Conscious Seeking/Seeking Consciously: Journey of Courage – Day 40

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Guiding Thought

I am aware, I allow, and I accept What Is. I go within to my silent Self which Knows and follow my Inner Wisdom to Truth. I practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action. I Am! I Am my Self! I Am my Self of Love!


It’s the final day of the Journey! Feels good! Thank you for being here in whatever capacity you have been. I hope you have “found” some courage, or been encouraged, or learned to be courageous—in your own way, in your own time.

I’ve relied on the phrase, “Seek and ye shall find” for much of my life. It has been a light to guide my inner-exploration. I suspect now that my early seeking led me eventually here, to these Journeys.

Seeking can be conscious or unconscious (or sub-conscious). In the culmination of thoughts, words, and action, people are always casting nets: the energy and attention used goes out and “gathers” something. What that “something” is, depends on our thoughts, words, and actions—and how consciously or unconsciously we use them to get the “catch” we want.

I realized this morning for the first time that the Guiding Thoughts are prompting and guiding this seeking, the casting of nets. Here’s how I worked it out:

I am aware

Am I aware? What am I aware of? How do I know if I am aware or not? How do I know if I am aware of the right things?

By asking these questions, I am exploring awareness itself, looking into the nooks and crannies where it might be, where I might find it.

I allow, and I accept What Is

What is? What IS? >I start looking for the What that IS< I am aware, and I can be aware of what IS. Once I find It. Then, I can allow and accept It. But I also need to look within and explore how I allow and accept. So once I find the What that IS, and once I’ve discovered proper use of allowance and acceptance, I’ve got this.

I…follow my Inner-Wisdom to Truth.

Where is my Inner-Wisdom? How do I recognize my Inner-Wisdom?

Now, not only am I aware and looking for What Is, as well as the acceptance and allowance of it, I am also looking for my inner-wisdom. Do you see how subtly this Guiding Thought leads to seeking? I don’t have to think about seeking, it just happens as I read each line of the Guiding Thought.

I practice Divine Balance in thought, word, and action.

Once I find and follow my inner-wisdom, I need to practice what it shows me, be where it leads me: Divine Balance. The seeking at the beginning of the Guiding Thought eventually leads me to the finding of Divine Balance, which is Bringing the Truth (What IS) into my thoughts, words, and actions, through my awareness, acceptance, and allowance of What IS.

And then, what do I find?

I Am! I Am my Self! I Am my Self of Love!

This single Guiding Thought is an entire Journey all on its own, beginning with seeking and ending with finding What IS.

Right here, right now. It may be for just a short time today, but I have found. The energy of the moment, this energy, this attention, ripples out and affects all areas of my life, simply because I’ve devoted these moments to consciously seeking.

What I seek for, I seek with.

What I seek, seeks me.

And It reveals itself through my seeking.

Thank you again for being here! I hope to see you on the next Journey! A Journey of the Heart begins (ready or not!) on January 1, 2016. In the next 10 days, I will add one or more reflections about Journey of Courage. And, I suspect, I will begin reflecting soon on the upcoming Journey of the Heart. This is a transition time, from 2015 to 2016. What do you want 2016 to bring? How would you like to grow and learn? Start thinking about it! Transformation begins with the preparation for it. I will be preparing for that Journey over the next 6 weeks…and I’ll begin 2016 in full-strength with a Journey of the Heart (crayons, colored pencils, drawing, connecting to your heart! How can you resist??).