at 1% purification or 100% purification. The more pure I can make myself and my energy, the easier it will be to do it again, the next time that energy returns to me.

If I choose not to purify the energy, it comes back to me again in the same impure state it was when it left, perhaps with added impurities picked up from energies it encountered, and mixes again with my own distortions, then goes back out even less pure than when it came in.

It’s in my best interest to do the best I can to purify (release distortions, release anything that is not Love), as much as I can.

This process (choosing to purify) increases the percentage of Love that I am expressing in my energy-actions.

Since Love is the only real creative force, this increases the amount of real (True) creations in my world, and in my experience.

Freedom in this sense means both freedom as Love, in Truth, and freedom from distortions (or projections of or by fear).

What life do you want? Journey of Creation – Day 05

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Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of my Self, imbues me with the will to create with Love. I am able to create through my own free will, extending Perfect Love.  Loving creation was given freely to me; I give freely my own loving creation. I Joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.


A Journey of Creation would be incomplete without a practical application, would it not? So far, then, this Journey has been incomplete, as I have not talked about how I want to use what I learn, applied to my life.

So here it is:

I am working on creating a life I love. I am working on creating, as the Guiding Thought suggests, through Love, with Love, and as Love.

I currently think (and this is a relatively new thought for me–it has only been in my head since I started this Journey) that I can use my free will, fueled with Love, to create anything I want.

The thought I held prior to this new thought is that I must “align my will with God’s”, and then God’s Will will be manifest through me.

But now, I am thinking that God wants me to use my free will creatively. CREATE-ively.

It’s not about “What does God want?”, but rather, “How do I want to express Perfect Love?” “What unique way can I experience Perfect Love?” “What can I do in my own life to feel and embody more Perfect Love every day?”

I do have some experience with this. Do you remember what I wrote about my year in Denmark, and how it was one example of creation in my life? That year, I felt so much love in general, love for life, love for everything that was going on, I am now pretty certain that I was doing what I am talking about, creating a beautiful life-experience with, through, and as Love.

What is this life I want to now create? What is a life that I can love fully? What experience do I want to have which will bring me an experience of beauty, joy, and freedom?

There is nothing specific right now that I “want”. It’s more general than that, and much bigger. I want an entire life filled with Joy, Beauty, Love, Freedom, and Peace. I want a life I Love, so that I wake up every morning in love with life, in Love, in Life. I want a life that increases the Love I have to give and share, so that I can give and share endlessly, and it only feeds the original love. It’s possible, here, now.

The Evolution: Journey of Creation – Day 02

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Guiding Thought

When I am aware of my own consciousness as Perfect Love, I am aware of everything as Love, and of Love as everything. In this state of awareness, I create naturally and easily in unison with Perfect Love, with all of existence.


First, a check-in: I can feel the bigness of this Journey. I’ve been feeling a little cranky, irritable, and very tired; tiny things seem to bother me. This is an indication to me that some of my “stuff” is bubbling to the surface, spilling over, making me aware. This happens sometimes…all that stuff that knows it needs to transform rears its head when it’s confronted with that which will be transforming it. To re-phrase the Guiding Thought, and add to yesterday’s: when I am aware of my imperfections, I am aware of the places within which need to be released! Thank God for imperfections and the tools to transform them.

With that said, onward!

I definitely like the idea of creating naturally and easily with all of existence.

Imagine that for a moment: Everyone and everything is on your side, working with you to create…

To create what, exactly?

To create Perfect Love? That doesn’t make sense, does it?

If everything is already Perfect Love, why would it need to be created?

Furthermore, if Perfect Love is all that has been or will be created, why don’t I see or experience it all the time? I should be able to look around me and see Perfect Love everywhere, shouldn’t I?

Either Perfect Love is everything and I just can’t see it…

Or everything is not Perfect Love.


I choose Perfect Love is everything and I just can’t see it. I may be wrong, but I’d rather move in the direction of Perfect Love rather than away from it.

How do I move toward it, especially if I can’t see it?

Perfect Love is definitely bigger than I am right now. Maybe someday I will catch up to It, but right now, I lag far behind (especially when my little crankies are showing themselves).

My awareness is up to me! The evolution of my consciousness is up to me! Another day down, another step accomplished. This is the evolution.



Writing as Release: Journey of Creation – Day 01

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Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence I came. I return to the awareness of the Love I AM by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits my consciousness of my True Self. I release those inhibitors now, and Know myself as the Love I AM.


I feel a lot of emotions of insecurity about this Journey. It’s very personal, this Journey. My insecurities do not arise from the process of doing the Journey–I am quite used to that by now; they do not arise from the desire for wanting to Know Love, to create as Love, to be One with Love, these too have been with me a long time. The insecurities arise instead from the sharing, from you being an observer to this process.

About a week ago, I was talking about my practices with Tam and about wanting to intensify them, and take more time at them; Tam said simply, “You are not a monk! Not in this lifetime, anyway.” I cried. I couldn’t help myself; I am not a monk and that makes me very sad. 

If I were a monk, I would be doing this in solitude, in the inner depths of my mind and heart, with no fear of the you who I now share this with.

But no. In this life I am choosing to share the process of becoming enlightened, the process of mastery, now, here, today, imperfectly perfect, step by step. What are your judgments? What do you think? Do you criticize my use of words like “Perfect Love” or “Original Source”?

I feel self-conscious. I have lived with my own desire for God all my life. I am used to it. But I have not shared it publicly, until I began writing as Susanwithpearls.

You would think that I would be used to this too, by now, since I’ve been writing as Susanwithpearls for four years.

But no. This Journey feels deeply personal, getting at a layer of honesty about my deepest desire for God, in a way that I have not approached previously. And you are here to witness, and that’s scary.

You are my void,

My all-seeing I.

You are the abyss into which I caste myself.

Into nothing, nothing goes.

Purified of nothing, I remain.

My Self.

“Simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits my consciousness of my True Self”…not so simply.

If it were simple, I would not have admitted everything I have just written; I would have released and been done!

Perhaps the writing is the release, and now I am one step closer.