What’s it Worth to You? Journey of Creation – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

What do you value? How much do you value it? When you clarify these questions, you establish the value of your goal. Then, consciously bring this value to all your thoughts and actions, measuring your behavior against the criteria set by your values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as you clarify your intentions.


Today we approach goals  in reverse.

Most often, when people set goals, the first thought is, “what do I want”, or “what do I want to achieve?” When the goal is set, the next step is to set up the tasks and timeline necessary to accomplish the goal. Rarely, if ever, do people consider the value of the goal, or if it’s worth achieving, really worth achieving. This is where some thoughtfulness on what is worthy would be useful; what are you worth?

Instead of goal setting first, today you are asked to evaluate your own values (“e-value-ate”–I just got that). This assessment brings to light the value of your goals.

Maybe this is why some people would not like to first evaluate their goals. Upon evaluation, the absence of real value might be revealed. Why question the value of wanting that new job/car/kitchen, when it’s so much easier just to want it?

What is really cool about this process is that the values take the place of trying to figure out what the tasks and timeline are, in the conventional goal-setting process. Instead of thinking and planning what to do, just think about which actions will reflect your values.

Your values lead you to right action.

Then, before you know it, the means for accomplishment reveal themselves.

I know this sounds really backward, and you might be thinking “how can this work?” This is the spiritual approach, which (of course) is reverse from what the material approach would be. It takes some mental adjustment, but it works.

The Merry-Go-Round: Journey of Abundance – Day 06

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Increasing my thoughts of Love and my attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As I serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to me. I use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision.


There is really a lot going on in today’s Guiding Thought. Each sentence could be contemplated independently and offer benefit all on its own. They almost seem disparate. What do loving thoughts have to do with service, have to do with a life of highest vision?

When I started thinking about it, this is how they fit together for me:

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The cycle really must begin at the top with the increase in thoughts of Love. Becoming more loving is the only way to serve more people with love.

Why does it matter about serving people? Money comes to us through people. We do not live independently and alone—to be cliché, humans are social animals. It’s through those social interactions that we give and receive the value of ideas, goods, or services, and give and receive money to symbolize that value.

Remember, though, that Love is the only thing of True Value, True Worth—humans just symbolize it with money and stuff, but the money and stuff have no intrinsic value; the value is only in what they represent. That is why it is so important to begin at the top, with increasing Love. That way, whenever you provide an idea, good, or service, the underlying, intrinsic value is really in the love you are sharing—the more love, the more value, the greater the contribution to others and to society.

This then is how the money flows. People give money for things they value. [I won’t address suggestive marketing, false needs, or filling emptiness with things, which are so predominant in a consumer-culture, but I am well-aware of “value” being upside-down in this type of atmosphere. Fortunately, people are beginning to understand about what real value is…]

We call people “customers” or “clients”—but really they are just people who find value in your idea, goods, or services and they give you money for those. It’s a great experience, both giving and receiving, when someone wants to give you money for what you do. They find value in it, not because you are marketing or selling, but because you provide something they know is worth something, when people recognize that value. I have been on the giving and receiving end of this type of exchange many times over the past twenty years. There is something pure and clear about this kind of exchange of value…again, another reason to start at the top and increase Love; I feel happy to give and receive money in this way. Love and service start it all. I want to feel happy like that. It’s nice.

Then, when I feel happy in that kind of exchange, I realize I want more of it. I want more happiness, more joy, more meaningful interactions, more social exchanges of real value. I want more of a life that I love, in love, with love, through love. So I stay on the merry-go-round…