Journey of the Heart – Day 37

We are on round 4! These last ten days, the Guiding Thoughts return to using me and I for the pronouns. See how your perspective of your self has changed through using you or we the past twenty days. See if your sense of self is bigger; if you can include a broader vision of “you”.

You may also choose to continue to take a moment before the Journey to listen to this quickly—it is a thought for others, so that the effects of this Journey ripple out!


Spend about 15-20 minutes with the guiding thought, and then let your heart speak through words, pictures, colors, shapes, whatever feels right. I’ve supplied a link below to an audio of me doing the guiding thought–use it if you like to create, while listening to it play on a loop (that’s what I do). Scroll to the bottom for my sharing…

Day 37 Guiding Thought

I focus my heart-love in the service of others.

As I serve others through my deepest heart-love, my own love expands and becomes amplified.

There is always more love to share, to give, to experience!

Such joy and gratitude fill me, when I open to my heart’s love!

Click here to access the audio file.

You can download this and play it in a loop while you allow your heart to speak to you :).   I suggest Windows Media Player (I have not tested other players).

Journey of the Heart - Day 37 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 37
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

Now that I look at this, without being involved in making it…I find it a bit humorous. It looks like an unlikely angel…or one of the brooms the apprentice had doing his chores in ‘Fantasia’…or beehives. I know that when I was drawing it, it was all about the spirals.

Spirals have been a “thing” for me lately, it seems. I woke up this morning picturing spirals like this, so it is no wonder I drew them today. They are vortices of energy. I feel like each one carries energy both directions. There is energy going both up and down, in and out. So the top spiral carries energy down to the center, transferring the energy to the bottom vortex, which sends it further down, while the lower spiral pulls energy up and carries it to the center, transferring it to the top vortex, which sends the energy further upward. There is this perpetual pulling and pushing characteristic to each of them. The two blue vortexes on the sides are doing the same—each one pulling energy in and pushing energy out.

There is something about transformation in these energy conductors. Everything is energy, thought, and form. Energy transforms to thought, thought transforms to form, form transforms back to energy, the spirals carry the energy; thought impresses shape upon the energy to become form. I’m not sure how this picture is saying this, it’s just an impression I am getting from it.

Something that was implicit for me, while I was drawing that is not visible, is that the spirals are overlaid onto me. They outline me, without me being in the picture.