Working out : Journey of Abundance – Day 18

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Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence you are.  Think, speak, and act in accordance with Divine Will, and release Divine Substance into all your activity and financial affairs.


Today’s Guiding Thought is really important for me, today and in general. Today I am picturing a wise teacher saying this Guiding Thought to me. This wise teacher knows how important it is. Just one moment, just one instant, of focusing entirely on the Divine Presence I am opens up amazing light in my consciousness.

Light is how I “see” my Divine Presence. Actually, there are a lot of ways I “see” it. I guess it depends on my mood, or the circumstance. Sometimes I see it as a light-shadow hovering above and behind me. Sometimes I see myself surrounded with light. Some people hear a sound; some people feel a vibration. When I think about sounds, that works; when I focus on a vibration, that works too. But my natural instinct, my natural sense of my Divine Presence, is light. I now am thinking I should strive to hear and feel also—it would be like a synergistic workout for my consciousness!

Today, I see this light coming in to the top of my head, and I bring it intentionally to my forehead (third-eye chakra) and to my chest, my heart (or heart-chakra). It’s reminding me of the Journey of the Heart, but instead of focusing on love, I am focusing on my Divine Presence…but then…I realize….is there a difference?

I am still not focusing entirely on the light, on the Presence. It’s the little-steps. If my Divine Presence is infinite, how can I perceive it entirely? So, I do what I can. Each little focus does a couple of things. First, it tells my Divine Presence that I am paying attention to it! Why would my Divine Presence even show up if I were going to ignore it? Second, it familiarises my mind, my consciousness, to what it feels like to be attuned to my Divine Presence. That way, I can recognize it when it shows up without my effort. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s always there—so it’s my job to pay attention to it and recognize it. If I don’t do those things it’s as if it’s not there at all.

The second part of the Guiding Thought, “think, speak, and act in accordance with Divine Will,” raises a lot of questions for me. I am always thinking, “What do you want?” but then I am always wondering what the answer is. I have a lot of uncertainty about what the right speaking and acting is, when it’s coming from Divine Will. I let go a lot. I surrender a lot. I try not to get in my own way a lot. But I know that I have a way to go, because I don’t Know. And I know I need to look at this, and work on it, and keep on listening and striving, because I have these uncertainties. Divine Presence is still and certain, “Be still and Know that I am God.” Yeah… not there yet, but working on it!

But the little bits that I do, the attempts at being in tune with my Divine Presence, the striving for listening and being certain, and truly wanting to act in accordance with Divine Will…these things go a long way. My heart is true. My heart is pure. I know this now, and it took me a long time to get to that point. So I know that I will continue growing, learning, and evolving from where I am now. It may take me forever, but I will arrive at that point of focusing my mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence I am; thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with Divine Will, and watching Divine Substance flow naturally into all my activity and financial affairs.




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