2016 Journey of Worth: Commitment and Dedication

Thank you all for being here.

More and more, as I progress through these Journeys I am learning the Truth of these ideas. I don’t mean just the ideas in the Guiding Thoughts, though of course that is primary. More than that, I am learning how to truly be for you as I am for me. The concept of myour (my-your-our) is broad and deep, and can be known and understood–as much of this–only through diligent and repeated application and association.

The Guiding Thoughts and writing require (approximately) 30 minutes of my time each day; it’s up to me to carry it through the rest of the day. It’s also up to me to really intentionally include you equal to myself, as much as possible.

This feels like a new layer of learning that these Journey are providing me. I think it began during Journey of Purpose, when I began to include the 7.125 billion people on the planet; it also has elements of Journey of the Heart, because I am now always thinking about connecting with anyone/everyone through my heart.

Working more deeply and consciously with these ideas has increased recently and has now become the core of my dedication and commitment:

I am committed to the benefit and enlightenment of the 7.125 billion people on the planet; I am committed to uplifting all of humanity. I dedicate each daily Journey to the uplifting of all beings on the planet, the planet itself, the water on and in the planet, the air and atmosphere around the planet, and the fires within and upon the planet to Divine Love and Light. May any good that results from this Journey be dedicated to highest service to Love and Light, and dedicated to ALL; may anything that arises in and through this Journey that is less than Divinely Perfect for All be transformed through Divine Light of love and raised thereby to Light and Love.

As you know by now, I have many tools which I use as spiritual practices–earth, air, water, fire, and mantra/prayer are the ones I use most, and share the most about here (for general information see this page). Since I write about my practices, as they relate to the Journeys, I’d like to let you know about some changes I am making in my practices to a) strengthen this dedication and commitment and b) bring new-different energy to this Journey.

a) In addition to my “normal” mantras, I am adding a daily prayer that specifically asks Divine Love and Light to bless the planet and all beings living here–all 7.125 people, including you, including me. I will do this prayer every day for the duration of this Journey. Tune in; feel it. Let it strengthen you and encourage you.

b) Worth can be understood metaphysically (i.e. non-materially, such as spiritually, emotionally, or psychologically) and materially (such as value in worldly terms–money/wealth). While we exist in the material world, we are also metaphysical beings. This Journey aims to address all aspects of who we are–both material and spirit/mental/emotional. My emphasis over the past two years or so has been the metaphysical–thinking, feeling (prayer, mantra, air, water). So, I am changing up my practices in order to add more earth, which includes very physical Earth is all about being grounded, feeling the body, succeeding in the world, being connected. The practices of earth bring the mind and spirit into the material. Thus, for the remainder of the Journey, I am no longer taking my morning bath. Instead I am working out (Oorah!), as well as eating a corresponding very-healthy (98% vegetarian) diet. In this way, I hope to evoke a shift in the material through emphasizing the material, with the trusses of the spiritual.