Where is your focus? A Journey of Purpose: Day 16

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Today, relax with confidence in the activity of your Inner Divine Mind. Allow it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in your life and affairs. Today, your only responsibility is to protect Your Own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If you feel uncertain, remember your Source; if you feel weak, remember your Inner Flow; if you feel doubt, assure yourself of your Inner Knowing and be free.

“All sufficiency” and “all supply” is different for everyone, whether beggar or king, and all in between. With nothing, the beggar who relies on Inner Source and has Inner Flow and Divine Knowing is Free. With unlimited material possessions, the king who is unaware of his True Nature experiences the bondage of doubt and uncertainty, the fear of loss and fear of lack, and ultimately lives in insecurity, disconnected from and deprived of his Source.

Saints, holy ones, and seekers sometimes give up worldly goods and experiences to find their True Nature, their Inner Source. Material things and worldly experiences can be distractions: when in possession of things, it’s easy to focus on the thing, rather than the Source. But the thing is not the “problem”, the focus is. Where is your focus? Is it on the gaining and accumulation of possessions, relationships, and status? Or is your focus on your Inner Source as your supply of these through you?

Any external focus blocks your flow and clogs the channels through which Spiritual Idea’s fulfillment returns to you.

Let the things you have be merely symbols that represent your awareness of and cooperation with your Inner Flow.  That is why it is in your best interest to “protect your own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow”. Remember: your Inner Flow is constant and Pure. If it shows up otherwise, it is because you have blocked it, by focusing on something less than the perfect Spiritual Idea.

You are learning this. I am learning this. We are learning this together. We must continue! We must learn to rely on our Inner Divine Mind, to depend on the flow of our Own Loving Presence. Others need our success that they may follow our example and become Free.

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