Your Journey

You are a beautiful gift to the earth and all of humanity. This website is dedicated to your journey–to dissolving the lower, ego-self that causes so much misery and destruction, and to nourishing your ideals so that you may walk a higher path in Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service.

The cornerstone of this site is the WithPearls Consciousness Journeys, which have been provided here, free of charge, since 2013. The Journeys are 40-day spiritual contemplative practices designed to assist people in going within to discover who they Truly Are; inner work to connect with, listen to, and follow the Inner Divine.

The WithPearls Consciousness Journeys were inspired by John Randolph Price’s Prosperity Plan, which is found in The Abundance Book. There are twelve unique Journeys, each focusing on one aspect/quality/ideal. Here is a list of the aspects of ascension these Journeys cover:

Even years: Odd years:
Journey of  Heart Journey of Gratitude
Journey of  Purpose Journey of Courage
Journey of  Worth Journey of Beauty
Journey of  Healing Journey of Creation
Journey of  Abundance Journey of Freedom
Journey of  Fulfillment Journey of Peace
Journey of  Rest Journey of Rest

Completing one Journey is like going up one step on the Spiral of Ascension. Completing all 14 Journeys completes one full cycle on the Ascension Spiral. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone were consciously stepping up the ascension spiral every day!


Journey of the Heart begins January 4, 2020

For those of you who are new here, let me give you a bit of an overview. Each day for 40 days, we contemplate Guiding Thoughts, which are statements of Higher Truth, to lead you with baby steps into the Truth of Who You Are–your Divine Self. For most of the Journeys, we then we write about what comes up after that contemplation. 5 minutes or 45 minutes, 5 words or 500 words,  beginner or expert (and no one is an expert!); however for Journey of the Heart, instead of using words to contemplate the Guiding Thought, we draw/paint/color or whatever creative expression you may choose. This is because the heart speaks it’s own language…so we remove “our” language and allow the heart to express itself through our creativity. To make this (perhaps) easier for you, the Guiding Thoughts are available as words (daily), but there is also an audio version available, so that you can listen to the Guiding Thought, and draw/paint/color while you are listening. I would like to thank Brad Vanlandingham for contributing these audio files.

Audio is available here. Just click the player and it will loop for as long as you like.

On the first day, to begin, we write some thoughts about what the Journey means to us, what we hope to “get” or learn from contemplating the topic for 40 days. The second day is a brief dedication and commitment, so that we make a clear decision (proclamation) to accomplishing what we set out to do, and dedicate it to something greater than ourselves (like “the benefit of all”). Then, the next 40 days we write/create!!

The process of contemplating the Truth of Who You Are daily, leads the “little mind”, which is caught in the misery of the world, into an expanded view of the Self–the Higher Mind, which is freedom from the world and its misery. We then take this new Self-conception out into the world, our relationships, our work, and live from actions of the higher mind. This is how we create the world anew; this is how we heal the destruction that has been so embedded in our mutual human history; this is how we bring love and peace to the planet and to each other; this is how we be the change.

Guest Journeyers

In 2019 I opened this site to Guest Journeyers. 2019 saw four new Guest Journeyers. These are people who do not have blogging experience, but people who know they are on a larger than this-life Journey, and who are interested in discovering and deepening their path through the WithPearls Consciousness Journeys. They also take the additional (courageous) step of sharing their Journey with others publicly, here. I have been absolutely honored to host these Guest Journeyers, and to watch and learn as people walk their Ascension path in their own unique way. Please contact me if you feel impulsed to become a Guest Journeyer.

If you are curious about being a Guest Journeyer, email me–let’s talk and see if we have a good fit.



11 thoughts on “Your Journey

  1. Well… things come to me alright. I don’t understand anything really but I always check Google if it wasn’t written before. In this case, the phrase “turns in to itself”… I found very few references on Google… one of them was you; the other was by Heidegger. Anyway, I love you all. Namaste.


    • Thank you for this. You’ve given me something to think about and research.

      I also found this quote by Boehme, which is quite appropriate for this site: “the self-consciousness of God is not a turning into itself and an otherness of the Son, just as it is not the otherness of that which turns into itself, or of the simple Godhead, but the contemplation in the Son is [God’s] contemplation of the latter as himself…”

      Do you enjoy the European philosophers and their contemplation of God/Spirit? Or are you more Eastern- oriented?


  2. what makes me feel alive is when we all are involved in the wonderful process of giving and receiving and no one is left out, or feels excluded. it makes me feel alive to include others. It makes me feel alive and to dance when I feel my own inner peace and power. What makes me feel alive is when my comment gets erased and I just try again bc what I have to say is important, and because I want the journey-host to be aware that I am here, too. Grateful for that side-by-side study and growth. Grateful for blogs: blogging makes me feel alive!


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