Remembering and Seeking–Worth (1.3.25)

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Guiding Thought

There is only one Will. That Will is Love. That Will is our Love:  your Love, my Love, together. Only when we will in Love is the outcome assured in Love. Only when we will in Love do we know the results are truly beneficial to all, including ourselves. Only when we will with Love are we Free and we affirm with certainty “All is as it should be”.


In reverse: If we cannot affirm with certainty “All is as it should be”, then we have not willed in Love.

Linearly: If I do this…then this… then this, all the while willing in Love, then I am assured of results that will be harmonious. If there is any disharmony along the way, then there is lack of alignment with the Loving Will somewhere within me.

After I wrote yesterday about the sub-theme of remembering-forgetting, in my sleep, I was reminded, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”.

I say reminded because seeking first the Kingdom of God has been a regular–near daily–theme and practice for me for over 20 years. And yet, I had forgotten it. 

The past three weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster. The panic that I’ve been feeling, that I have written about, that is an indicator of not willing with Love. It’s an indication of results and outcomes that are not harmonious, not peaceful, not beneficial to all. I have not been able to say “all is as it should be”, because I have been too concerned about my little self, and not enough about my Divine Self–the Kingdom of God.

Seeking first the Kingdom of God is really a short-hand way of saying exactly what the Guiding Thought is saying: Will with Love first, last, and always, and all outcomes will be assured in Love. When all outcomes are assured in Love, then, and only then is there Peace within and Peace in the world (within and without, the Kingdom of God).

I wonder…if I can forget something that I have spent over 20 years reminding myself, 20 years practicing, 20 years of research and experimentation…then it makes sense that there are a whole lot of things that I have forgotten.

I feel like I am at various stages of remembering. Some things I have remembered more than other things–like seeking first the Kingdom of God, or Know Thyself, or Love thy Neighbor– I am pretty good at all of these, though I do still forget sometimes.

There are other things that I have not remembered as frequently, like how True Happiness feels, or how trusting God feels, or how abundance feels, but I do still remember them from time to time, and I know they are circulating about in my consciousness, to be remembered.

But then, what about the things that I have very rarely remembered or  never remembered, but that I still know are true–like Worth does not need to be earned, that I am a beloved child of God, that Health and Wholeness are my birthright…

It’s like what I do remember is the tip of an iceberg, and what I don’t remember still lies 90% beneath the surface.

In a few days (day 31), I am going to remember this, and embrace the Guiding Thought for that day, to begin to remember all that I have forgotten, under the surface.

Lesson on the Kingdom (Purpose 1.2.31)

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Welcome to Round 4!–we are in the homestretch now! There are only 10 days left. We’ve done so much these past 30 days; do you realize how far you’ve come? Once more, the pronouns change with this round, and we are back to using “I” as the subject of the Guiding Thought. However…you may notice that you do not feel the same way about “I” as you did in the first round after having been through “you” and “we”!

Guiding Thought

There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment. My Inner Divine Presence Knows every form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that fulfills my desires. When I am diligent about maintaining my focus of desire on the loving benefit and fulfillment of all sentient beings, Divine Substance–which is the source of Spiritual Idea’s manifestation–flows through me and externalizes in my experience. Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that I could possibly desire.


Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added unto you. (Bible, Matthew 6:33)

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. (Bible, Luke 17:21)

The Kingdom of Heaven is you. (A Course in Miracles, Chapter 4)


I’ve written a lot about the idea of deciding 100% for God and the Holy Spirit. Once we make that decision 100%, we experience a shift from a consciousness of separation into a consciousness of Oneness; we experience Divine Perception; we experience the Holy Instant, perpetually.

This shift begins (or at least it did for me), with traditional concepts of surrender. Surrender, bears with it ideas of sacrifice or submission, and can feel scary, as though you are losing a part of yourself.

Deciding 100% for God and the Holy Spirit is more like a cooperation, a partnership; there is no loss, but a greater fulfillment, an added dimension of power to the (ego-less) personality.

I’ve been in and out of this space for a short time, going back and forth between my ego wanting to be in charge, and my higher Self wanting to choose God and the Holy Spirit 100%.  My mind has been experiencing this as a conflict, regarding a particular situation I am in.

On the one hand, my ego-self, tied to human solutions, including constructs of laws, rules, “payback”, “giving someone what they deserve”, etc., wants to charge forward using everything available to “solve” this problem. My ego-self knows it can win. It knows it can use these human constructs very effectively to get what it wants–to overcome, to dominate, to win.

And thinking in those terms felt so good. It felt powerful, motivating, successful (even before the fact).

But it also felt wrong. Part of me pointed out that human constructions cannot “solve” spiritual “problems”. If I were going to give in to using human constructs, then I would be denying the power of God, denying the flow of the Holy Spirit.

But I could also feel a part of myself wanting it to feel right. I could see a possible path of rationalization where I could make it feel right.

Do you see the conflict?

So, I went within and asked for guidance. The answer was: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven. Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven first, last, and always. 

What my inner-guide was telling me was that I can’t say that I rely on God, that I want to give myself to God 100%, and then use human constructs as a crutch when things don’t go my way. I must completely give up any reliance on human “solutions”. I must trust God. I must trust that when I trust God, when I seek the Kingdom first, last, and always, that His solutions are truly what I want.

It felt like a huge lesson, but one that got me even closer to that 100%.


“What Does Worth Mean to You?”: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 25

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Cracking The Oyster

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Day 25!

Well, this has never happened before! It seems Sus has had an epiphany early on! She’s just about cracked this Journey…I love these moments. 🙂 I can only say, I’m a bit sorry it’s not the weekend so I could see her face while this was happening. There’s nothing quite like watching your best friend have a break-through…no…nothing like it at all; especially a break-through of THIS TYPE!

When those closest to us grow, we grow; it’s a weird sort of spiritual symbiosis that makes life grand; they’re cup overflows into ours. Then when we grow, our cup overflows back into theirs…back and forth we go; we into our friend’s cups, they into ours.

I can’t wait to see how this Journey is going to end! But, let’s get into today, shall we?

Grab yourself a temperature appropriate beverage, get to your favorite cushy reading spot, and as always…




Guiding Thought

There is only one Will. That Will is Love. That Will is our Love, your Love, my Love, together. Only when we will in Love is the outcome assured in Love. Only when we will in Love do we know the results are truly beneficial to all, including myself. Only when we will with Love are we Free and we affirm with certainty “All is as it should be”.



The end is in sight. I know, because I am already feeling/seeing the resolution of this Journey starting to happen. This doesn’t usually happen until round 4! Let me show you what I see, even though (you will forgive me…), it’s not fully formed or thought out or resolved.

There are 3 things I keep coming back to on this Journey: 1) Love, including self-Love 2) Giving/Sharing 3) How we know (the effects).

But, I’ve been missing something. I’ve been so focused on the metaphysics of it all–the Love, the Joy, the Peace, all those intangibles that one experiences internally and personally–that I have overlooked the physical nature of worth. Worth is absolutely connected to material things, like money, but I have not even addressed that (yet).

I feel like this oversight is absolutely right and perfect for the Journey thus far: it is important to solidify your understanding and acceptance of Self-worth, and your connection to the Divine, before trying to understand how your Divine Worth out-pictures itself as physical worth (money, wealth, riches, etc.). If you just go for the physical worth, the money or material things, you miss the whole point. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added unto you”, or put another way, be your Divine Self first, then allow that Self to be the producing force of what comes to you in your material life.

Here’s the bottom line: Material things (like a physical body, food, water, shelter, loving relationships) are necessary to live as human beings. We can use things to seek the divine or we can use things to support the ego-lower mind. The more things we devote to seeking the Divine, the more we are given to use to seek the Divine. How responsible are you? How do you use the gifts you have? Are you grateful, or do you always want more?

This will be the direction for the rest of this Journey, bringing all this together a little better.

As part of getting you thinking about this, I offer these words for your contemplation! What does worth mean to you? Rich, Luxurious, Profuse, Deluxe, Extravagant, Lavish, Luscious, Ostentatious, Palatial, Plush, Sumptuous, Swank, Abundant, Affluent, Copious, Exuberant, Frilly, Luxuriant, Moneyed, Plentiful, Prolific, Prosperous, Rich, Wealthy…


And my current personal favorite: