Yours in the Work -Healing (1.4.26)

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Guiding Thought

As we unite in consciousness with our own Loving Presence, we unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. We exist in Divine Mind, as It does in us, united forever—One. It leads us to Itself through our consciousness of our Self: our consciousness of Self, as Infinite Being, is Oneness with Divine Mind, is our Peace, is our wholeness, is our Unity with All.


I feel like something is wrong with me.

Even just acknowledging that is difficult.

It’s just one area of my life. It has to do with accomplishment: what I thinkshould be doing vs. what I am doing.

There are several projects that I am working on. I think that I should be giving priority to (let’s just call it) project A, but I spend a whole lot of time on project C (or B or D…), which means I don’t “get around to” working on project A.

It’s not that I am lazy, or unproductive. I’m just being productive on something other than project A, that is less meaningful (or so I think).

Project A has been on my plate a long time and has lots of components and things to work on, things to work out. It’s both a bit complicated and time consuming…neither of which is generally prohibitive for me. I like working out complex ideas, and I don’t mind taking the time to do so. In fact, project B is also complicated and time consuming…So, why now, are these factors a point of resistance for project A?

I just can’t seem to get my sh** together to  work on project A. I have no motivation. I have no investment. I can’t see the purpose, the long-term. I wonder, “if I do project A, is that not just feeding and rewarding my lower-self, my ego?” Then that becomes prohibitive.

Yet on the other hand…project A is incredibly important in a big picture kind of way. So I wonder, “am I afraid of the impact? am I afraid of how big this is? am I afraid of success? of failure?”

I honestly don’t know.

The other day, I wrote about alignment. Project A was on my mind during that writing. Something is out of alignment. Or so I think. Maybe I just think something is out of alignment, and in reality everything is exactly as it should be.

That describes my entire mental conflict: “I think something is going on, and I feel wrong“….”but maybe it’s not what I think”. And I don’t know which it is. 

If something is going on and there is a reason that I feel wrong…then all I need to do is take the steps in the direction of feeling right, which means (pretty simply) working on project A.

And if things are exactly as they should be, then I should just relax. I’ve let this get too far. My mind spins. …and now I feel like something is wrong.

OK. All of this is context for the point I really want to make. There are two big ideas at play and these ideas are relevant to the project A situation and to this Journey. They are:

  1. Thought is creative
  2. What you seek you find

(1) Thought is creative both in imaginative (future) content (what informs your mind to work out as “reality”) and in attitude (how you approach content as it comes to you). This is why the daily Guiding Thoughts matter. They give imaginative content that your mind can then align with (create) in your experience, and they offer a framework through which to interpret experiences you are already having. The ultimate goal is to have congruence between the vision and the reality, so that the content you imagine is the content you experience.

Thus, it has concerned me that I have a new thought popping up recently that says, “something is wrong with me”. That is not content I want to either imagine or experience.

(2) What we seek on the Journeys, generally speaking, is Unity, Oneness, Peace through seeking the Truth of our Selves. We can find it precisely because Unity, Oneness, and Peace are the Truth of who we are. Again, this is a role of the Guiding Thoughts–they point you toward the direction that the You of you already knows exists, and It knows you are looking for It, so once you give five minutes a day to looking for It, It can help you find It so much faster and easier. The Journeys guide you to the only real direction there is, and in doing so make it easier for you to both seek and find the Truth of You.

But when someone has thoughts like, “what is wrong with me?” Guess what? A part of that creative mind takes that literally, and starts looking for what is wrong. And make no mistake…if you look for something –whether you mean to or not– you will find it.

And this is why I’ve shared this with you. This project A situation directly opposes the goal of the Journeys on these two points…and I need to change. I need to figure this out. I need get aligned, become congruent, root out the “wrongs”, do whatever it takes to free myself of these thought patterns, the inconsistency, the whatever this is.

Thanks for being here,

Thanks for your support,

Yours in the work,




Turn Back O Fear: Journey of Courage 2017 – Day 31

We are on the final stretch, the last 10 days! Pat yourself on the back–you are doing great. I know sometimes it does not feel like anything is “happening”–at least I feel that way, sometimes. But I can assure you, that if you have been taking a few minutes each day to read and think about the Guiding Thoughts, you are changing; your perceptions and perspectives are broadening, and you are allowing more love and light into your mind and your heart–and I hope you have seen that love and light encourage bold action, especially in a world that loves its darkness.


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Guiding Thought

Life is a process of Self-discovery. I embrace All of Life, for All of Life is who I am. As I embrace Life as my Self, I come to understand Life as me. Life embraces me gently and joyfully in return.


In case you haven’t noticed, or haven’t followed along long enough to notice, the Journeys dovetail with each other. Sometimes it feels more like puzzle pieces making up the picture of my convoluted life, but it’s the same principle: The themes from the Journeys fit together and work together to lead me to greater insights, self-knowledge, and self-understanding.

Here’s what I am talking about: I’ve been working on abundance for a long time (pretty successfully, if I do say so myself). Abundance is one of those things that is so tangible, so recognizable, it feels sometimes easier to see the advances and the retreats–more so than with spiritual experiences like freedom or worth or fulfillment, which are less tangible.

I have a financial situation that I’ve been working out, and I feel myself retreating. I feel myself afraid, like I have been afraid in the past. I see it; I recognize it. I feel myself hesitant, untrusting, and uncertain. If ever I needed courage in a tangible situation, this is a good example.

In this situation, courage is about not letting my old fears win. It’s about trusting myself, trusting God, trusting life, and knowing that Life embraces me gently and joyfully. 

Here is why this is important: have to do it. I have to make sure my fears don’t win.

How do I do this? I must be proactive in stopping the thoughts of fear. I do this by interrupting them, and redirecting them. It’s like SparkyJen commented two days ago, “Whenever I feel myself reeling, I simply say: ‘Peace Be Still,’ because this is where I want to reside. It typically stops me in my tracks, allows me to regroup, conjure up a smile; maybe even a giggle. Once I feel I’ve ‘got this,’ I continue…”

With my recognition of old fears and patterns, luckily I am able to catch myself before I begin reeling. Sometimes that’s even harder, because my mind wants to seduce me into thinking it’s not that bad; you can indulge in some negativity, some fear, you know there’s a part of you that loves feeling sorry for yourself, loves wanting to be the victim, thinks someone else should take care of this…

BUT NO. I must stop these thoughts, and replace them with thoughts that take me where I want to be: Peace. Trust. Openness.

It takes openness to embrace All of Life, right? A hug starts with the arms wide open.  I want to be open to Life, and embracing All of Life, including situations that remind me of myself at a time when I felt less confident, less trusting, less worthy, and more fearful when it comes to big financial transactions. 

I am not that person anymore. Those fears and feelings are old, no longer part of me.

Shussh mind! Be still. I have been in a process of self-discovery for too long to let you seduce me into believing something untrue about myself, or have me slip back into an old pattern or way of being. I am amazing! and I do amazing things! I am loving and kind, and life supports me, enriches me, and wants me to be happy fulfilled and abundant!