Your Spiritual Journey

About this site

You are a beautiful gift to the earth and all of humanity. This website is dedicated to your journey–to dissolving the lower, ego-self that causes so much misery and destruction, and to nourishing your ideals so that you may walk a higher path in Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service.

This site is where I provide my inner journeys as an example–to break the ice so it’s easier for you to do your own work, and so you can see the work being done. When you are ready, join me. These Consciousness Journeys provide a path to follow for your personal inner journey. The Journeys are your guide; you simply walk along, engaged with your self and your Self.

Journey of Courage: February 24-April 7

Journey of Courage is being hosted by Mary Wallace. I encourage you to join her, and support her, as she takes this step of Courage.

Get your Journey of Courage booklet here. (It’s a free PDF)

The Journeys are freely available on this site; you may use the tools, structure and format for your personal Journey through this website.

You may also choose to do your work allowing me to be your guide. I’ve been doing this work for over twenty years, I know the terrain.

  • If or when you are ready to go even deeper/higher,
  • If you would like personal attention
  • If you want direct support and encouragement
  • If you learn through having  a sounding board
  • If compassionate listening, reassurance, and promptings will encourage you in your spiritual growth

then work directly with me.  See this page for more information or email me


I Am Looking for/Finding You.

I am ready for my next step. This means that someone out there–or several someones out there–are ready for their next step. If this resonates immediately with you, you may be someone I am looking for. If it does not resonate immediately, keep reading and see how it feels…

My next step began in November of 2017. I have been building a platform for people to work with me directly on their own Journeys. In other words, I would act as a guide for others who are interested in their own spiritual growth/ascension. I’ve been building this platform, working out the kinks, thinking about it… then more thinking about it… then more thinking about it.

It’s a big step, and a bit scary.

No not just a bit scary…it’s terrifying. I can feel my trepidation swell in my chest as I write.

So here’s what I am looking for, there are two options:

    1. I am looking for 1 to 10 people who would like to do a 40 day Journey, with me as their guide. You would be both a willing test subject as well as a member of my “development team”. We would work out the details together, but I’m thinking you would receive written input and encouragement, with a few phone calls for processing. Check out the platform here, and if you are interested in Journeying with me as your guide, email me, and I will give you free access. The current Journey is Courage. If you want to do a different Journey, email me and we’ll work something out.
    2. One person who would like to do the next “public” Journey on this site. If you have been reading this blog, you know the deal: one post per day based on your process with the Guiding Thought (plus the Whyplus the commitment/dedication).  You would be the lead writer, as a guest on this blog for the Journey. Your voice would be heard, your Journey would be “out there” for other people to follow and learn from; you would take a step into a new role, if you have only ever done the Journeys privately. I would be with you daily, for support and encouragement, and we could phone call to help you process, if you feel like you’d like that. The next Journey available is Beauty, and it begins April 18; thereafter are Journeys of Creation, Freedom, and Peace. If you are interested, email me

Both of these would be huge for me. If they feel huge to you, perfect! We will be in this together. That’s how this “works”…we may be at different places, but energetically, we are working out similar things. If this feels right to you, email me.

9 thoughts on “Your Spiritual Journey

  1. what makes me feel alive is when we all are involved in the wonderful process of giving and receiving and no one is left out, or feels excluded. it makes me feel alive to include others. It makes me feel alive and to dance when I feel my own inner peace and power. What makes me feel alive is when my comment gets erased and I just try again bc what I have to say is important, and because I want the journey-host to be aware that I am here, too. Grateful for that side-by-side study and growth. Grateful for blogs: blogging makes me feel alive!


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