“This Ain’t no SECRET”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 32

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Guiding Thought

I choose to expand my consciousness and open my heart to Divine Love’s flow within me. Realizing my own Divine Presence, I know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all my good.


The big question is: Who or what is God? The Guiding Thought says God is the Source and Fulfillment of all my good…but what is that? What does it mean that this something called “God” is both Source and Fulfillment? What’s more, this something called “God” is the Source and Fulfillment of not just my good, but of your good, her good, his good, ALL good. What is “GOD”?

I know. This is not a new question. So many people have asked this question for soooo long! I said yesterday that everyone must find their own path to enlightenment; similarly everyone must find their own answers to the what is God question.

How do I do that, in my own way? Obviously, these Journeys. I also repeat different names of God (primarily Om Namah Shivaya);  I also ask God how I can Know him/her/it; I pray the Lord’s prayer of the Christian tradition; I think about the question , “what is God” (because if I am asking, I will receive an answer); I think about what I know of God: the trinity, the various names/aspects of God, symbols of God, etc.,  from many different traditions; I read from traditional texts (Bible, Shiva Purana, Sutras)  for clues; I read from modern texts (A Course in Miracles, Christian Science, Divine Revelations of Julian of Norwich, etc); I read about people and their experiences with God (mystics, saints, avatars, etc.) from all different traditions. In case you haven’t noticed, I am an equal-opportunity God-seeker.

No, I don’t do all of these things all of the time. That would be too much, even for me. But I would say I am always doing at least two of these daily. Yesterday, I also said that I love thinking, and I am happy to be the heavy-lifting thinker for you. I would say that I am willing to do the heavy lifting God-seeker for you too, except that I also think everyone must find their own answer(s). I’ll just share my insights as best I can, and intend only good will.

Recently, my thoughts on God have been about the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from the Christian tradition, and the Shiva/Shakti relationship from the Hindu/Vedic tradition. Here is what I have been thinking, please note two things: a) I am not saying this is right, this is just my process b) this has to do with abundance because I am thinking about how we bring God into our lives, how we bring the abundance of God into our lives.

The basic idea is that God exists in both manifest and unmanifest forms. The Guiding Thoughts often hint at this, as in yesterday’s Guiding Thought, “This Source is always seeking expression through me.” The Source is the unmanifest; expression brings the Source into manifestation.

In Christianity, the unmanifest is known as “the Father”, the manifest is known as “the Son”.  The Holy Spirit is that which brings the Father into manifestation. The Holy Spirit is like the catalyst, the element that is necessary to activate “the Father” so that the Father may express Itself into manifestation.

The principle of Shiva seems to me to be similar to the idea of the Father. Shiva is known as “Pure Consciousness”—no form, no materiality, simply the energy of ALL. It is also known as the masculine principle. Shakti, then, is the feminine principle. Like the Holy Spirit, Shakti is what brings forth consciousness into manifestation. The earth—All of Creation—is the expression of Shiva/Shakti.

Here’s how it “works” in theory: Tap into the unmanifest, or Pure Consciousness, get on the same page, be clear about what form you want It to take; then call on the Holy Spirit/Shakti, and say, “hey, would you mind helping a brother out, bring this into manifestation for me?” and then… that’s it. Nothing to it.

But if it were that easy, we’d all have exactly what we want (maybe we do and we don’t know it?). I keep going, and keep asking the Big Question.

On a side note, I’ve been playing with my mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”. I know. Hard core Hindus would be appalled, I apologize, and I mean no offense… I’m just working things out in my own way. I’ve changed it in two ways, which I have been playing with and seeing how they feel. Way 1) “Om Namah Shivaya-Shakti” This should be self-explanatory, from what I’ve said above. Way 2) Om Namah Shivaya Swaha. “Swaha” is a feminine word and is sometimes associated directly with the Shakti principle; it also has a more subtle meaning that can be understood as something like release, as when a person releases something into a fire, or surrenders something to God. I keep all of this in mind, as I do my mantra.

I hope this has perhaps given you some fuel for your own thoughts, your own seeking, your own answers about bringing God’s gifts of abundance into your life. Swaha!

“Right Here, Right Now”: Journey of Healing 2.0 – Day 05

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
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Guiding Thought

My own Loving Presence is my personal connection with Divine Mind. Attuned to my own Loving Presence, I Know myself as Whole and Holy. As I feel my inner unity, I know: this is all I want; I have found all I seek.



Just think for a moment what it would feel like to honestly say, “this is all I want; I have found all I seek”. Think for a moment about how it would feel to know, really know, that you and your Divine Self are One, that you are your authentic Self, Love. You are the energy of Love, the Light of Love, the being and body of Love. You are Love’s expression, Love’s vibration, Love’s totality. Everything you look upon is seen through Love’s eyes, every thought you think is through Love’s mind, every step you take is Love Itself.

Just think how that would feel for a moment. Imagine it. Let yourself feel it.

These Journeys are meant to “get me there”. To move my consciousness to a point where all I see and know and feel is Love; a point where I know myself as Love, know Love as me, and know all of my experiences as Love’s outpouring. The Guiding Thoughts replace limiting thoughts of the lower-mind with expanded thoughts of Love; they show me the Truth toward which I am striving, the Truth of Love, Unity, Oneness, Peace.

This morning I spent quite a bit of time “attuning myself to my own Loving Presence”. And you know what? I got it. I saw, felt, and experienced myself as my Loving Presence. It was just a scratch of the surface, and only for about 20 minutes, but I was able to connect myself with my Self, consciously.

It was as though I found myself: “this is all I want, I have found all I seek”. It was like coming home. In that place where I knew myself as Love, I did not have to strive to be Love. I did not have to seek. I didn’t have to visualize love streaming from my heart. It was just there; I was Love; Love was personified as me. I found myself thinking “what if I really could feel this all the time? What if everyone could feel this all the time?” Everything would change, everything would be changed.

So much of these Journeys is about the path, about continuing to move forward, toward more expanded awareness and understanding of yourself as Love. So today, let movement be balanced by stillness. Take a moment and KNOW: You ARE LOVE. Right here, right now. You are all you seek. Breathe and feel the Truth of that. Relax for a moment, because in this moment, and every moment, you are Love, so be. Simply be. And Know yourself now.

“The $64,000 Question”: Journey of Worth 2.0 – Day 02

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
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Guiding Thought

I love myself for the Truth within me. The Truth within me Knows me for who I am—Pure Love, Only Love, beyond all valuing of the world. In Love all are equal, for we are One. This is how Truth Knows me—Pure, One, and Free. This is my Truth; this is our Truth; this is the Self I love.



Who is the subject doing the loving? “I love myself”–who is the “I”? What is the “myself”? Is the Truth within me different from me?

What is the Truth within me? If I love myself for the Truth within me, then, where is it?  What is this Truth within me, for which I love myself? Wouldn’t it make sense that I would know what it is within me prior to loving myself for it?

“I love myself for the Truth within me, and the Truth within me Knows me for who I am”…and again: what is this Truth? Where is it within me? Does it reside in me, literally, as in my physical body? Or is this a metaphor? If this is a metaphor, what is it a metaphor for? Can I feel it or sense the Truth within me? How do I come to know It, since It apparently knows me so well?

How does It know me? How does it know me as “Pure Love, Only Love”?

If “in Love all are equal, for we are One”


If “I am Pure Love, Only Love”,


I and the Truth within me are Equal and One.

And therefore

The Truth within me is also Pure Love, Only Love.

This is my Truth. This is your Truth. This is the Self I love. And I love YOU as I love my Self, for we are Equal and One. Pure Love. Only Love.

2016 Journey of Worth: Commitment and Dedication

Thank you all for being here.

More and more, as I progress through these Journeys I am learning the Truth of these ideas. I don’t mean just the ideas in the Guiding Thoughts, though of course that is primary. More than that, I am learning how to truly be for you as I am for me. The concept of myour (my-your-our) is broad and deep, and can be known and understood–as much of this–only through diligent and repeated application and association.

The Guiding Thoughts and writing require (approximately) 30 minutes of my time each day; it’s up to me to carry it through the rest of the day. It’s also up to me to really intentionally include you equal to myself, as much as possible.

This feels like a new layer of learning that these Journey are providing me. I think it began during Journey of Purpose, when I began to include the 7.125 billion people on the planet; it also has elements of Journey of the Heart, because I am now always thinking about connecting with anyone/everyone through my heart.

Working more deeply and consciously with these ideas has increased recently and has now become the core of my dedication and commitment:

I am committed to the benefit and enlightenment of the 7.125 billion people on the planet; I am committed to uplifting all of humanity. I dedicate each daily Journey to the uplifting of all beings on the planet, the planet itself, the water on and in the planet, the air and atmosphere around the planet, and the fires within and upon the planet to Divine Love and Light. May any good that results from this Journey be dedicated to highest service to Love and Light, and dedicated to ALL; may anything that arises in and through this Journey that is less than Divinely Perfect for All be transformed through Divine Light of love and raised thereby to Light and Love.

As you know by now, I have many tools which I use as spiritual practices–earth, air, water, fire, and mantra/prayer are the ones I use most, and share the most about here (for general information see this page). Since I write about my practices, as they relate to the Journeys, I’d like to let you know about some changes I am making in my practices to a) strengthen this dedication and commitment and b) bring new-different energy to this Journey.

a) In addition to my “normal” mantras, I am adding a daily prayer that specifically asks Divine Love and Light to bless the planet and all beings living here–all 7.125 people, including you, including me. I will do this prayer every day for the duration of this Journey. Tune in; feel it. Let it strengthen you and encourage you.

b) Worth can be understood metaphysically (i.e. non-materially, such as spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically) and materially (such as value in worldly terms–money/wealth). While we exist in the material world, we are also metaphysical beings. This Journey aims to address all aspects of who we are–both material and spirit/mental/emotional. My emphasis over the past two years or so has been the metaphysical–thinking, feeling (prayer, mantra, air, water). So, I am changing up my practices in order to add more earth, which includes very physical Earth is all about being grounded, feeling the body, succeeding in the world, being connected. The practices of earth bring the mind and spirit into the material. Thus, for the remainder of the Journey, I am no longer taking my morning bath. Instead I am working out (Oorah!), as well as eating a corresponding very-healthy (98% vegetarian) diet. In this way, I hope to evoke a shift in the material through emphasizing the material, with the trusses of the spiritual.

“Today’s P.S.A.”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 – Day 09

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Copyright Tam Black 2016
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Guiding Thought

I am. I am Love. I am kindness. I am filled-full. I have all I seek, for all I seek is within me. Now I can be who I know I am. I share my Self with all and hold nothing back; I give All Love. The Fullness of my Self returns to me as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews my fullness. I need not worry or think about what may be…my Self Knows and orders my life for my perfect fulfillment. All I need do is remember my Self.



Remember this: remembering yourself means re-connecting with something that is True. It is not something trying to deceive you, or trap you. It–YOU–are real and True. You are Love. You are kindness. You are filled-full. This is the Truth of You.

“Now I can be who I know I am.” If you are not 100% absolutely positive of the Truth of you, if you don’t Know it with your entire being, if you don’t feel it every moment of every hour of every day, then there are still places that need to be reminded and transmuted…but that does NOT negate in any way the Truth of who you are.

If you don’t know this, if you need to keep reminding yourself, that’s ok! You are transforming, everything is coming into alignment. You are ascending right now. This is it. We are it. We are doing it. It is who and what we are. Keep going.

On the Importance of Keeping Your Pipes Clean : Journey of Abundance – Day 19

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through your own Divine Presence. When you identify with your Divine Presence, you open the floodgates, and Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you, materializing all good in your life and affairs.


I pictured myself in front of a roomful of people, explaining this Guiding Thought to them. They were the subject of the Guiding Thought, the “you” in it. I was repeating the lines as I was explaining it to everyone; here is what I remember saying:

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through your own Divine Presence – The opening sentence does three things at the same time. First, it confirms the infinite expression of Divine abundance (Divine abundance expresses infinitely). “There is always enough”, enough for all, an endless supply that is always expressing itself. The words “there is always enough” are also a powerful affirmation, a positive thought that reinforces an experience of abundance. Second, it tells us that this abundance comes through our Divine Presence.  The Divine Presence is the conduit through which Divine Abundance flows. Third, it presupposes your own Divine Presence. It does not say, “If you have a Divine Presence, that is what carries abundance.” No. It says definitively “your own Divine Presence”. This is very powerful to the consciousness: it is affirming the Truth of your Self without giving you any opportunity to dispute it, stating it as a given.

When you identify with your Divine Presence, you open the floodgates– This is a statement telling you how to activate the Divine abundance. Divine abundance is there, always flowing, always available, always ready to bring all good into your life and affairs…but you must first identify with your Divine Presence. If Divine Presence is the conduit, then how much you recognize this as your identity is how big the opening is. Picture a pipe. This pipe represents a conduit. It transports something from one place to another. A small pipe carries small amounts; a large pipe carries large amounts. If the pipe is clogged, even if it’s a large pipe, less will come through. The size of the pipe is like the awareness of your own Divine Presence, your own consciousness of your Self as Divine Love. These consciousness Journeys are geared toward increasing your pipe-size. Then, they also address how much gunk there is lining your pipe, how deep are your beliefs in limitation or scarcity, transforming them toward trusting your Supply to provide for you. When you have a large, clean pipe, that is, awareness and understanding of your Divine Presence, with lots of thoughts of love, trust, and prosperity, this is like opening the floodgates. And since Divine abundance expresses itself infinitely, you can always continue to increase your pipe-size, and continue to keep it clean, or clear out more of the gunk that prevents the flow!

With all of that, the final sentence makes perfect sense, “Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you, materializing all good in your life and affairs.” You are your own Divine Presence, through which Divine abundance flows. Your own Divine Presence is the Truth of you, the Reality of you, the most natural thing in the world and beyond. So, it makes perfect sense that Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you.  Your only responsibility is to be aware of your Self as the conduit, keep the gunk out of your thoughts, continue to give yourself thoughts about the Truth of your Being, and allow all the good to come through.