Full-Empty-Wholeness-Separation–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 26

I’ve been working with a meditation that has these words, “Change is easily manifesting in my life through God’s Divine Grace and Love. As each aspect of my life that needs changing now surfaces before me, I LOVE it FREE, and forgive myself for any perceived transgression of the laws of harmony and balance”. Let me tell you. I’ve been having so many opportunities to LOVE things FREE. Yeah. Not as easy as it sounds, but here’s a recent hands-on opportunity.


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Guiding Thought

When we look within and see the radiance of Love, we remember our wholeness. We are wholly loving and wholly lovable. In the purity of Love lies peace, which we share with all in gratitude.


How do you see the world? You know the saying about the glass being half full or half empty? The other day, I had a very direct and literal experience in which I saw the “glass” full, and someone else saw it “empty”.

Last week, I had made lunch for my colleagues at work. After everyone ate their fill, I put the food away, and set aside a small container of each of the dishes for a colleague (we had emailed the previous day about leftovers and I had offered some, if there were any). Then I emailed the colleague and said, “3 containers. Top shelf. Yours.” Based on our emails the previous day, and the fact that there had just been a bunch of food out, I guess I thought the word “full” in front of “containers” was redundant… or that “full” was implied.

When she saw me a bit later, she said, in response to my email, “Oh, and those containers, you can have them….” and I thought, “Cool. More for me”, but I said, “Really? You don’t want them”? And in that moment, I could see her pause and think, “Wait a minute…what did I just say ‘no’ to?” while she shook her head and said, “No”. I “saw” that she had the word “empty” in front of “containers”, instead of “full”–of course she did not want empty containers!

We “see” things in our imaginations. What adjectives do you use unconsciously in front of words in your head? How do you see the world? John Randolph Price, in his book, The Angels Within Us talks about changing your projection–literally. Change how you see, change the adjectives that you have in front of words.

Here is another example that just happened this morning, in which it was who needed to change my projection:

My H.R. rep. is known to (selectively) nit-pick about people’s time, schedules, use of sick days/vacation/personal days. One employee who came in 30 minutes early every morning received a reprimand for leaving 5 minutes early one day.

This morning, after I had been at work 20 minutes, my H.R. rep. came up to me and said, “Did you have trouble getting to work today”? From any other person, this could have been an innocent query, one about traffic, or the weather, or an accident, etc., but from my H.R. rep., it felt like an accusation–as though she was implying I had been late, and I felt this flush of guilt, for something I hadn’t done.

After the interaction, I felt infuriated. I really don’t like to be falsely accused, and I definitely felt falsely accused. (Though, just now, the scripture occurs to me: Blessed are ye, when men shall revile, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.)

I remembered my meditation (words above), about things that need to be changed coming up…and loving them free. So, I started loving really loving my H.R. rep., and the situation, and releasing whatever it was that was asking to be released. I began to feel better.

Shortly after that, I spoke with a friend of mine who said this, “Maybe she just had a difficult time getting to work and wondered if anyone else experienced the same. Maybe she was wanting to feel connected with someone rather than feeling isolated and alone. As though she was seeking validation, like, me too, something must be going on out there in the world, because now I know you had trouble, too getting to work, now we are an us and that “out there” causing us “getting to work trouble” is them; It’s an opportunity to unite!

I thought, that’s it! From that moment, I decided that she was reaching out, connecting with me, and I was there to help her not feel isolated and alone. I changed my projection and became a support for her experience (in my head, in my imagination). It totally changed my outlook, my day, and any subsequent interaction. I was able to shift from feeling guilty and infuriated to feeling release, freedom, cooperation, unity, connection, even Love.

I choose to see with Love’s eyes… As much as I am able!




The Love you ARE–Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 21

Welcome to Round 3! How are you doing? Still with me? –The other day I walked up to a counter and said a very standard, “Hello, how are you?” to the woman at the computer. She said, “I woke up this morning; it’s a great day.” With that standard American greeting, I thought, “That’s it!” Be grateful for life. It’s that simple. Be grateful for LIFE! –We change things up again for this round. If you’re new here, see this page, under “Four Rounds” to see what’s going on.


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Guiding Thought

We remember our Self and recognize the Love within, the Love we Are. We see this Love as all we are and all there is, the reality of you, the reality of we, and the reality that is the Life of All. We honor this Love and this Life, and offer our gratitude for Its Being. What Joy there is in Being!


You know what I just realized? This Guiding Thought picks up at the previous Guiding Thought. Or, at least, they are integrated.

Love is always with you. We remember our Self and recognize the Love within, the Love we Are.

If we are Love, of course Love is always with us!

Focus your whole Self on being entirely with Love. We see this Love as all we are and all there is, the reality of you, the reality of we, and the reality that is the Life of All.

Your whole self, entirely with Love… is all you are, all there is, the reality of you, the reality of Life!

I came upon this understanding, because I was a fixated yesterday on the last line of yesterday’s Thought: Being with Love, as Love is with you. I thought about it all night, working on trying to feel how to be with Love, as Love is with me.

and I repeat: If we are Love, then Love is always with us.

Then, why does it seem hard? If I AM LOVE, why does it feel like I have to work at being with Love as Love is with me? Does that make any sense?

Isn’t that the point? I Shouldn’t have to work at it, if I AM LOVE.

That must be what I am learning… and more!


Finding beauty in beans– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 17

There was a book, popular many years ago, called Chop wood, carry water. It was about finding (or seeing, or allowing), the mundane tasks of life to become teachers to your inner-self. When you notice the life-essence within everything that surrounds you, when you feel that essence as you and you as that essence, even the smallest, most tedious tasks show you Life in all its fullness.


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Guiding Thought

Life is beautiful. There is nothing other than Life. Life is within you; Life pours out from you. Everything everywhere is Life. Life is Being. You are Life. Offer all that you are in praise and thanks to all of Life.


In a few months I’ll be doing a Journey that I have never done before: Journey of Beauty. As with all the Journeys, I’m doing that Journey to learn and to evolve. Last year, I realized that I have scant understanding of beauty: I don’t think I get it. I have never thought I have an aesthetic sense, I don’t know “what looks good”, etc. I’m a little nervous about that Journey, for that reason.

Yet, when I approached the Journey today, Life is Beautiful, I thought I might have a better understanding than I think I do.

You see, this morning, I was in the kitchen putting dinner, Kaali daal, together in the slow-cooker. The beans I use are whole urad daal. Each and every bean looks exactly the same:


Part of the preparation is to go through all the beans and pick out any small stones that may have found their way into the bunch of beans. Most of the time, I find this a tedious process, spreading out a bunch of beans, then looking over them, each and every one, to find the things that are “not like the others” (the stones).

But this morning, I thought about the unique nature of each and every bean. Like snowflakes that look like flimsy white clumps as they come down, but unique and beautiful crystalline structures when looked at closely, the same is true of each bean. To a superficial eye, the beans all look the same, but in fact, each one is unique and beautiful.

I started paying attention to the details of each bean, trying to notice and appreciate the uniqueness of each one. Then I realized each bean is also a seed of life. wow. When I added that to my thinking, I became almost reverent toward each and every bean.

Then I realized that this process of noticing and appreciating was a form of Love; I was loving each bean! What’s more, every little bit of love poured into each bean will then be ingested when I eat them for dinner, which will then energize me and allow me to love even more! It’s like the cycle of today’s Guiding Thought wrapped up in the chore of cleaning beans.

I suddenly started “seeing” how important it is to pay attention to every detail, every nuance, every bit of Life. Each and every little bit is the beauty of Life. We just have to notice, pay attention, see it, and allow ourselves to be in it fully, for it is already fully in us.


Some clarity today– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 14

In a moment today, I was gifted with just the right time, the right set of circumstances, the right frame of mind, to receive a new, deeper understanding. For that, and so many other things, I am grateful.


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Guiding Thought

Through gratitude, your consciousness of Love expands, connecting you with All. Gratitude increases your awareness of unity; gratitude shows you your Wholeness. Gratitude is the bridge to knowing others as your Self. What a gift you are!


Everyday, on my way home from work, there’s a traffic light that usually takes 5-10 minutes to get through (that’s New Jersey for ya). At this time of year, I hit that light just before dusk, at which time a flock of birds sits at the very tippy top of the leafless trees, and on the wires around the trees. There are hundreds of birds.

I love birds. I find them sweet and innocent and beautiful and free. So, when I pass this spot and see them, I say to them, “hello beautifuls!” And I watch them for the whole time, waiting at that light.

Today as I sat to get through the light, the birds all at the same time flew up into the air, flew around a small circle, and landed back on the tippy top of the trees and the wires. In that moment, watching them all fly together, I felt so honored and gifted. They were beautiful and breathtaking.

I also happened to be listening to today’s Guiding Thought.

In that moment, with the birds, the Guiding Thought made perfect sense. When the birds all flew up, and took my breath away, I felt the honor and the gratitude, but I also felt this clarity of openness, appreciation, and love. It was that feeling, that love, in that moment with the birds, that I understood how love connects you with All. I felt completely connected to those birds, to the trees, to the sky, to the setting sun.

I felt how gratitude is the doorway to that love, to that connectedness. I really felt how gratitude is a bridge.

Love does not always come readily or easily. Love can be a difficult emotion to feel naturally toward animals, or birds, or nature, or strangers. So, when love is not right there, when there is no reason to feel love toward something, just go for the gratitude, and the door to love opens.

Gratitude also has the particular quality of “working” even without an immediate corresponding emotion. In other words, gratitude can be mental, even intellectual, and it still works as a bridge to love.

Sometimes I over-think things (really!). For example, with gratitude, I stress the gratitude of being, the gratitude for life, and (I admit reluctantly) that I give those things predominance over being grateful for material things. But today, my eyes were opened. Gratitude is gratitude is gratitude, is the bridge to love. Just be grateful for anything and everything, whether it’s spiritual, material, mental, or emotional.

When I realized how much my over-thinking prohibited gratitude from working in me I just started listing in my head all the things and people I am grateful for.  It was a long, long list…

Is this IT?– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 11

Round 2, welcome! How have things been going? Are you beginning to see/feel connections between Love and Gratitude? Gratitude and Joy? Joy and Oneness? If not, no problem. Life has plans for you, and gives you what you need when you are ready for it. Keep going.

This round, for those of you new here, we switch things up a bit. See this page for a bit of an explanation, under the header ‘Four Rounds” (or not, it’s not complicated or anything, but maybe your brain would like to have some understanding before proceeding…).


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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Remember your Self and recognize the Love within you, the Love you are. See this Love as all you are and all there is, the reality of you, the reality of me, and the reality that is the Life of All. Honor this Love and this Life, and offer gratitude for Its Being. What Joy there is in Being!


Everything is a blur. I feel like everything, including me, is moving really really fast. The thing is, I am keeping up, but I don’t know how, and I don’t know where I’m headed. Imagine being George Jetson on the treadmill, but never falling, just always being at that point where you’re running really fast to keep up (take 12 seconds, go’head):

That’s how I feel.

But at the same time, I feel completely OKAY. It’s such a juxtaposition. At any other time in my life, if I felt like I were running really fast to keep up, I would be making lists of all the things I have to do, what I need to do to prepare and organize, all my goals; I’d have anxiety about getting it all done. I would be worried that I’m not doing enough to feed my mind and heart. I would be worried about how I was handling personal and professional relationships; I would be trying to figure out the psychology behind my interactions.

Even though I am feeling movement all around me (within me!), my mind is surprisingly quiet. “Things” are just happening, or rather, I am doing things, without feeling like I am doing anything. I’ve never quite experienced this before.

I Love. I am Thankful. I am Joyous. I am Alive…I am Love. I am gratitude. I am Joy. I am Life!

How do I know? Things I am accustomed to have disappeared, or they come very briefly, then disappear. Anxiety has disappeared. Thoughts about “that contrary situation” have been silent. Wanting to plan and get shit done has disappeared. Wondering what the future holds for me has disappeared. I haven’t been thinking.

But shit has still been getting done, smoothly, effortlessly. It’s the wanting, and all the thoughts about how to that are gone.

There has only been one (seeming) downside to not thinking: I was a mile away from home this morning, on my way to work, when I realized it was Martin Luther King day, and I did not have work. We had a good laugh about that when I got back home.

And, another thing about this–whatever is going on with me–I am so in love with people, in a way I have rarely been in all my life. People are amazing. YOU are amazing. Look at yourself, feel your body, feel your SELF. WOW. No one is like you, no one can ever be like you. You are such a gift! I am SO happy you are here, that I have you in my life in this small way. You enrich me, just by being. Thank you!

I have been feeling this way about lots and lots of people! Just Wow.

Is this IT? Is this remembering myself? Is this being Joy? Is this being Life? Is this what I’ve been talking about and working toward?

Whatever the case, let my joy and love carry my gratitude for All to All!

Thank YOU– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 09

It’s sometimes hard to explain, when I feel the words of the Guiding Thought flowing through me, giving me a sensory experience of their meaning. I hope, perhaps, today, you will feel it with me.


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Guiding Thought

Gratitude makes all things new! When I am aware of my Source in Love, I see its activity everywhere. It is the Substance of Life itself! I am in the flow and create and expand with Love, in Life!


There are so many people doing enlightening (in-light-ening) work. There are so many people learning to do the work of healing, forgiveness, caring, compassion, loving, reconciling. People are waking up; Love is bustin’ out all over! Thank YOU for your contribution.

Whatever brought you here, whatever your self-perception is, YOU are one of these people. You are waking up; you are enlightening yourself and others; you are a necessary and important part of everything that is happening in this world; your light contributes to everyone’s light, to my light. We bless each other. We support each other. We encourage each other…even if we don’t know each other, ever meet, ever talk, or ever interact at all.

I see its activity everywhere. 

Even when there is nothing obvious, like when I can see (or understand, or feel) how we enrich each other, without knowing each other, I can see its activity everywhere. This is a hint of the seeing that I have been writing about.

I feel SO thankful for you, for us, for our being here, now. I feel such Love for you, for us, for our being here. Does it matter, “which comes first”, the love or the gratitude? Do I tap into the love, because I feel such gratitude, or do I feel such gratitude because love fills me?

I feel so excited about the work we are doing. I feel optimistic. There are SO many amazing people doing the work, doing their work, shining their light. What’s not to be excited about? (I guess to answer that, all you have to do is tune in to the political conversations, but…even despite those conversations…I am excited!)

Speaking of the political climate, I should say: Now is a time for us to continue with full dedication and commitment to our Purpose, to being the Love we are, to bringing in the Light. We need each other. The world needs us. Dig deeper. Be more focused. Commit more time. Stand up. Do the work. Shine your light. Be the Love you are.

Thank you, for being.

Highest Vision for the World (what’s yours? Tweet it! #pearlsofvision)

Hands reaching out to help. Everyone helps everyone, or anyone. No divides, no divisions. Just willingness to be there for another human being.

You’ve got Options– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 06

Another attempt at getting it. Getting it is my phrase for that knowing that is beyond understanding, and understanding which is beyond words. Closer today!

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

When I look within and see the radiance of Love, I remember my wholeness. I am wholly loving and wholly loveable. In the purity of Love lays peace, which I share with all in gratitude.


These Journeys, on the surface, are very mental. I’ve mentioned this before…and I’ve mentioned that there is the option (which I sometimes utilize) to draw or color as a reflection instead of thinking and writing, as a way to connect with the more emotional or subconscious part of your mind.

There is yet another–a third way– to get at the essence of the Guiding Thoughts. This third way, however, is really hard to explain. It’s a feeling, but it’s not an emotion. It’s a perception, but the object of perception is (nearly) imperceptible. It’s a sense, an intuition, the sound of a soft breeze blowing through silence.

It’s something that just is, like the Love you are just is.

Can you describe the Love you are? Can you draw it? Can you tell me how you are the Love you are?

Not really, but when you KNOW it, there is no doubt that you experience it, that It is you, and that you are It. And when you know It, It becomes tangibly apparent to others, even though it is beyond their words, beyond their understanding. If they are not aware, they mistake it for other things that they can grasp, their labels of “sweet” or “caring”. But what they are seeing is the Love you are, naturally.

There’s that seeing again. This seeing is not with the physical eyes, you know.

This is what I am working on this Journey (this year!)–getting beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, to seeing what Is within, to revealing the Truth of Being, to accepting what is within.

My Highest Vision for the World

May we all have eyes to see, ears to hear, and the wisdom to look within to Know our Oneness.

Imagine That– Journey of Gratitude 2017, day 02

How does one contemplate? What does it mean to contemplate? Does contemplation feel like anything? Is there a difference between contemplation and just thinking?

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Guiding Thought

I lift my mind and heart to the Truth of Being, to all that Is, to All I Am. I accept my Self in Truth and offer my Self to All in gratitude for Its Being.


If visualization is intentional imagination, and if prayer is direct communication (with dieties, buddhas or boddhisattvas, angels, saints, etc), then, I would say that the way I use contemplation here is intentional, direct communication and imagination, with myself, with the addition of seeking understanding beyond the words.

This is what it looks like for me with today’s Guiding Thought:

I lift my mind and heart to the Truth of Being: I imagine lifting my mind and heart to the Truth of Being. I do not need to know what the Truth of Being is, nor to understand it. I simply use a symbol (a focused, bright white light that encompasses all) to represent what I neither know nor understand. I “send” my mind and heart to this light in my imagination.

At the same time, I ask my mind to wonder, “what is Truth?”, “what is Being?”. I do not need to have the answer, I do not need to know, I simply ask the questions, and allow my mind to wonder about the answer. I keep my mind focused on the words, on asking the questions.

Sometimes, a thought can feel like it’s telling me something important…

to all that Is, to All I Am: “Somehow”, my mind thinks, “all that Is is related to Truth of Being. Is the Truth of Being also All that Is?” I do not make a decision about the answer to this question, I simply continue contemplating. “Somehow”, my mind then thinks, “all that Is, is related to All I Am. Am I all that Is”? Again, I make no decisions about the answer–if I make a decision, then I will not be open to alternative answers, or “add-ons” to an answer. Decisions cut off other possibilities, so I leave myself open.

With those thoughts, I let myself imagine what if. What if the Truth of Being is All that Is? What if All I Am is the Truth of Being? If the Truth of Being is All that Is, and If All I Am is the Truth of Being, then I Am All that Is.

By now, my mind feels a bit confused. WHAT? I don’t know if this is right…I don’t know if there is more…I don’t know how or what I understand about this, but my mind and heart have lead me to these thoughts, to these imaginings, so I go with it. And I let my mind stay confused, because there is part of my mind that is shifting (I can feel it); there is  part of my mind trying to figure it out, and (if I were to use neuro-science language), it’s building new neural-networks.

I accept my Self in Truth: My mind thinks, “I accept myself only in Truth. The self I accept is the Self of Truth. I reject, the self that is not True.” “That sounds harsh”. “Well, maybe, but what if that is correct use of denial”?  Here I catch myself, and draw myself back to the Guiding thought, and simply be aware of the thoughts my mind thinks. I do not need to think about the thoughts that come up regarding the Guiding Thought. I stay focused on the Guiding Thought.

and offer my Self to All: The only Self that I want to offer to All is my Self of Truth. Now, it begins to feel like the only self I want to accept is my Self of Truth.

But, if this were the case, that would mean rejecting the self that is not True…but again, I can’t make a decision about this, I cannot decide I know, or think that I have found an answer, because if the Truth of Being is All that IS, and I am All that Is, then I can reject nothing, because it is me. There’s more to it than I can see…

At the same time, my imagination is “seeing” me offer my Self to All. The way this looks to me today is symbolically holding my mind and heart in my hands, lifting them up, into the atmosphere, where they disperse around the earth, to All.

in gratitude for Its Being: “Am I giving gratitude for my Self, or for All? What is the Its in this phrase”? By now, I’ve gone through the Guiding Thought a dozen times, slowly allowing these thoughts and imaginings to evolve. By now, I feel like “my Self” and “All” are the same thing, so my question does not even make sense. I offer my Self to my Self, I offer my Self to the Truth of Being, I offer my Self to All that IS.

To what am I giving? My Self–the Truth of Being–All that IS.

For what am I grateful? My Self–the Truth of Being–All that IS.

What receives my gift? My Self–the Truth of Being–All that IS.

What receives my gratitude? My Self–the Truth of Being–All that IS.

All that is given is received. Anything given is received by All. Anything given returns from All. Imagine that.

“This Ain’t no SECRET”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 32

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Guiding Thought

I choose to expand my consciousness and open my heart to Divine Love’s flow within me. Realizing my own Divine Presence, I know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all my good.


The big question is: Who or what is God? The Guiding Thought says God is the Source and Fulfillment of all my good…but what is that? What does it mean that this something called “God” is both Source and Fulfillment? What’s more, this something called “God” is the Source and Fulfillment of not just my good, but of your good, her good, his good, ALL good. What is “GOD”?

I know. This is not a new question. So many people have asked this question for soooo long! I said yesterday that everyone must find their own path to enlightenment; similarly everyone must find their own answers to the what is God question.

How do I do that, in my own way? Obviously, these Journeys. I also repeat different names of God (primarily Om Namah Shivaya);  I also ask God how I can Know him/her/it; I pray the Lord’s prayer of the Christian tradition; I think about the question , “what is God” (because if I am asking, I will receive an answer); I think about what I know of God: the trinity, the various names/aspects of God, symbols of God, etc.,  from many different traditions; I read from traditional texts (Bible, Shiva Purana, Sutras)  for clues; I read from modern texts (A Course in Miracles, Christian Science, Divine Revelations of Julian of Norwich, etc); I read about people and their experiences with God (mystics, saints, avatars, etc.) from all different traditions. In case you haven’t noticed, I am an equal-opportunity God-seeker.

No, I don’t do all of these things all of the time. That would be too much, even for me. But I would say I am always doing at least two of these daily. Yesterday, I also said that I love thinking, and I am happy to be the heavy-lifting thinker for you. I would say that I am willing to do the heavy lifting God-seeker for you too, except that I also think everyone must find their own answer(s). I’ll just share my insights as best I can, and intend only good will.

Recently, my thoughts on God have been about the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from the Christian tradition, and the Shiva/Shakti relationship from the Hindu/Vedic tradition. Here is what I have been thinking, please note two things: a) I am not saying this is right, this is just my process b) this has to do with abundance because I am thinking about how we bring God into our lives, how we bring the abundance of God into our lives.

The basic idea is that God exists in both manifest and unmanifest forms. The Guiding Thoughts often hint at this, as in yesterday’s Guiding Thought, “This Source is always seeking expression through me.” The Source is the unmanifest; expression brings the Source into manifestation.

In Christianity, the unmanifest is known as “the Father”, the manifest is known as “the Son”.  The Holy Spirit is that which brings the Father into manifestation. The Holy Spirit is like the catalyst, the element that is necessary to activate “the Father” so that the Father may express Itself into manifestation.

The principle of Shiva seems to me to be similar to the idea of the Father. Shiva is known as “Pure Consciousness”—no form, no materiality, simply the energy of ALL. It is also known as the masculine principle. Shakti, then, is the feminine principle. Like the Holy Spirit, Shakti is what brings forth consciousness into manifestation. The earth—All of Creation—is the expression of Shiva/Shakti.

Here’s how it “works” in theory: Tap into the unmanifest, or Pure Consciousness, get on the same page, be clear about what form you want It to take; then call on the Holy Spirit/Shakti, and say, “hey, would you mind helping a brother out, bring this into manifestation for me?” and then… that’s it. Nothing to it.

But if it were that easy, we’d all have exactly what we want (maybe we do and we don’t know it?). I keep going, and keep asking the Big Question.

On a side note, I’ve been playing with my mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”. I know. Hard core Hindus would be appalled, I apologize, and I mean no offense… I’m just working things out in my own way. I’ve changed it in two ways, which I have been playing with and seeing how they feel. Way 1) “Om Namah Shivaya-Shakti” This should be self-explanatory, from what I’ve said above. Way 2) Om Namah Shivaya Swaha. “Swaha” is a feminine word and is sometimes associated directly with the Shakti principle; it also has a more subtle meaning that can be understood as something like release, as when a person releases something into a fire, or surrenders something to God. I keep all of this in mind, as I do my mantra.

I hope this has perhaps given you some fuel for your own thoughts, your own seeking, your own answers about bringing God’s gifts of abundance into your life. Swaha!

“Loop This.”: Journey of Abundance 2.0 – Day 23

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Guiding Thought

We fill our minds and hearts with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on our own Loving Presence, we live in the peace of fulfillment of our own Divine Identity.


“Our own Loving Presence”…My Loving Presence is your Loving Presence is everyone’s Loving Presence. The Love that I am is the Love that you are is the Love which everyone is. Love does not differentiate. Love is All. All is Love.

Love is All is Love is All is Love is All is Love is All is Love…let your mind loop on that for a few minutes.

We—those of us who fill our minds and hearts with Love—must recognize the All of Love for those who are not yet ready to do so. Our work is before us as we become more and more aware of the Love we are. We serve All as we be the Love we are, as we be our own Loving Presence.

Many are not yet ready to see or be Love. Our work is cut out for us. Remain steadfast. Remain focused.  The Love we are is the Love of All; what we do—our Love—affects everyone. We are the change. Love transforms. It’s up to us.

See the bickering. Love it into Light.

See the hostility. Love it into Light.

See the anger. Love it into Light.

Be the Love that aligns with Light, and which brings everything in your presence into the Light as well.

Stay in Love. Bring the Light. Live in Peace.

Blessings to you. Thank you for the work you are doing on behalf of Love and Light.