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Journey of Peace September 21, 2017- November 11, 2017!

Welcome Welcome!

September 21, the first day of this Journey,  also just happens to be International Day of Peace. I did not plan this. In fact, I found out about the International Day of Peace on September 20, and this Journey has been planned for over 6 months. The synchronicity indicates to me that I am in tune with the universe, and doing something right. I’ll take it!

To kick off the Journey, we always begin by considering why doing a Journey of Peace is important. Each person has their own reasons. What inspires you to bring more peace into your mind/body/emotions…into the world? If you would like some ideas, there are a lot of websites set up for the International Day of Peace. Here are just a few to inspire you:






I look forward to doing the Journey with you–we have numbers on our side! Let’s keep the Peace momentum building for 52 days!

You will find everything you need for your own Journey here: instructions, inspiration, and Guiding Thoughts to assist you in focusing on higher truths.

If you are new here, or for a bit of an explanation, read below.


Your pearls are symbolic of your inner beauty, your highest self. Here, we work to cultivate inner pearls, and to give them to the world:

The world is your oyster and you are its pearl.

Consciousness Journeys are the primary tool utilized on this site for cultivating inner pearls. The Journey Series is a how to, practical method of spiritual development.  Every day I take a step on the Journey. I go through my own process of spiritual development and describe the ups and downs, the questions, the insights, the doubts, the resolutions, the revelations, and ultimately the growth. I invite you to join me, through your own Journey. Natural pearls can take up to 20 years to form. Begin! This website is here to help you develop your pearls.

Grains of Sand…Form the Pearl

Grains of Life…Form the Man

Grains of Love…Form the Soul

                                                                            Beverly Robbins, Grains of Sand. 1975

We all know that life is a Journey. Everyone has a Journey. Everyone is on a Journey. Sometimes people get lost along the way. The Journeys help people find their path, stay on their path, get back on their path, or change paths.

The Current Journey

What to expect

The Process

The Schedule

If you are serious about growing…if you are serious about transforming your life…if you are one of those people who has been looking for what’s missing…if you want to help people, inspire others, create a difference in the lives of others…if you are still looking for your purpose…then you need these Journeys. “Be the change”. How do you do that? You do that by changing. Change your thoughts, change your outcomes. Help yourself, help others. The greatest gift you can give humanity is the purity of your own presence. Heal yourself first (take the speck from your own eye); then help others. Life is an amazing journey. These Journeys give you a framework, a way to understand your own growth, giving it context and meaning. Everything about life becomes meaningful and purposeful through these Journeys. I am here, doing it, committed to my growth, your growth, our expansion together.

2 thoughts on “A place for pearls

  1. what makes me feel alive is when we all are involved in the wonderful process of giving and receiving and no one is left out, or feels excluded. it makes me feel alive to include others. It makes me feel alive and to dance when I feel my own inner peace and power. What makes me feel alive is when my comment gets erased and I just try again bc what I have to say is important, and because I want the journey-host to be aware that I am here, too. Grateful for that side-by-side study and growth. Grateful for blogs: blogging makes me feel alive!


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