“A Wee Bit of Reconciliation”: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 03

Copyright Tam Black 2016 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2016
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I know my Self when I share my Self. As I give my Self, I see my Source returned to me. All that is Whole, all that is Beauty, all that is Holy, reflects back to me in the Joy of Being, in the brilliance of Life, in the Unity of Self. I choose to share only the Self of Beauty, Wholeness, and Joy, that I may Know my Self as Beauty, Wholeness, and Joy.



We live in two worlds. We live simultaneously as spiritual beings, souls, Divine Lights, and as physical bodies, individual minds, personal energies, and emotions.

Our physical selves often have a difficult time comprehending our spiritual Self. The spiritual Self has a difficult time being contained in materiality.

The physical is slow, dense, and heavy; it weighs down the Lightness of Being. The spiritual is expansive and limitless, extending so much further than the individual mind can grasp.

The physical is immediate– I reach out, I touch it. The spiritual seems evasive, fleeting–I see but only in a flash; I understand, but only for a second.

The spiritual is as real as the material when I reach out through my heart, when I perceive with Love, and when I touch through my Soul. In Love all are equal…even the material and the spiritual.

We talk about being on a spiritual path, as though there is a trail that leads us to spirit. We talk about being on a spiritual journey, as though the travel teaches us.

But what can we say about trails and journeys, if we are already at our destination, and we already know anything we would ever want to learn?

Perhaps the Ultimate Journey is simply one of reconciliation.

In every moment I live as a material being, I must also Know myself as the Divine Love I am. For every moment I float blissfully in Divine Love, I must also Love my body, my mind, my emotions.

Myself is my Self. My Self is myself. I love who I am, all I am: I am Unity, I am Oneness–within and without.

Skeptic Schmeptic: Journey of Freedom – Day 10

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

I focus my mind and thoughts on my Inner Divine Self—my Self of Peace, my Self of Joy, my Self of Infinite Being and Wisdom. I need do nothing but be aware of my Self. When I am aware of my Inner Divine Self, I radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!


Freedom: it’s right here, so close! I can feel it. I feel so hopeful, so optimistic. No skeptic today! I am excited about this Journey. There is something here I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s new and different from other Journeys. It’s like a part of me is actually remembering, like a part of me does, really, Know. I see freedom. I feel freedom.

But it’s not a picture or a word. It’s not a situation or encounter. It’s not an experience in the way we think of experiences. It’s an experience all its own—it’s a feeling, a flow, an energy, a vibrancy, a Knowing…all of these, yet none of these.

There is a process I refer to often on these Journeys; it’s a mental process I use to lead me forward on the Ultimate Journey: Awareness. Understanding. Knowing. Awareness is always the first step. This Journey is both about becoming aware of things to let go and things to attain. Awareness segues into understanding. When I am willing to see patterns and connections, I begin to understand how my thoughts work with my outer world of experience, and how the experiential world is affected by my thoughts and actions. This then leads to knowing. Once I understand cause-effect, patterns, and my involvement in them, there comes a point at which I understand so well, I know what is happening, as it’s happening,  or before.

The thing is, understanding works on many layers, and there are a lot of factors involved in it, which means Knowing is dependent on the understanding of all those factors and layers. Just because I understand this, here, now, does not mean that I will understand it the same way tomorrow, which means that knowing is also fleeting, until we reach the Ultimate Knowing. What I know today, based on this, here, now understanding, may change tomorrow when some of the factors or input change.

Subtle factors can change the understanding. That is why life is so amazing. It throws all these factors at us and asks, “What are you going to do with this?” Then you get it, and you’re solid, and life says, “Ok, I’ve shifted the equation, what are you going to do now to keep it in balance?” The thing is, when you become aware of the basic equations: how thoughts affect behaviors, how certain things make you feel, or how they shift your energy, thoughts, or expectations, you can begin to play with things all on your own—you can consciously change the inputs, the factors, just to see what results you get. Life becomes a conscious experiment!

Today’s Guiding Thought is first about awareness. It opens up your consciousness to the Truth of your Self, of what to attain (keeping in mind that attainment is another word for just Being, because you are that which you seek). Today, it really put me in that space of being totally aware, and got the energy flowing. I felt a lot of flow today. When I feel the flow, with awareness, there is a subtle understanding. Today it was very subtle. So I stayed in the flow of awareness for a while and let the understanding be whatever it was going to be. This led somehow to an almost knowing. It’s right here, so close! I can feel it. I feel so hopeful, so optimistic.